Sergey Glazyev: For Those Who Still Don’t Understand

U.S./Western corporate media groups will most definitely NOT be reporting this side of the Ukraine-Russia story….


May 04, 2022


Machine Translation and then checked and finessed by the Saker Blog Translators

I will try to briefly explain and justify the necessary measures to achieve Victory

A special military operation (SVO) revealed a plan prepared in advance by the US power and financial elite to seize power in Russia. It includes the following components and stages.

1. Wear out the Russian armed forces in a war with well-trained and directly controlled by the Pentagon fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “stitched” by the Nazis with a vertical of officers appointed by the US and British special services. Turn the population of Ukraine into zombies infected with Russophobia. At the same time, incite the international community against Russia, making accusations of war crimes and genocide against its leadership. On this basis, confiscate Russia’s foreign currency assets and impose total sanctions against it, causing the maximum possible…

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2 thoughts on “Sergey Glazyev: For Those Who Still Don’t Understand

    1. Hello Jimmy,

      Your assessment of the criminals behind this nonsense that they don’t care is probably accurate, and therefore should cause great concern for people around the world. If humanity is fortunate, the combined growing power of those who actually care across the Earth will soon far surpass, and prevail over, that of the war/COVID Deception criminals.

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