Top 2020 Resolution For Poets And Humanity.

New Year’s Resolution for 2020

magine it were possible to carry out a worldwide referendum allowing every human being to weigh in on the question: “Should mankind finally put an end to wars and establish, – starting in 2020, for the 1st time in the history of life on planet Earth – true and long-lasting universal peace?”

Most would likely envision the answer to such a potential voting process to be an overwhelming and unmistakable “Yes!”, with the percentage of world citizens voting in the affirmative approaching 99.99%, excluding the infamous .01% who rely on mass-murderous wars of aggression to maintain their wealth, power and accompanying ultra-privileged lifestyles.

Perhaps the most beneficial #1 New Year’s Resolution for 2020 embraced by humanity relates to manifesting into Earthly reality, for the health, happiness and well-being of this and future generations, that same imaginary referendum-decided goal: Establishing World Peace.


Men and women poets have expressed such ideal sentiments across time.

“The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali – 1931

“The poet, described in ideal perfection, brings the whole soul of a man into activity, with the subordination of its faculties to each other, according to their relative worth and dignity. He diffuses a tone and spirit of unity, that blends, and (as it were) fuses, each into each, by that synthetic and magical power, to which we have exclusively appropriated the name of imagination.

“This power, first put in action by the will and understanding, and retained under their irremissive, though gentle and unnoticed, control (laxis effertur habenis – Meaning: Carried onward with loose reins; driven with loosened reins) reveals itself in the balance or reconciliation of opposite or discordant qualities; of sameness, with difference; of the general, with the concrete; the idea, with the image; the individual, with the representative; the sense of novelty and freshness, with old and familiar objects; a more than usual state of emotion, with more than usual order; judgment ever awake and steady self-possession, with enthusiasm and feeling profound or vehement; and while it blends and harmonizes the natural and the artificial, still subordinates art to nature; the manner to the matter, and our admiration for the poet to our sympathy with the poetry.”

From: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1798)

He prayeth well, who loveth well

    Both man and bird and beast.

He prayeth best who loveth best

    All things both great and small;

For the dear God who loveth us,

    He made and loveth all.

Quote: “Whenever philosophy has taken into its plan religion, it has ended in skepticism; and whenever religion excludes philosophy, or the spirit or free inquiry, it leads to willful blindness and superstition.”

SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE (1772-1834) British poet, critic, philosopher

Samuel Taylor Coleridge










Best wishes for the year 2020 and the new decade of Earth’s history – to man and bird and beast and all things great and small. 

Trump’s Twitter Trashtalk.

By Jerry Alatalo

re exclamation points (!) “presidential”? Do those exclamation points in shallow-minded, adolescent and immature Tweets substitute for serious, lengthy talks or debate necessary to adequately address the important issues facing humanity? The answer to both questions is “no”.

The unprecedented use of Twitter as a primary means for conveyance of messages to humanity by the president of the United States – generally perceived as the American elected because best suited to carry out the duties of the high office while adhering to the gold standards of statesmanship and diplomacy – is arguably, well … frankly pathetic.

Such a form of primitive communication practice, particularly when chosen by the elected leader of perhaps the most powerful nation on Earth, is regressive and debilitating from every conceivable perspective.

While giant global social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others have taken steps designed to censor and/or silence voices critical of U.S. foreign policies, the “Tweeter-in-Chief” Donald Trump rolls on, unmolested and seemingly unstoppable as a loose cannon, with what those familiar with loud-mouthed rudeness, impoliteness and unsportsmanlike behavior on fields of athletics know as “trashtalk”.

We are unaware whether Donald Trump participated in organized team sports in his life or not, but if in his younger days he was a member of the baseball, football or basketball team(s) he forgot how “trash-talkers” are perceived by all other athletes as bad actors, those “hot dogs” whose actions contradict the reason people become involved in team sports to begin with. Players who talk trash are “buzzkills” who fail to understand, and rob others from achieving, the game’s best aspect – the simple enjoyment of friendly physical competition.


Unfortunately, Donald Trump isn’t the trash-talking basketball player ruining the fun for everyone at the weekly local YMCA pick-up games, but the man holding the most powerful executive political position on Earth. In the former situation talking trash isn’t that big a deal besides the unenlightened, offensive rudeness and spoiling of others’ sporting enjoyment, and involves just a handful of 10 or more guys looking for some fun style of exercise.

However … trashtalk on a world level where millions of people’s lives hang in the balance is a far different, much more important and serious story.

One becomes both puzzled and disappointed that Trump’s circle hasn’t convinced him to suspend his utterly negative “trashtalk diplomacy” via Twitter, while others have expressed their serious opinion that Twitter’s user policy requires some initiatory disciplinary action occur, or even the closing of Donald Trump’s account, over “failure to meet our standards of conduct” or similarly categorized violations.

Mr. Trump unilaterally announced four weeks ago that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel (notable for the missing “West” before Jerusalem), in a move that is near impossible to interpret as other than an intentional provocation to violence. In the weeks subsequent to the announcement, Trump has declined to publish any Twitter postings sympathetic to Palestinians “…fighting for freedom!” or such, but jumped immediately on Twitter when Iranians held protests recently, writing “Time for a change!”

Now U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is reportedly ready to call for an emergency meeting of the Security Council over the protests in Iran, while choosing to ignore the legitimate protests of Palestinians. Mr. Trump and Ms. Haley’s feigned concern for the people of Iran suggests covert destabilization efforts (not conspiracy theory, but historically proven fact – see Iran 1953, etc.) may have become triggered to deflect attention away from the devastating-to-Trump United Nations General Assembly vote of 128-9 rejecting his Jerusalem decision, with the added envisaged “benefit” of manufacturing  a reason or pretext for scrapping the Iran-P5+1 nuclear agreement.

In the six days since protests began in Iran the number of those who’ve unfortunately perished is reportedly twenty-one. One wonders what Mr. Trump and Ms. Haley’s response would be if China, France, Russia or the United Kingdom (the other four permanent Security Council member states) were to call for an emergency meeting of the Council over the recent controversial events in Las Vegas, Nevada – where allegedly a mass-murdering lone gunman shot and killed more than fifty people and wounded over five hundred more.

The alleged gunman Stephen Paddock committed suicide, questions over the mass shooting about the possibility it was a false flag staged event remain unanswered, while mainstream media has abruptly stopped reporting altogether on the Las Vegas event. … But that’s another story for another day.


U.S. President Donald Trump’s Twitter trashtalk becomes especially dangerous when it comes to nuclear-armed North Korea (DPRK), highlighted by his playground bully, back-and-forth messaging with DPRK leader Kim Jong-un. The juvenile nature of the exchange between the leaders of the two nations has devolved and descended to the point of focusing on who has the bigger nuclear button, or over “bragging rights” to possession of the more destructive nuclear arsenal.

Such a bizarre international relations phenomenon resembling a poorly produced TV reality show would be side-splitting laughable were it not in reality associated with an existential risk for millions living on the Korean peninsula and beyond.

Mr. Trump’s most recent Twitter “tirade” included trashtalk directed toward Pakistan, his threatening the cut-off of aid money, and alienating a country, like North Korea, armed with nuclear weapons. Pakistan government leaders and citizens of the nation have responded with strong criticism of Trump accusations that Pakistan is aiding terrorists.

The more Trump tweets the clearer it becomes his “Twitter strategy” as a marketing tool for “making America great again” is a bust, and makes obvious that continuance of offensive Twitter activity will only further dig a deepening hole of diminishing reputation for the Trump administration and, by extension, America’s 330 million people collectively.

Mr. Trump: You might want to stop digging, close your Twitter account and try returning to old-fashioned statesmanship, honest diplomacy and wise discretion. Surely, we realize Donald Trump will never heed this advice, and will continue offending others across the Earth on Twitter. Nobody can accuse us of not trying.


In Chapter 16 of The Bhagavad Gita Sri Krishna tells Arjuna about “Divine and Demonic Tendencies”:

“A man who is born with tendencies toward the Divine is fearless and pure in heart. He perseveres in that path to union with Brahman which the scriptures and his teacher have taught him. He is charitable. He can control his passions. He studies the scriptures regularly, and obeys their directions. He practices spiritual disciplines. He is straightforward, truthful and of an even temper. He harms no one. He renounces the things of this world. He has a tranquil mind and an unmalicious tongue. He is compassionate toward all. He is not greedy. He is gentle and modest. He abstains from useless activity. He has faith in the strength of his higher nature. He can forgive and endure. He is clean is thought and act. He is free from hatred and pride. Such qualities are his birthright.”

“… In this world there are two kinds of beings: those whose nature tends toward the Divine, and those who have demonic tendencies. I have already described the divine nature to you in some detail. Now you shall learn more about the demonic nature.”

“Men of demonic nature know neither what they ought to do, nor what they should refrain from doing. There is no truth in them, or purity, or right conduct. They maintain that the scriptures are a lie, and that the universe is not based upon a moral law, but godless, conceived in lust and created by copulation, without any other cause. Because they believe this in the darkness of their little minds, these degraded creatures do horrible deeds, attempting to destroy the world. They are enemies of mankind.”

“Their lust can never be appeased. They are arrogant, and vain, and drunk with pride. They run blindly after what is evil. The ends they work for are unclean. They are sure that life has only one purpose: gratification of the senses. And so they are plagued by innumerable cares, from which death alone can release them. Anxiety binds them with a hundred chains, delivering them over to lust and wrath. They are ceaselessly busy, piling up dishonest gains to satisfy their cravings.”

“… They are addicts of sensual pleasure, made restless by their many desires, and caught in the net of delusion. They fall into the filthy hell of their own evil minds. Conceited, haughty, foolishly proud, and intoxicated by their wealth, they offer sacrifice to God in name only, for outward show, without following the sacred rituals. These malignant creatures are full of egoism, vanity, lust, wrath, and consciousness of power. They loathe me, and deny my presence both in themselves and in others. They are enemies of all men and of myself; cruel, despicable and vile. I cast them back, again and again, into the wombs of degraded parents, subjecting them to the wheel of birth and death. And so they are constantly reborn, in degradation and delusion. They do not reach me, but sink down to the lowest possible condition of the soul.”

“Hell has three doors; lust, rage and greed. These lead to man’s ruin. Therefore he must avoid them all. He who passes by these three dark doors has achieved his own salvation. He will reach the highest goal at last.”

“But he who flouts the commandments of the scriptures, and acts on the impulse of his desires, cannot reach perfection, or happiness, or the highest goal.”

“Let the scriptures be your guide, therefore, in deciding what you must do, and what you must abstain from. First learn the path of action, as the scriptures teach it. Then act accordingly.”


Persons interested in reading a full text, modern prose version of “The Bhagavad Gita” can do so free of charge, by clicking the following link: