‘Buy This Book. Buy Lots of Copies.’ — Children’s Health Defense

“This should be a medical and not be a military operation. It’s a public health problem. Why are the military and CIA so heavily involved? Why is everything a secret? Why can’t we know the ingredients of these products, which the taxpayers financed … We need to recognize this is a vast human experiment on…

‘Buy This Book. Buy Lots of Copies.’ — Children’s Health Defense
Robert F. Kennedy’s new book “The Real Anthony Fauci” is being completely censored and unreported worldwide, despite reaching #1 at Amazon. His speech to an estimated record crowd of 1,000,000 protesters last year in Berlin, Germany (above) was equally ignored, buried and unreported by the corporate media and politicians, so people need to find out why… Buy the book.

(Editor’s note: “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., painting the brutal reality of Anthony Fauci’s decades of near-dictatorial, life-and-death power in the American government, has skyrocketed in only days to become Amazon’s #1 best-selling book. Given Mr. Fauci’s choice of not (thus far) saying a word in response to what’s revealed about him in the bombshell book, – which absolutely devastates Fauci and could easily be described as the worst public relations disaster of Fauci’s entire career – people might wonder why it is, in equally suspicious (deafening) silence, that no corporate media outlet, neither print or television, has said one word about the book… Buy the bombshell book (Special price for the Kindle eBook – $2.99 through November 30) and read it to find out why.)

5 thoughts on “‘Buy This Book. Buy Lots of Copies.’ — Children’s Health Defense

    1. Hello Stuart,

      The Kindle eBook special price of $2.99 was extended through November 30th… That’s dirt cheap for a book which will undoubtedly go down in history as a classic, so people might take advantage of that great deal.. There are unconfirmed reports that Fauci bought 100 copies for his crowd… Haha, Wink, Wink..

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    1. Hello ashiftinconsciousness,

      The book is indeed extremely interesting, but even more importantly – an absolutely devastating indictment of mass murderer Fascist Anthony Fauci.. It’s near impossible to see an imminent future where Fauci is NOT prosecuted and imprisoned for life.. Thanks for dropping by.. Peace.

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  1. The book is censored worldwide because a new world order took over. John F. Kennedy warned in his speech to the press. Eisenhower warned in his last farewell address to the nation of a military industrial complex. The CIA absorbed 1000s of NAZI scientists. Find Bush Sr’s new world order speech and Biden saying the same before the Annapolis, MD NAVY academy grads.


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