Dr. Emoto’s Amazing Water Discovery.

Experiment (Photo credit: jeff_golden)

Posted August 24, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

Dr. Masaru Emoto has become known around the world for his work on how human consciousness affects water. His book “Messages From Water” has become very popular, selling in the millions of copies. He began with the idea that every snowflake has a unique design, so he began to freeze samples of water from various locations of the Earth and experiment.

The results of his experiments are viewed by many to confirm that human consciousness can change physical reality, in the case of Dr. Emoto‘s pioneering scientific study: water. The experiments he and his colleagues conducted, with help from volunteers, involved determining what effects words, thoughts, music, pollution, prayer etc. have on the forming water crystals whose design was beauteous or not.

As a result of Dr. Emoto’s work with water and human consciousness, we learn that thoughts, words and actions which are coming from feelings of love and gratitude literally change our bodies, as humans are mostly water-our brains over 90% water. Watching this documentary allows us to see that good thoughts and words lead to good health, negative thoughts create negative health consequences.

We learn to stay properly hydrated as well-elsewhere Dr. Emoto has revealed that he believes Alzheimers Disease and dementia come by dehydration of the brain-proper intake of water will alleviate both conditions.

This includes physical, mental and spiritual health. Not only for individual human beings, but the entire human race on this Earth.

Simple logic tells us that the historical negative events through history like war, greed, poverty, disease, starvation, pollution etc. are a result of  humanity’s thoughts, words and actions which are absent the qualities of love and gratitude.


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