Israelis Who Will Not Be Heard Elsewhere.

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By Jerry Alatalo – December 11, 2021

Alphabet There is no public organization in Israel where adverse health effects from COVID-19 gene-editing injections can become reported and compiled. While adverse effects are not reported by Israeli media or the government, the same applies for the United States/western nations’ major media and nearly all Washington, D.C./western politicians, – although in the U.S. negative health problems are required to be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

But, unfortunately, it’s common knowledge that in the U.S. VAERS organization only somewhere between 1-10% are actually reported.

To deal with this extremely worrisome absence of a centralized organization/hub to collect important COVID-19 injections negative health effects in Israel, – actress/singer Avital Livny created “The Testimonies Project”, focused on collecting and making public the experiences of Israeli men and women who’ve suffered tragic side effects, often severe, up to and including deaths.

Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recently described people who haven’t received the COVID-19 injections in the nation as “machine gun wielding killers”; according to Bennett’s hugely hyperbolic rhetoric (propaganda) the unvaccinated are somehow guilty of murdering their fellow Israeli citizens.

Perhaps Prime Minister Bennett should see the men and woman who shared their horrifying after-injections health declines in the documentary “The Testimonies Project Film”, produced by utilizing the collected stories sent to Avital Livny’s important health-records organization. It is important to note that all those who appeared in the film are adamant in asserting they will never get another injection, nor will they allow anyone intent on vaccinating their children to do so.

For more information, see:

(Please share the powerful documentary of Israelis sharing their tragic stories below widely with family, friends and contacts. This long crimes against humanity global health catastrophe must stop. Thank you.)

7 thoughts on “Israelis Who Will Not Be Heard Elsewhere.

  1. My heart breaks listening to this. I had to go out and find one to DL. It’s here:

    The Testimonies Project | A Harrowing Story of Israeli Vaxxine Adverse Events
    First published at 22:21 UTC on October 26th, 2021.

    My tears don’t merely threaten—they spill for the people of Israel. I did this piece back in March about a woman who was crying out.


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    1. Thank you Joyce. It’s worth repeating the words used in a recent interview by Avital Livny, whose efforts to disseminate the tragic truth about Israelis’ unreported suffering due to the COVID vaccines is the stuff Nobel Peace Prizes are (should be) all about: “It’s not normal.. And nobody’s stopping, investigating, checking … trying to see the links, even though the links are pretty obvious.” Keep on fighting the good fight, although it may sound cliche, because this is the most important battle between good and evil humanity has ever witnessed – and found no other choice but to become powerfully engaged in… Peace.

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  2. Funny, but I just saw this article rear again in my inbox and it brought to mind how Israel had to agree to provide Pfizer with all data on the shots.

    Every person who is injected is injected with the tech to hook them into a mainframe. All the impacts of the injection are recorded. Apparently Israel had to agree to maintain the data which they pass on to Pfizer. So the damage is well-known, just not public.
    I was just looking for the video and found so much more than I bargained for as to the injection of biologically integratable tech. But not that particular one.

    I did find these listings showing collection of data. So they do have it—we just ain’t gonna get it.


    Click to access 11221-moh-pfizer-collaboration-agreement-redacted.pdf


    Click to access NTU-CRA-Pfizer.pdf

    2.35 “Technical Development” means any invention, discovery, composition, enhancement, technology, advancement, know-how, process, data, device, machine, material, software or any other information arising from the Program, including any such development protectable by patent, copyright, or other protection under the law and in which a Party has an ownership interest.


    1. Thank you, Joyce. Apparently these situations in Israel and USA (and the many other nations worldwide) feature contracts with Pfizer which stipulate secrecy and/or the burying of specific aspects of the injection transaction(s), for example the recent seeking by the U.S. FDA for 75 years to drip out/make public ALL injection trials specifics for citizens to see.

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      1. And I got an answer from the ICC. We screwed.

        “Thank you for your message. Please note that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has a very limited jurisdiction. The Court may only address the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression, as defined by Articles 6 to 8 bis of the Rome Statute that have occurred after 2002, and can only exercise jurisdiction in the countries that have ratified it.

        For more information on the Court’s jurisdiction and the full text of the Rome Statute, please refer to page 2 of the attached document and our website as well as our address, We encourage you to carefully review this information.

        If, after your careful review, you still believe the ICC is the correct place for your case and would like to submit a claim to the Court, then please follow the directions for how to do so on page 1 of the attached document. If you decide to submit information, kindly use only this email address:


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