COUNTERPUNCH: How to Cope With the Deep State

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JANUARY 21, 2022

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Persons moderately informed have a vague idea of what the « deep state » means. Of course, we do not see the « deep state », but only evidence of its impacts. We discern contours through the actions of its agents – imbalances, arbitrariness, dislocations, extrapolations, logical leaps.

One cannot rely entirely on deductive reasoning (top-down logic) or inductive logic (bottom-up), because in a world ofgovernmental secrecy, “fake news” and “fake law”, our very premises are uncertain. We can try inductive reasoning and base ourselves on our own observations and other empirical data, but we must acknowledge that our sample is woefully incomplete.

Some persons tend to dismiss narratives about the “deep state” as a kind of « conspiracy theory ». Out of sight, out of mind. We perceive the day…

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4 thoughts on “COUNTERPUNCH: How to Cope With the Deep State

  1. Happy New Year of The Lord 2022, Jerry! May it be filled with Peace and Joy.
    That’s only a prayer looking into the World today as the MASS Media Propagates it onto the MINDS of the MANIPULATED MASSES.

    The link to an article I read this morning was posted for the 1440 friends and 227 followers of my Public FB page with this intro,
    WARNING! Reading this may WAKE you up to what’s building up BEHIND the scenes as we sleep, the MASSES don’t want to know BEFORE it comes to that MASS Suicide by NUKES because of the MINORITY Power Hungry ELITES.


    1. Happy belated New Year to you also Ray,

      My guess is you’ll agree that 2022 should be a(nother) humdinger.. Haha.. But we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we brother?.. 🙂

      Keep the faith. Things are getting revealed and conditions on Earth are changing for the better, and fast. Peace.

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      1. Jerry, my New Year is just beginning”

        Since I was BORN AGAIN February 1, 1975, making me 77 going on 46 years learning the Ways of the Christ Spirit, still, every night as I lay down to sleep, I start with “Lord, increase my Faith. Renew my Mind and purify my heart. Grant me the Wisdom and Understanding so that I may be a Faithful and True Witness to you”

        You might like my latest Blog Post,

        A reply is very rare, but I have the Time and nothing to lose by doing what I can do!
        Professor Richard Falk’s reply to my comment in his latest Blog post made up for that lack of encouragement when he wrote, “Ray: as usual, a compelling application of biblical prophetic wisdom, historically of profound relevance as in your reading of the Book of Revelations.”


  2. Alescia

    Hope all is well there sending some love, warmth and positivity from the mitten we have been in a bit of a cold snap. Have you heard of a woman named Candace Owens? She has been trying to bring to light a lot of the things they don’t want us to connect the dots on. Such as how the medical industry has done this with vaxx before, the MMR specifically she touches on. The numbers are blown out of proportion and lied about and people never research and compare to find out. Anywho……they sure to have a way at making everyone compliant because everyone is comfortable with their every day lives because they have entertainment and material possessions. It’s easier to just turn a blind eye and believe it all to live what people call “The American dream.” Really it’s just a money generating system and they drain the people’s energy. Energy + work = money it’s a transfer of energy to a more readily tradable form. We expend work which funnels money up and most live unfulfilling lives because we are worried about money because it takes money to survive in this world as it stands. Not to mention after working people often watch TV instead of possibly finding new purpose or hobby in life. Too tired from work to stand up and fight and too beaten down to think they can make a difference. Our basic survival skills are stripped from us and we are surviving in a different way as evolution would have it. Its more important now than ever to manifest the energy for great change on earth and be the very changes we wish to see.
    Peace and much love,

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