Dr. Helen Caldicott On War, Climate Crisis, Nuclear Power.

By Jerry Alatalo

mountain44Alphabet Australian physician and world-renowned, long-time peace and anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott is approaching 80 years old. In a recent interview with Regis Tremblay she described her view of the current condition on Earth: “The planet is in the intensive care unit”.

In particular, she stresses the urgency of addressing three (3) major international issues: 1) today’s profound threat of nuclear war – the need to abolish nuclear weapons, 2) climate change – the need for massive ramping up of renewable energy, and 3) stopping production of radioactive waste – shutting down all nuclear power plants on Earth.

While sharing her deep concerns over the provocative, worrisome developments between NATO member states and Russia – particularly her view that no politicians besides Russia’s Putin and Cuba’s Castro are speaking to highly dangerous nature of the situation, advising restraint and serious diplomacy – one wonders what inner resources Dr. Caldicott has turned to when dealing with such heavy-duty, spiritually and/or psychologically challenging subjects over the decades.

As she is an acknowledged expert on nuclear power and weapons, on another subject one wonders again where Helen Caldicott finds the inner strength to fight on instead of throwing in the towel, and that is Fukushima. In this interview, she confirms what every person concerned with Fukushima since the disaster occurred on 3/11/2011 considers the “worst case scenario”: three (3) total reactor meltdowns from early on, a government/industry coverup of historic proportion, pouring of 400 tons of radioactive water per day into the Pacific Ocean since the disaster, and no hope of remedy or stoppage of deadly radioactive fission emissions “…until the end of time”.

As mentioned, Helen Caldicott expresses her dismay that no politicians are addressing the current extreme, alarming situation on Earth with the triple-threat of nuclear war, climate change and nuclear power. As she stresses the point that it is politicians in the United States who need to act swiftly and decisively on these three major issues, one comes to contrast and compare her views with the four (4) remaining candidates for President to see which one’s positions/proposals correspond with hers.

It seems clear and certain that Dr. Helen Caldicott’s views and proposed solutions on these very grave matters most closely mirror those of Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein. If the world-famous peace/anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott came out and gave her strong public endorsement of Jill Stein for President, it would give a great boost to Dr. Stein’s campaign – considered a “long-shot” for winning the election.

Beginning in the late 1970’s, activist Helen Caldicott traveled, organized and spoke across the United States and, almost single-handed/alone – in a very short period, transformed the American people from pro-nuclear to anti-nuclear in their perceptions – capped off with the largest anti-nuclear rally (the largest rally, period) in history of one million people in New York City. With so many years of activism and nearing the age of 80, one couldn’t blame Dr. Caldicott for stepping off the accelerator and slowing down just a bit. It’s likely she would strongly endorse Jill Stein for President and work hard to get her elected were it twenty or thirty years ago.

While many around the world admire, respect and thank Dr. Helen Caldicott for all of her sincere efforts over the years on behalf of humanity, there is no invention for stopping the passage of time. Jill Stein would surely welcome Helen Caldicott’s support with open arms and fully understand her age-related, less hectic schedule.

At the end of the interview Dr. Caldicott spoke words both extremely disheartening and ultimately challenging. “You want to ask me the prognosis?… Like I have to tell sometimes patients that have leukemia, and their prognosis is six months? …And help them with their grief?”

“The prognosis is not good, I’m sorry to say.” 

Still… between now and Election Day November 8 is a time for great optimism – and great activism. There are 13 million or so highly energized Americans aged 45 and younger ready, willing and able to carry on the “Green” political revolution. 

(Thank you to Regis Tremblay at YouTube)


Project Censored: 40 Years of Reporting the Truth.

by Jerry Alatalo

“Instead of monopolizing the seat of judgment, journalism should be apologizing in the dock.”

– OSCAR WILDE (1854-1900) Irish writer

superior555-1The California-based media watchdog organization Project Censored is close to celebrating 40 years of reporting the truth since its founding by Dr. Carl Jensen in 1976. Their annual book identifying the year’s most censored news stories just came out, and its title is “Censored 2016: Media Freedom on the Line”. On the cover of the book author Naomi Wolf says “Project Censored is a lifeline to the world’s most urgent and significant stories”, and she is 100% correct.

While it’s certainly important to disseminate the censored stories reported in “Censored 2016” and promote the book, an equal intent of this posting is to honor the efforts of men and women who’ve been associated with Project Censored since its beginnings in 1976 until today. One can only imagine the cumulative and immense digging and investigating carried out by university students, professors and average citizens during the organization’s 40-year existence, especially in the early years where, unlike in 2015 and instant global information discovery on computers, research could only be carried out through time-consuming arranging of inter-library loans of important books.

One hopes that plans are underway for a well-deserved Project Censored 40-year reunion and celebration in the months ahead. If such a celebration plan is in the works one can imagine an event schedule which includes remembrance of early years’ men and women contributors who’ve passed away, talks from those involved during the late 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000-2010, and 2010-2015, plus a film highlighting the special moments during Project Censored’s honorable 40-year existence.

Who can know when the day will come where Project Censored and all the other fine independent media groups on Earth keeping check on powerful people who abuse their power will become unnecessary because truth prevailed and lies became universally unacceptable? One can only pray and hope that glorious day arrives very soon, but in the meantime Project Censored and other serious media organizations dedicated to truth continue their highly admirable and respected efforts – the “good fight”.

At this time, the World Championship of baseball playoffs are in high gear, and one becomes reminded of the old sports saying “may the best team win”. If there were such a thing as “World Championship of Truth Media”, it is entirely possible that Project Censored is “the best team” and surely deserves to win the champion’s trophy. Through the organization’s 40-year existence there have no doubt been many men and women “clutch hitters”, “star players” and “MVP” teammates.

One could compare today’s Project Censored Director Mickey Huff to sports legend, +100mph fastball-blazing pitcher and strikeout king Nolan Ryan, leading the “team” of men and women researchers and writers who contribute to Project Censored during the “World Championship” media playoffs, and, with truth as their greatest competitive weapon, winning it all.

For those who are unaware of the tremendous amount of work done by Project Censored over 40 years, it is strongly suggested to spend significant time on their website: http://www.projectcensored.org/ . It is truly a “goldmine” for those who have a strong loyalty to truthful reporting of the most important world events, conditions and news stories. After investing some time at their website, it might become impossible not to mention Project Censored and/or it’s web address to friends, relatives or others during discussions on world events – that is how distinctively excellent the organization’s research and reporting are.

To those already having an awareness of Project Censored, remember to keep their website a staple of your internet routine and stop there regularly. Do not hesitate for an instant to support, recommend to others, or otherwise credit the outstanding and serious journalism work done by the organization’s men and women over its 40 years of existence from 1976 and continuing until today in late 2015.

There are a number of excellent websites around the Earth devoted to the truth worthy of high praise and well-deserved gratitude for their efforts, but Project Censored belongs to a select handful of media organizations which are leading the way in the important and necessary work of delivering accurate information to the people.


Among the top censored stories of 2015 in the just-published book “Censored 2016: Media Freedom on the Line” discussed by PC Director Mickey Huff and MintPress News’ Mnar Muhawesh in their recent interview,  they explore the continuing global trend toward greater wealth inequality, growing concern around the world over privatization of water, the harmful and deadly effects of pesticides, the United States’ military encirclement of Russia and China, record numbers of people on Earth – more than 50 million – who’ve become displaced and/or refugees as corporate media fails to “connect the dots”,  and the ongoing crisis of radioactive contamination coming from Fukushima, Japan.

Thank you to all the honorable men and women, past and present – 1976-2015,  associated with the distinctively outstanding organization Project Censored. These people and the millions around the Earth doing similar important, solutions-focused work deserve all the respect, gratitude, support and love they might receive.

(Thank you to MintPressNews at YouTube)