Iceland’s Hordur Torfason.

Hörður Torfason
Hörður Torfason (Photo credit: Gunnar Valdimar)

Posted October 4, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Hordur Torfason of Iceland is the man credited with creating that country’s “peaceful revolution“, which led to major changes, including a new “crowd-sourced” constitution. This interview was conducted by an organization whose website is I have not visited this site and have only become aware of it when searching for the latest interview of Mr. Torfason. All I can say about the organization is that their efforts involve amending the U.S. Constitution, and that they are interviewing Mr. Torfason to learn about what occurred in Iceland.

I have no thoughts one way or the other about the activities of those who run This video was simply the newest one I could find where Mr. Torfason of Iceland is interviewed.

With that said, Hordur Torfason was the man who, with the help of many men and women in his country, put in the time and effort which resulted in what some call, “the Iceland miracle”.

Although I have yet to hear Mr. Torfason mention in the couple of interviews I have listened to the name Mahatma Gandhi, it would not surprise me if Gandhi’s principles of non-violent resistance were studied by him. Neither would it surprise me to learn he had studied Martin Luther King’s writings on non-violence, influenced by Gandhi’s writings as well.

When he describes the agreements made by Icelanders who participated in the actions which led to the historic changes in the government, he mentions those who wore orange at gatherings stopping any outbreaks of violence through shielding law enforcement personnel, checking packages for any type of weapons etc. This shows that the people’s movement in Iceland adhered to very strict rules of maintaining peace and that maintenance of peace was a top priority every man and woman was fully aware of.

What is interesting about the descriptions of what motivated the movement in Iceland is that he states what many millions of people around the world are feeling, but have yet to fully articulate and act upon. He says that what motivated the people of Iceland was the honest and simple wish for their elected officials to represent them, and not private corporations.

The lesson which seems to come from the astonishing democratic changes in Iceland, thanks to the efforts of Hordur Torfason and many men and women in his country, is one that is fairly simple, yet takes an effort to bring into reality. The Icelandic people answered the all-important question: “will our people create a system of government which looks out for the best interests of all the people, or continue to accept a system which runs on political bribery, corruption, cronyism-love of money-which benefits only a few?”

The people of Iceland proved to the rest of humanity that creating a system of government which looks out for the health and welfare of all of its citizens is possible.