Deaths of American Under 25s is Soaring Since the Rollout of Covid Injections — The Expose

[Editor’s note: This shocking data begs the obvious question: What are the 535 elected representatives inside the United States Congress doing – if anything – to put a stop to the absolute health catastrophe?]

In the first two and a half years of COVID, 150 thousand more American under-45s have died than expected. But, almost half of those deaths have occurred in the last twelve months, […]

Deaths of American Under 25s is Soaring Since the Rollout of Covid Injections — The Expose

“Science For Hire” – New Documentary Film By Gary Null – Blows The Lid Off COVID Deception.

Science for Hire takes us on a journey through the most critical scientific issues that directly affect our health and well-being, shedding light on the hidden secrets of the scientific, pharmaceutical, and military industrial complexes. Following a long history of systemic corruption across medical organizations and schools, scientific publications and federal regulatory agencies, we enter a world where pseudo-science and misinformation rules. 

Billions of dollars are spent to manipulate and buy the allegiance of elected officials and the media. Those who speak up against modern science’s culture of corruption risk having their careers destroyed. Governments operate in lockstep with the pharmaceutical ambitions to erect an unregulated global regime, a “Great Reset,” that will dictate what we can eat, what medical interventions are permitted and banned, and the rewards and punishments that legislate our choices.

Science for Hire describes a broken system and offers hard hitting solutions to spark clarion calls to take heed of the realities facing humanity today. 

Gary Null Ph.D.

Gary Null, PhD

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