#FreeAssange Now!

Stella Moris is reaching out for help in gaining Julian Assange’s freedom, especially from the world’s journalism community.

uman rights lawyer, Julian Assange’s partner and the mother of his two young sons, Stella Moris, makes the case in the video address below for the Biden administration to immediately drop its espionage charges against Assange. Ms. Moris is joined by millions of supporters of Julian Assange from all corners of the Earth in demanding moral leadership of sufficient quality and quantity to insure the world-famous publisher’s freedom.

There have been numerous, powerful testimonies on behalf of Julian Assange across the recent years of his captivity and clear case of harsh, unjust persecution. Supporters of Assange have become immensely frustrated after highly-respected men and women courageously made their right and strong cases for his freedom, and experienced time and again hard defeats, unfortunately – up until today – meeting with no success.

One particular testimony stands out among the many for its simple-yet-conclusive innocent truth, that of 1976 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mairead Maguire of Ireland. Ms. Maguire’s personal account makes clear that Assange is a genuine peacemaker, that his persecutors are genuine war criminals, and that the obvious most righteous moral action consists of legal decisions/moves leading to immediate, total freedom for Mr. Assange.

Mairead Maguire recounted her travel to a war-torn country of which Julian Assange had worked to end the violence, killing and destruction – and speaking to a number of young people while there. After mentioning the name Assange to the young people, Ms. Maguire related one young boy energetically exclaiming to her: “We love Julian Assange!”

That young boy’s emotional testimony illustrates perfectly why Assange must become set free. Please consider doing what you can to help free one of this generation’s rare genuine peacemakers. Thank you. Free Julian Assange now.


(Thank you to CODEPINK at YouTube)

Who Is Ivor Mecktin?

ost people reading here have by now heard about, and so have some familiarity with, the increasingly controversial-Earthwide ultra-mysterious man named Ivor Mecktin. We’ll allow the courageous men and women doctors in the following 8-minute video to explain exactly who Mr. Mecktin is, why everyone in the world needs to know about him, and why he is so important during these very, very difficult days of COVID-19…

You’ll know precisely what to do after learning about the world’s #1 mystery man: Mr. Ivor Mecktin. Peace.

(Thank you to Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance – FLCCC at You Tube)