In Case You Missed It.

Many people around the Earth have still to watch arguably the most important, most censored documentary film of all time.


Alphabet It starts with film clips from the surreal and bizarre “Event 201 Pandemic Exercise”, where supposedly very mature and serious, influential men and women agreed to serve as actors in a play.

The film’s narrator then speaks to Dr. Judy Mikovits, of whom he states: “One thing I can say without question is Judy Mikovits is one of the most honest, caring and courageous women I’ve ever known.”

Among those featured in the film are attorney Kent Heckenlively, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Jeff Barke, Dr. Rashid Buttar, attorney David Follin, senior counsel to the Supreme Court of India Dr. Colin Gonsalves, Vice Chair of Children’s Health Defense Mary Holland, Dr. Pamela Popper, scientist Dr. Denis Rancourt, Meryl Nass M.D., Professor Dolores Cahill, Profess Luc Montagnier (Nobel Laureate), Dr. David Martin and others.

As one who has listened to thousands of interviews in the course of some ten years of research, we trust our developed capacity to discern truthfulness enough to confidently state, without any hesitation, that the people in this film are speaking truth.

The film’s powerful ending is simply unforgettable. The narrator concludes by saying the following: “We abandon love and liberty for debt and dependency. The good news is – our story is not over. The climax is yet to come. That moment when the hero rises from defeat summoning a force they forgot they had, a force within – a force of nature.”


Please share widely. Thank you very much.

#InvestigateCOVID19. The long nightmare must end.


(Thank you to Censored Not Silent at YouTube)

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