Laugh, Or Cry? The Tale Of Limpopo And Gabon.

By Jerry Alatalo

limpopo(Photo: | Somewhere in Limpopo, South Africa)

Well, why not with all the strange happenings in the world’s news recently? Commentary on this comic and tragic, humor-based story will be short, only to say: laughter is the best medicine. What gets said during the prank phone call pretty much says it all; there simply is nothing to add.

The following video records a prank of longtime California Congresswoman Maxine Waters. While listening to the phone conversation, at first it didn’t seem possible that an elected member of the U.S. House of Representatives was taking part in the call. But, unfortunately, that is the case. One feels a little guilty (and sad) for having laughs at another person’s expense, but in this (hopefully) extremely rare situation, providing laughter also provides a public service.

You had a good run, Maxine – but it’s time to hang up the politics thing. If you’re undecided on where to retire, take some good advice: as a retirement destination – one might want to consider the attractive features of Limpopo. Here’s hoping readers experience one of those really good belly laughs – the kind with nasal snorts, side-splitting, and tears of .. joy?… sadness? Or…?

Oh, my goodness…

(Thank you to Russia Insider at YouTube)


Sanders Offers Clinton $225,027 For New York Debate.









By Jerry Alatalo

Alphabet The only contract stipulations the Sanders campaign demands to transfer the $225,027 “speaking fee” to Clinton is that the debate is held in public (not behind closed doors), the transcript becomes available on the internet so every American can read it (not withheld until “everybody does”), and Clinton agrees to return the funds if caught lying about Sanders’ political record during the debate.

So… it’s come to this. Clinton media operatives are trying to spin Sanders’ request for a New York debate before the vote as “going negative”, and at the same time feigning some type of contrived moral indignation for media viewers that Sanders is turning to underhanded, political “dirty tricks”. It’s clear the Clinton campaign is running scared after Sanders’ convincing victories in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Utah and Washington.

Clinton takes this politically awkward – in reality, self-defeating – stance when a debate between her and Sanders in New York is seen as a completely normal/routine, automatic exercise, done all the time and at every turn, in all previous presidential elections in America. Of course Sanders and Clinton must debate in New York; how else will New York voters gain the information they need about the candidates upon which they base their vote? …Sanders’ “tone”? Are Clinton and her media experts for real?

If Clinton and her campaign experts are “for real” they’ll immediately accept Sanders’ invitation to debate in New York, not as a political move to halt building negative perceptions in the minds of voters over her refusal but, – because that’s what Presidents of the United States of America do.

Hillary Clinton remains oblivious to the historical record of every presidential candidate’s taken-for-granted participation in fiery debates for the benefit of voters at her own political peril. …Maybe another force – overwhelming temptation – will impel her to climb on to the debate stage in New York City; in perhaps the irony of ironies for election 2016, there in NYC one finds the main offices of global financial giant Goldman Sachs… and Wall Street.

Goldman Sachs only gave her the paltry sum of $225,000 per speech. Sanders’ proposed deal to Clinton far surpasses, is much more generous than, her speaking contracts with the boys and girls of Goldman Sachs – by $27.

(Thank you to The Young Turks at YouTube)

Holiday Halftime Humor.

Jonathan Winters crashes through a wall
Jonathan Winters crashes through a wall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Posted November 28, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

It has been some time since a post on this blog has been in the humor category. So, I’ve looked for Thanksgiving/Christmas/holidays related standup comedy to lighten things up around here. Sometimes writers/bloggers get caught in a situation where there is imbalance, and the serious side of life has to become balanced by the lighter side.

In this video there are a number of film clips of Jonathan Winters, who was the most popular improvisational comedian of his time. The video was shown at the 2003 Orinda Film Festival in honor of Mr. Winters, who received a lifetime achievement award. If you are a fan of the comedy improvisation skills of Robin Williams you will appreciate  Jonathan Winters. Williams has said that Winters was an inspiration for him, and the two worked together on television in Mork and Mindy.

Jonathan Winters passed away in April 2013 at the age of 87.

My favorite memory of Jonathan Winters was his acting role in the movie “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World“, including his single-handed destruction of a gas station. At any rate, Mr. Winters had a great ability to make people laugh, and he put that ability to practical use resulting in the enjoyment of millions of men and women. Perhaps you will get a few good laughs from this film.

During halftime of the football games, of course.

(Video source: Randyholleschau channel – YouTube)