Neuroscientist “Spills The Beans” on Transhumanism.

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Alphabet Being a huge fan of Dr. Gary Null, founder of the Progressive Radio Network (, while recently listening to his daily live program at Progressive Radio Network and his playing of a portion of the following video, a lecture from neuroscientist Dr. James Giordano from a couple years ago, we found it impossible NOT to share the full mind-blowing lecture. 

People can clearly see that what is described by Dr. Giordano has current value, timeliness and relevance of a very high caliber, as it perfectly coincides with the current global situation vis a vis COVID-19, and the immeasurably distressing last eighteen months for humanity living on planet Earth.

There is a very good possibility that men and woman who view the entire lecture will be left asking themselves an extremely important question: “Is what I just saw and heard a perfect description of what I’m seeing occurring now across the world?”  

In a very real sense, neuroscientist Dr. Giordano is not only “spilling the beans” on the shocking reality of transhumanism in all its details as now practiced by actual people involved with the truly objectionable anti-life science, but – in, ironically, WikiLeaks fashion – spills the beans on the whole shooting match. Our best guess is that Dr. James Giordano is regretful of the fact this lecture is still available for viewing online and wishes it were somehow removed from the internet entirely.

Please share this vital, relevant, timely and highly disturbing information with family, friends and associates – and … simply, as many others as possible. Given the unprecedented global censorship of perfectly rational, highly-respected doctors and experts from the medical, academic and legal arenas etc., it might appear that getting this information out quickly is a “no-brainer”…

Given, according to Dr. Giordano, the brain is the battlefield of the future, the pun “no-brainer” to share widely is indeed perfectly appropriate when assessing the various aspects of this current worrying, precarious world situation/occasion. Our confidence is very high that people will do right thing after becoming aware of this information. What we mean by doing the right thing is taking action and fearlessly doing what must be done at this decisive juncture in human history….

At risk of coming across as repetitive, we would remind the good people who pass this way that what this generation does while residing on Earth, for the average 70 year time duration, will determine what kind of lives future generations will experience, for better or worse. We would humbly suggest that making this jaw-dropping and disturbing information available to as many people as possible across this planet will undoubtedly make a good difference in the lives of those yet unborn

Thank you. Namaste. Peace.      


2 thoughts on “Neuroscientist “Spills The Beans” on Transhumanism.

  1. Thank you for sharing this information, Jerry. Although it’s something I feel is possible, I would prefer to believe no one could ever even envision such possibilities. My reaction to this video? OMG!!! This is absolutely terrifying, but so plausible as an explanation for what were are witnessing on a global level. I’m not sure knowing this is helpful, but it does help me make peace with my decision not to be vaccinated for COVID despite pressure coming from so many sources both close and distant.


    1. Hello Carol,

      Hope you are doing well.. Knowing this disturbing information is helpful to those who truly desire to know what’s occurring around them, and extremely important for people around the world to know, even if they are not desirous of being “fully informed”. Humanity is experiencing an unbelievably dangerous Fascist covert operation, and the sooner the truth becomes revealed, the better off all people around the Earth will become.

      Thank you for your very considered contribution to the discussion, Carol.


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