COUNTERPUNCH: NATO’s “death wish” will destroy not only Europe but the rest of the world as well

“I fear that in the current world of fake news and manipulated narratives, in today’s brainwashed society, Kennedy would be accused of being an ‘appeaser’of Russia, even a traitor to American values. And yet, the fate of all of humanity is now at stake. And what we really need is another JFK in the White House.”

Alfred deZayas is right….

Alfred de Zayas' Human Rights Corner

Photograph Source: Antti T. Nissinen

SEPTEMBER 14, 2022


It is difficult to understand why Western politicians and the mainstream media fail to perceive the existential danger they have imposed on Russia and recklessly on the rest of us. NATO’s insistence on its so-called “open door” policy is solipsistic and blithely ignores Russia’s legitimate security interests. No country would put up with that kind of expansion. Certainly not the US if by comparison Mexico would be tempted to join a Chinese-led alliance.

NATO has displayed what I would call culpable intransigence and its refusal to negotiate a Europe-wide or even worldwide security agreement constituted a form of provocation, directly triggering the current war in Ukraine. Moreover, it is easy to grasp that this war could very easily escalate to mutual nuclear annihilation.

This is not the first time that humanity finds itself confronted by a grave crisis…

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