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(Editor’s note: Please share Margaret Anna Alice’s powerful message (Cross-posted here from OffGuardian) with everyone.. Thank you. In addition… Please make everyone you know aware about the upcoming highly-anticipated “Defeat the Mandates” march in Washington, D.C. – scheduled for an 11:30AM startup on January 23, 2022, and livestreamed by Children’s Health Defense (CHD.TV).. Thank you. Finally, please make sure that, whatever you do, you will never allow yourself to be leaving quietly.. Thank you. Peace.) 

Margaret Anna Alice Note: This letter was adapted from my Letter to the Washington State Board of Health so it can be used for legislators, policymakers, boards, employers, or any others involved in making decisions related to COVID-19. Several of my readers are already using it in their efforts to combat employer mandates. If you use this…

Letter to a Governing Body — OffGuardian