Hopi Message In 2019: Thomas Banyacya (1909-1999).

by Jerry Alatalo

hile some might consider late Hopi leader Thomas Banyacya a simple man unworthy of attention due to an impression of his being plain-spoken, uneducated or non-academic, without a university Ph.D. or similar designation of intellectual achievement, yet those with ears and heart to understand will resonate deeply with his powerful, relevant-in-2019 message.

People weren’t given the opportunity to hear from Thomas Banyacya since he passed into the spirit world in 1999, but one might imagine what he’d have said about the events of September 11, 2001 – the most important unsolved mass murder false flag crime in all of human history – and the wars which followed, ongoing today in May 2019 nearly 18 years later, and falsely associated with 9/11 under the equally deceptive term “war on terror”.

What would he be saying in May 2019 about Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, etc. – and the real risks of a dangerous new nuclear arms race on Earth?

Many will at first glance dismiss Hopi prophecy, as depicted in raw form as art on rock mountain walls located on the Hopi reservation, as unrealistic and perhaps even bordering on science fiction “woo-woo”. However, those same people might think twice after precisely sensing the complete honesty in Thomas Banyacya’s speaking voice.

Is Hopi prophecy the real thing showing potential future catastrophic events on Earth, pointing to increasingly dire planetary circumstances landing humanity at existential decision making inevitability regards spiritual paths, and therefore important for people to give their full and serious attention? What if the Hopi prophecies are entirely accurate … and what if the visionaries who drew the prophetic art were predicting events in the future culminating now, at May 2019?

Author Thomas E. Mails wrote a best seller and possibly the definitive book on the subject: “The Hopi Survival Kit”.

Recalling an event described to biographical author Doug Boyd by Native American medicine man Rolling Thunder in Boyd’s now classic book “Rolling Thunder” might add texture to the Hopi prophecy subject with respect to so-called – controversial for some – “supernatural” abilities.

Rolling Thunder went with the friend of a young Native American man unjustly held in a U.S. Army prison for refusing to comply with military draft laws, traveling to the location where prison officials thought nobody knew the young man was being held. Rolling Thunder and the imprisoned young man’s friend went to the prison gate and demanded the young man’s release, when they were (lied to) told “That person is not here.”

Rolling Thunder in his way knew the young man was inside the prison, and proceeded to tell the prison guard at the entrance: “We know he’s inside, and we demand you hand him over.”

The guards once again denied the young man was imprisoned there. To make a long story short, Rolling Thunder and the prisoner’s young friend went to a nearby river where Rolling Thunder started a fire and conducted a ceremony. They returned to the prison entrance where Rolling Thunder told the guards, “We know he’s inside. We are giving you one last chance to release him, or things are going to start flying around here.”

The guards again denied the presence of the prisoner, whereupon off in the distance a funnel cloud started forming, growing and moving toward the prison. As the tornado created by Rolling Thunder in ceremony got closer, things indeed started flying and crashing around the prison complex with tremendous force and wind speeds.

At that point, prison guards went and retrieved the young prisoner, and without speaking released him from the prison to the custody of Rolling Thunder. The tornado subsided, then disappeared. Believe it or not … but Doug Boyd’s book contains many other similarly astonishing examples of the years-to-develop abilities of Rolling Thunder.

Our stance is that Hopi prophecy is a true phenomenon which humanity ignores at its peril.

While the Hopi elder’s voice is unfortunately no longer available for human communication exchanges, it is without doubt that if Thomas Banyacya were present today that voice would still be honest, plain-spoken, direct and transmitting overwhelming spiritual power.


“The first peace, which is most important, is that which is found within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”



(Thank you to Sacred Land Film Project at YouTube)

(Film description: Hopi elder Thomas Banyacya (1909-1999) was selected as spokesman for traditional leaders in 1948, after atom bombs triggered Hopi awareness that the prophecized “gourd full of ashes” had finally appeared. We worked with Thomas from 1977 through 1999 and were fortunate to film him at Chaco Canyon, in Washington DC, and at sacred migration sites around the Four Corners area. His humor, good spirit and wisdom will be long remembered. In June 2011, Santa Clara elder José Lucero and Onondaga Chief Oren Lyons organized a memorial gathering to celebrate Thomas at the foot of Navajo Mountains and they asked us to put together a short film remembrance of Thomas. This film is the result, published here for the first time in September 2017. )



World Ban On Nuclear Weapons Closer To Reality.


“A specter is haunting mankind. It is the specter of annihilation in a thermonuclear war.”

– ERIC HASS (1905-1980) American writer, editor


“Global war has become a Frankenstein’s monster, threatening to destroy both sides… It contains now only the germs of a double suicide.”

– DOUGLAS MacARTHUR (1880-1964) American general


“The power to destroy the world by the use of nuclear weapons is a power that cannot be used – we cannot accept the idea of such monstrous immorality… The time has now come for the nations of the world to submit to the just requisition of their conduct by international law.”

– LINUS PAULING (1901-1994) American scientist, Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1954, Nobel Peace Prize 1962


“If we are not able to prevent a third world war, we shall go down in history – as the guilty generation, the generation which did nothing to prevent the annihilation of mankind itself.”

– U THANT (1909-1974) Burmese Secretary General, United Nations


(Article by Jan Oberg – Originally posted at Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research … Thank you.)

On Mainstream Media Coverage of Nuclear War Risks and Nuclear Abolition

By Jan Oberg

TFF PressInfo # 421

June 30, 2017

ou’re probably an avid consumer of news and reports in one or more daily media – local, national or global. You want to be well-informed and say interesting things when you meet friends and colleagues.

And you certainly don’t want to find out that you’ve been taken for a ride by fake news, half-truths, bias or omissions by media that you trusted because you thought you could.

Now ask yourself whether you remember to have seen one or more of these essentially important initiatives and reports recently, all pertaining to nuclear weapons, the risk of nuclear war and advocacy of nuclear abolition:

1) That a large majority of UN members have drafted a treaty that shall declare nuclear weapons illegal, once and for all?
If not, go here and enlighten yourself on one of the most constructive and visionary initiatives in today’s otherwise gloomy world situation.

2) That a conference is taking place these very days about that goal and its process?
If not, go here.

3) That a scary new film shows why Americans should be very nervous about nuclear arsenals?
If not, go here.

4) That the Marshall Islands filed a lawsuit against all 9 nuclear weapons states for failing to comply with their international legal obligations?
If not, go here and see how the smallest actor of all took responsibility on behalf of 7 billion people.

5) That the Nuclear Crisis Group advocates – just a couple of days ago – that steps be taken urgently to de-escalate nuclear flash points such as NATO-Russia and North Korea?
It consists of predominantly former nuclear weapons commanders, ambassadors and scholars, mostly American.
If not, go herethis report has not been mentioned by one single mainstream/make-believe media!

6) That there is an open letter written to Trump and Putin, meeting in Hamburg soon, urging them to declare that a nuclear war can’t be won and must never be fought, and to cooperate on a series of other issues?
If not, go here – they are politicians, ministers and ambassadors from the US, Russia, Germany and England.

How many of these had you any knowledge about?

How prominently do you think they were featured if you saw them in the mainstream media – given their importance for the very survival of humankind?

If there were more than one or two you had never heard about, consider this:

They all involve NATO countries which possess the far majority of the world’s nuclear weapons. NATO is an alliance that is built on the right to use nuclear weapons.

There has never been a referendum about the desirability of nuclear weapons in any of the countries – also not those who call themselves democracies – that have acquired nuclear weapons. One must assume the reason to be that most normal citizens would not like to be “defended” by nuclear weapons.

It’s a tiny minority of countries, most of them NATO members who have nuclear arsenals. Many more countries have decided to never acquire nuclear weapons.

Let’s say that there are about 100 people in each of the nuclear countries who decide on whether or not to use nuclear weapons in a given situation – thus around 1000 people. It’s the largest concentration of power ever in human history – a God-like power to decide whether or not human beings worldwide shall continue to exist, or not.

In short, non-constituted, dictatorial and non-democratic. No one should be given the power to decide about the existence or destruction of 7 billion people. No political goal can justify it.

And finally ask yourself: Why do most of these so-called ‘leading’ media systematically ignore these issues today? Why is it that any sex scandal or details of the Cosby trial is more important? What should be our priorities?

Would it not be natural for them to provide public education and offer a fair hearing of the pros and contras of nuclear weapons and the whole mental and societal construction underlying these weapons – the nuclearism of our times?

Admittedly, I’ve got a nasty hunch: If citizens around the world were given free press balanced information instead of being kept in the dark, there would be a much stronger worldwide movement for the abolition of each and every nuclear device anywhere.

Further, thanks to humanity’s civilizational process these Evil weapons would be condemned and/or thrown on the heap of history as other evil constructs: slavery, cannibalism, absolute monarchy, dictatorships, child labour, pedophilia – and we would begin to question whether the exact same should not be done to non-nuclear weapons and wars too.

In the name of ethics, humanity, common sense and civilization. The US $ 100 billion which are spent annually on nuclear weapons systems alone could be allocated to alleviating human suffering.

Top editors of the ‘leading’ media look to what they believe would sell on the – shrinking – market. If they served humanity’s 7 billion instead of about 1000 masters of (nuclear) war they might well get more readers and sell more subscriptions and be seen by citizens as a force for the common good, not an integral part of MIMAC – the Military-Industrial-MEDIA-Academic Complex – that runs all these wars.

Yes, I know I’m just using the main argument of the Zeitgeist: the market and what will sell and yield a profit to shareholders.

If media people would think in terms of common sense, ethics and civil courage too and give us diverse, balanced and critical coverage of nuclear war risks, so much the better! Until then, bless the struggling independent truth-seeking media on the Internet!

Make-believe coverage of the feasibility or legitimacy of nuclear weapons and war as well as omissions of the nuclear facts of our daily lives contributes to increasing that very risk – the risk of the unthinkable: the end of humanity and the world as we know it.


Many others in the years since the first atomic bomb have shared Mr. Jan Oberg’s profound concerns over the potential use of nuclear weapons, and likewise called for their total abolition.

Among the men and women, holding varying positions which cross the spectrum, in “Good Thinking: Those Who’ve Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons” – Anthony Donovan (3-hour, 38-minute documentary) are the following:

  • Sister Megan Rice
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Karen Silkwood
  • Dorothy Day
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Linus Pauling
  • Albert Schweitzer
  • Paul Nitze
  • Michael Dukakis
  • George Bush
  • Dick Cheney
  • Jonathan Schell
  • Andrei Sakarov
  • Carl Sagan
  • Adlai Stevenson
  • Leo Tolstoy
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Grigoris Lambrakis
  • Pete Seeger
  • Pope John the 23rd
  • Thomas Merton
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Veterans for Peace
  • John LaForge
  • Nelson Mandela

Historical events, situations and issues covered and discussed in the film include:

  • North Korea and nuclear weapons
  • Nuclear power and nuclear weapons
  • Nuclear weapons and the role of money
  • Taxes, military spending and nuclear weapons
  • United States Departments of Defense and Energy, nuclear weapons
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Bomb shelters, air raids and nuclear weapons
  • The Continental Walk Against Nuclear Weapons
  • Sweden, shining example on nuclear weapons
  • United Nations conference to ban nuclear weapons
  • Terrorism and nuclear weapons
  • The nuclear corridor
  • United Nations, nuclear disarmament
  • The Golden Rule 1958
  • Deterrence, and the will to use nuclear weapons
  • Drones, warfare, nuclear weapons
  • Our veterans courage
  • We’ve been lucky
  • Nuclear weapons ban proclamations and Mayors for Peace
  • “Deterrence is obsolete, it will fail”
  • Wall Street profiteering, nuclear weapons
  • What do artists think about nuclear weapons?
  • How do our faiths inform us?
  • Precious Earth and animals
  • The women’s movement, nuclear weapons
  • Solar energy and nuclear weapons
  • Prestigious universities and nuclear weapons
  • Nevada test site, radiation
  • Within 5 minutes of blowing up the planet
  • What one nuclear detonation does
  • Engaged in magical thinking
  • A public health question
  • Verification delays progress – make them illegal

Humanity found the moral courage to create effective rules criminalizing biological and chemical weapons worldwide. Now is the time for humanity to rise with one voice and carry out determined collective actions powerful enough to accomplish the goal. Banish nuclear weapons from this Earth forever.


Here is a segment from the documentary, focused on the multi-billion dollar nuclear weapons industry – the military-industrial complex warned about by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his famous Farewell Address.

(Thank you to Good Thinking – The Documentary at YouTube)

Clinton Silent On Berta Caceres, Honduras, Libya, Palestine, Wall Street…

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-42Alphabet Why has Hillary Clinton been silent on the recent murder of Honduran environmental activist Berto Caceres, and Clinton’s role in relation to the coup of 2009 when she was Secretary of State in the Obama administration? It’s the same reason she refuses to show the American people the transcripts of her $225,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs – or explain the emails showing the truth behind the 2011 destruction of Libya and Gaddafi: total transparency on each of these matters would doom, end, her presidential aspiration and campaign.

Who could forget Secretary of State under Bill Clinton Madeline Albright (“…special place in hell for women who don’t vote for Hillary”) and her response to CBS News reporter Leslie Stahl’s question about 500,000 Iraqi children deaths from U.S. sanctions: “We think it’s worth it” – or Clinton’s darkly gleeful “We came, we saw, he died!” after Gaddafi’s death in 2011? Albright and Clinton willingly share their opinions on such historically profound, extremely negative in human consequence horrific situations, yet remain strangely silent when it comes to Wall Street speeches, the truth about Libya, Iraq and Syria, Berta Caceres’ murder, and the 2009 coup in Honduras.

While we’re focused on Clinton and her decisions on what to speak about, and what to remain silent on, in her race to become President of the United States, perhaps she can explain recently released emails sent to her State department staff hours after the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant explosions and disaster warning them to stay indoors to minimize risk from radiation plumes coming toward the U.S. – but didn’t issue the same urgent warning to all Americans.

Could Hillary’s Wall Street friends have major investments in the nuclear industry, and she decided not to warn the American people because nuclear corporation stocks would plummet in value as a result? Just as Albright asserted the lives of 500,000 innocent Iraqi children were “worth it”, did Clinton after Fukushima perceive the lives of American children potentially lost due to fatal doses of radiation “worth it” as well?

Is it possible for supporters of Hillary Clinton to ask her if the hundreds of Honduran environmental and social justice activists murdered since the 2009 coup in Honduras, including Berta Caceres, were “worth it”? Or, as Clinton’s steady response on her Goldman Sachs speeches may show the public relations template, will she persist with “no comment” until all the presidential candidates do the same?

Have the lives of innocent men, women and children who’ve perished in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Honduras and other regions of the world been perceived in the minds of Ms. Albright, Ms. Clinton and their friends as somehow an ordinary, normal “cost of doing business”? This is the paramount and essential moral, philosophical and spiritual question of our time, the 2016 U.S. presidential election, for this generation – for the future of humanity.

The silence only grows more deafening…

(Thank you to Democracy Now at YouTube)

Ecocide An International Crime.

by Jerry Alatalo

International Criminal Court (Photo credit: picam.org)
International Criminal Court
(Photo credit: picam.org)

Alphabet There is a global movement to add ecocide to the list of four international crimes in the Rome Statute, and then prosecutable in the International Criminal Court (ICC). If the Rome Statute were to become amended to add ecocide as the fifth international crime – alongside genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and crimes of aggression –  governments, corporations and individuals would for the first time face prosecution for severely damaging the environment. As the United Kingdom has ratified the Rome Statute and agreed to come under jurisdiction of the ICC, for example: if ecocide had already become an international crime at the time of British Petroleum’s (BP) massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP would have faced prosecution in the ICC for the international crime of ecocide.

British barrister/lawyer Polly Higgins has been one of leading proponents for making ecocide the world’s fifth international crime, and she shares some very interesting historical details in the following short talk from March 2015 given in Sweden.

After Ms. Higgins attempted to insert ecocide into the world’s framework of international law by submitting her proposal to the United Nations Law Commission in 2010, her efforts turned to the events leading up to creation of the Rome Statute which led to establishing the ICC during the period between 1985 and the late 1990’s. During the period 1985-1996 when the Rome Statute was under development, most people are aware that the ICC now deals with genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, but at that time there were two other international crimes discussed for possible inclusion into the statute’s provisions: crimes of aggression and ecocide.

Polly Higgins admits that when she proposed adding the fifth international crime of ecocide to the United Nations Law Commission in 2010 she was unaware that ecocide was on the agenda during the 1985-1996 Rome Statute developmental meetings. Her sense that her proposal ended up in the UN Law Commission’s “in file” and would remain there led her to believe nothing would happen without her taking the issue out into the public domain. After that, her ecocide proposal became the topic of an article published in the British newspaper The Guardian, and, as she had managed to create a website at the same time, resulted in 28,000 hits after the article’s publication.

From that, a German man contacted her with code #’s of United Nations documents from the 1985-1996 period related to the ecocide discussions. She went to the UN’s website, typed in the code #’s to look at the meeting documents, and was unable to pull the documents up for reading. She phoned the United Nations and explained her inability to see the documents online, in an effort resolve the internet missing link  problem, and became transferred in an endless loop from person to person for two hours before realizing she was not going to have any luck. She needed a man or woman who was familiar with UN records in Geneva, found a man at the University of London School of Advanced Studies who was, and learned that the man had already made plans to travel to Geneva two weeks later with a team of students to the UN “basement” for researching the lawyer who proposed genocide.

The man and his team of students used the reference #’s Polly Higgins had received from the German man, followed the paper trail, and brought back two “stacks” of documents related to UN ecocide discussions from 1985-1996. From those records, Ms. Higgins learned that ecocide law discussions began during the time of Sweden’s Olaf Palme, in Sweden, and that Mr. Palme had criticized the UN for “dragging its feet” on ecocide laws. From 1985-1996 ecocide was the subject in discussions, until:

“…finally one day in a closed-door meeting, with fewer people than we have here today, it (ecocide) was removed (taken off the agenda). No reasons were given and many countries, including Sweden, had supported ecocide as an international crime. These are not my opinions; this is from the record found in the basement. Thankfully, someone took records of that actual meeting before it was removed. The environment crime working group disbanded, was removed, and disappeared”.

According to Polly Higgins, “four, possibly five, countries had lobbied behind the scenes to have it removed, and the countries were the US, UK, France and the Netherlands”.

“Now, to give that political context, back in 1996 when it was removed, that was the year that genetic modification was first introduced into supermarket shelves in the US. There was a very important judgment going through the International Court of Justice on the use of nuclear weapons, and it was hoped that would go the full way to say it was illegal to use them – it didn’t quite go there. …1996 was the year when it was decided to really scale up unconventional tar extraction and (becoming) more focused with fracking”.

“Where does that leave us here today, twenty years on? We’re in a worse position, not a better position”.

Ms. Higgins goes on to describe the parallel of ecocide to a historical pattern seen when humanity dealt with slavery, civil rights violations, and apartheid. Before slavery, denial of civil rights and apartheid were finally overcome due to global pressure from the people, years of conventions, treaties, agreements, declarations, UN resolutions etc. passed before a critical mass manifested and fully effective legal measures became implemented. Slavery, apartheid, and denial of civil rights are now crimes, and, although instances of those crimes still occur, people have recourse under the law not available pre-critical mass and real change.

“At the moment, with mass damage and destruction, it’s (ecocide) not a crime. And this is very important here, because we’re missing a law. Here we are – 40 years of many agreements, treaties, conventions, protocols, what have you – and we haven’t gotten to the point of saying significant harm is a crime”.

“Criminal law stands very clearly: If this is a harm, it has to stop”.


From Wikipedia:

What was retained in the final Rome Statute was a watered-down version of a war-crime, not a peace-crime, against the environment. Article 8(2)(b) of the Rome Statute adopted the 1977 Environmental Modification Convention definition of a crime against the environment and criminalises “Intentionally launching an attack in the knowledge that such attack will cause… widespread, long-term and severe damage to the natural environment…” There was however, one crucial difference; widespread, long-term or severe had been watered down, namely: or was replaced with and. Christian Tomuschat argues that history has demonstrated that proving destruction widespread, long-term and severe is almost impossible to prosecute. (emphasis added)

Polly Higgins describes some very interesting coincidences in this short talk. Isn’t it a coincidence she couldn’t access United Nations documents from their website? What a fortunate “coincidence” that the Guardian published an article leading to her receipt of UN document codes. Wasn’t it a coincidence she knew somebody who was eventually able, by following the paper trail, to bring her a “whole load of information” about the “huge history” of UN ecocide law from “the basement”? How “coincidental” was it that in the year 1996, when UN ecocide laws were effectively spiked, GMOs became prominent in American supermarkets, while tar sand extraction and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) were emergent?


For more information, please visit:




(Thank you to SEI – Stockholm Environment Institute at YouTube)

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