Journalists Urged To Now Literally Save The World.

Author Michael Capuzzo has become an expert on the highly effective, safe, extremely inexpensive anti-COVID drug ivermectin.

Alphabet Author Michael Capuzzo… People having to hire attorneys and sue to obtain life-saving medicine?… Why can’t Americans buy it over-the-counter? Why was the existence of this dirt cheap EFFECTIVE drug for fighting COVID withheld from the people, starting right off-the-bat, or right from the beginning of the COVID global crisis, up until today?



You know, you hear people say, if they are just looking at the dominant media in the world today, that ivermectin is dangerous, and ivermectin – there isn’t sufficient evidence, and I know from reporting the other side that that’s not true.

Every day in the New York Times, in NPR, everywhere when it surfaced, when we got to finally [see] ivermectin as a potential game changer, you know, that it lacked the data and sufficient evidence… But as a reporter I saw with my own eyes the other side, the side of these five doctors, and I really wish the world could see both sides.

I just urge my fellow journalists to report – these are viable, this is legitimate doctors and a legitimate story, and just report it – get out there and find all sides. There are hundreds of thousands of people, actually millions of people, around the world from India to Peru to Brazil who are living, and not dying, because of this drug.


And I don’t know a bigger story in the world. I think it’s very sad because I’ve … again, I’ve spent months, a year now, in the company of these doctors who have saved thousands – save more people at a higher
percentage than anyone in the world, and they can’t get their message out.

And if the NIH and the WHO and the CDC and the FDA are impediments to that I think it’s a tragedy. Because, you know, if you believe these doctors, and I do, I’ve determined that after a year of getting to know them and reporting this and reporting the other side, it means that hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost unnecessarily. And that’s a tragedy and a scandal.

The WHO ended up not even voting on whether or not this was a viable treatment. They shunted it off to a lower committee that threw out, literally threw out, all the evidence before they voted. To me [it] still comes down to journalists doing their job as a counter balance to those greater forces that are, seem to be collaborating and preventing this from getting to the world.

You know my mentors and peers won Pulitzer Prizes in the 70s for ending the Vietnam War or birthing the Civil Rights Movement earlier than that, but this is the first time if you think about it since Google spawned from Gutenberg that journalists can literally save the world.

That if CNN and Fox and all the networks, the New York Times, Washington Post and all of them get out the story, of the true story of ivermectin to billions of people, – which they’re now capable of in an instant – thousands of doctors will use it overnight, and millions of people will be saved.

And it’ll be said for the first time in history that in that moment journalists truly saved the world.



(Thank you to Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance – FLCCC at YouTube)