Bus to D.C. Registration Form — Children’s Health Defense


(Editor’s note: Many are predicting massive numbers of Americans will be attending the upcoming Sunday January 23, 2022 “Defeat the Mandates” demonstration in Washington, D.C., with the main march starting at 11:30AM. For those Americans, and for all people on Earth, unable to attend the historic event in person, the demonstration will be livestreamed at Children’s Health Defense website via CHD.TV… Please inform everyone you know.. Thank you.)

Buses to the Peaceful Anti-Mandate March in Washington DC pick up early Sunday, January 23rd, and drop you off late the same day at the same spot. All pick-up times are the times the buses LEAVE, so please arrive early. PACK YOUR LUNCH AND HAVE EXTRA SNACKS. All businesses in DC are said to require…

Bus to D.C. Registration Form — Children’s Health Defense