Who Will Stop The Mass Murder(er)s?


Alphabet As the global COVID nightmare persists after some 30 months, an increasing number of men and women worldwide are becoming highly frustrated and extremely angry that the hugely controversial, criminal, and divisive historical phenomenon has not yet come to an end across the Earth.

The latest report on VAERS statistics from Children’s Health Defense shows , from December 2020 thru July 2022, 29,635 deaths and 246,676 serious injuries in America reported since the inception of mRNA injections campaigns across the country. It is important for people to know that these statistics come from an organization set up inside the U.S. government for the sole purpose of keeping track of vaccine adverse health events, and not from Children’s Health Defense.

It is a generally-accepted fact in the health/medical industry that only between 1-10% of deaths and injuries are eventually reported to and compiled inside the VAERS organization. Some experts/statisticians suggest multiplying the numbers anywhere from 20 to 40 times to come up with numbers more approaching the truth on the ground. (Readers can do the brain-exploding math…)

Many doctors feel the under-reported numbers are already more than enough to justify and, indeed, demand the completely halting of all mRNA injections across the world.

Those doctors point out that only 50 perished during the 1979 Swine Flu vaccination program running across America before the vaccines were determined deadly enough to halt the vaccination program altogether, suggesting that, by comparison, the mRNA injections program should rightly have been stopped long ago, or even never been rolled out at all, now that previously-secreted Pfizer vaccine death-injuries data and trial documents, made public after being forced to do so by a sitting U.S. judge, show some 1,223 tragically perished during the first 90 days of the mRNA injections rollout alone.

The 1,200 deaths figure explains a whole lot, as, in knowing that, there appears to be no difficulty whatsoever understanding why Pfizer pushed hard to have their trial documents effectively “classified” for 75 years. The 1,200 deaths is 24 times the number who died in the Swine Flu vaccination program, yet for some inexplicable reason(s), it appeared nobody at the federal health agencies or medical facilities across the country seemed to be concerned.

The article pulished on Cedember 21, 2021 at ChildrenHealth Defense.org titled, “1,223 Deaths Reported Adter Pfizer Vaccine in Fist 3 Months After Rollout, Documents Reveal”, concluded with the following:

“Pfizer’s repeated assurances that no new safety issues exist are disingenuous at best.

The FDA was overtly obstructive by withholding crucial information required to make an accurate assessment of harm. However, by using reasonable estimations based on Pfizer’s own claims and published trial data, it is likely a safety signal does exist — and that safety signal was ignored by the very organization that is supposed to be listening for it, the FDA.

Pfizer’s estimated incidence of potential vaccine fatality, 1 in 11,079, is approximately twice that reported in VAERS. Given that the potential vaccine fatalities in this document have been passively reported, we can assume the actual incidence is higher.

More comprehensive analyses have demonstrated a VAERS underreporting factor of vaccine fatality approaching 41 or greater.

Underreported or not, the real and growing tragedy is that until an injury associated with vaccination is proven to be caused by it, it remains, for all intents and purposes, a non-existent signal to the very institutions responsible for public health and safety.

On what grounds can we as physicians and healthcare providers assure our patients this vaccine is safe if adverse events are not investigated or even acknowledged?

Is a nod from the FDA really good enough?

Or should we demand transparency, discussion or at the very least, unredacted data? What does the public expect of us?”


More Amercians have died from the mRNA injection than the combined total of deaths from all vaccines since major vaccination programs across the country began.

The bottom line?.. Americans were denied the Nuremberg Trials-established rule regarding “Informed consent”, the universally accepted fundamental rule with respect and as response to medical experimentation conducted by Nazi doctors during the World War II historical era..

With regard to the mRNA injections, one could confidently say the millions upon millions upon millions of the inoculations’ recipients across the Earth did not receive the required informed consent.

What they “received” (besides a now-proven deadly dangerous experimental gene-editing nanotechnology inoculation) was “Uninformed Consent”, coincidentally the title of a new immensely powerful documentary film which absolutely blows apart the nightmare crimes against humanity COVID Deception (link to the film’s Premiere below).. Please share with everyone you know.. Thank you very much.

At each and every turn of the global pandemic since it’s start, legitimate question after question after concern after concern after concern have been ignored or responded to with obfuscation tactics which would make the smoothest of genius criminals blush in embarrassment. All the accumulated circumstantial evidence strewn along the way since November 2019 screams like the world’s largest warning alarm, bellowing over and over and over: “Investigate! … Investigate! … Investigate!”

So, who will stop the mass murder(er)s?.. The names of those will who stop the most heinous crimes spree perpetrated on Earth since the time of Adolf Hitler may yet to be determined, but one thing is an absolutely certainty:

The mass murders and the mass murderers must be stopped.  


2 thoughts on “Who Will Stop The Mass Murder(er)s?

    1. Hello Lara,

      If humanity is fortunate, people will come to realize the extreme state of world affairs is intentional, and will summon the necessary courage to act with sufficient power to stop the criminals responsible.. There are positive developments occurring but one would wish they were coming much faster and harder. All people can do is the best they can, however fears of public retribution, blowback, ridicule etc. are still holding many good and decent people back from taking the necessary action.

      Best regards.

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