COVID-19: Hard Questions For Halftime.

By Jerry Alatalo

“The addiction to sports, therefore, in a peculiar degree marks an arrested development of man’s moral nature.”

THORSTEIN VEBLEN (1857-1929) American social scientist

The earliest football games resulted in large numbers of injuries and deaths until safety equipment began entering the sport.

he nice thing about professional football’s championship playoff games this year is their offering millions of people a well-deserved and welcome break from the confusion surrounding today’s world events. Investing some time in purely escapist activity like watching (or by contrast, participating in) sports is beneficial for the soul, as this re-establishes a healthy balance for those fortunate and discerning enough to have it in their capacity.

Given the difficult conditions which so many around the world are undergoing now in astounding unprecedented fashion, is it any wonder then that so many people rely heavily on sports to maintain their sanity? Considering today’s global circumstances while consciously attempting to gain the broadest perspective and widest set of facts, nobody can judge or criticize sports fans for their choices regarding time investment.


COVID-19: Hard Questions For Halftime.

The shot doesn’t eliminate the virus… The shot doesn’t provide immunity… The shot doesn’t prevent spread… The shot doesn’t mean people won’t get the virus… The shot doesn’t end the lockdowns… The shot doesn’t end travel bans… The shot doesn’t end closures of small & medium-sized businesses… The shot doesn’t end the need for mask wearing… The shot doesn’t result in schools & universities becoming able to “return to normal”, and so on and so forth…

What are the vaccines good for then, ultimately?

Ask yourself why, during reports on the passing of baseball great Hank Aaron, that no corporate media advised their viewers Mr. Aaron took the Moderna vaccine 18 days before his unfortunate passing at the age of 86.

Ask yourself why nearly everybody in the corporate media and United States government ignored talking about the July 2020 closure of the 1,000,000 square feet biological weapons laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland for “safety reasons”.

Ask yourself why those same individuals within the corporate media and U.S. government never addressed concerns over a mysterious vaping disease outbreak in regions surrounding Fort Detrick, – emergent in news headlines for a very brief time then rapidly vanished down the memory hole and forgotten – particularly when symptoms of the vaping disease near-perfectly mirrored symptoms of COVID-19.

Ask yourself why an outbreak of COVID-19 at elderly care centers near Fort Detrick shortly after its closure by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s has never become properly addressed and/or investigated.

Ask yourself why there was virtual 100% silence and nobody held accountable over U.S. politicians profiting from information gained from literal secret meetings behind closed doors inside the halls of Congress on THE topic: COVID-19, and why no scandal erupted over those members of Congress profiting while intentionally withholding life-and-death information from the American people.

Ask yourself why the recorded phone calls between journalist Bob Woodward and Donald Trump, where Trump admitted his awareness of COVID-19’s dangerousness yet chose to NOT inform the American people, did not similarly manifest an extremely scandalous state of affairs.

Let us cut to the proverbial chase: Why does every development in the long history of COVID-19 from its emergence until today strongly suggest its origin is a laboratory, potentially a man-made “gain of function” biological weapon, and that it was either intentionally or accidentally released into the Earth’s environment?

The intentional or accidental release question leads further down the rabbit hole. Perhaps the man-made virus escaped from Fort Detrick, and authorities then became confronted with the absolute worst case scenario with regard to monumentally-dangerous “gain of function” scientific processes: The release of a manipulated virus incapable of being arrested, therefore positioning the entire human race in a situation posing very real existential threat.

The near-universal ignoring of theoretical analyses of the type as just noted, combined with even-deeper rabbit hole invitations to exploration – created with growing awareness of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum fellow travelers’ seemingly over-intense focus on this world-changing thing called the Great Reset – can only lead to making rational and mature people the world over feel like something very, very wrong is afoot on planet Earth.

Why is nobody talking about published proposals for a cashless society and published plans with focus on implants in human beings of credit card-identical cashless-enabler technology – perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not – eerily reminiscent of the most mysterious verses contained in the book of Revelations in the Bible?

There’s an old saying familiar to most people – “All hands on deck”, meaning the situation is urgent and requiring everyone’s participation to maximize the chances for realizing the most positive outcome possible. At this point in the descent down the rabbit hole, one runs into the inexplicable (and worrying) censoring of highly respected doctors and experts in the fields of virology, immunology and the other related fields associated with situations such as humanity now experiences with COVID-19.

Censoring of respected doctors and experts powerfully strengthens one’s feeling that there is something very, very wrong now occurring on planet Earth, especially when such censoring unwisely rejects the good and positive conceptual features displayed in the aforementioned “All hands on deck” axiom, during a rarely-experienced urgent situation in the special category of response/reaction manifesting due to an inescapable, emphatic, magnetic pull.

Falling voluntarily further down the rabbit hole and cutting closer to the chase, one invariably comes to the point where the essential question becomes raised: Is COVID-19 a biological weapon and in reality the fuel for those who engineered an unprecedented-in-magnitude, covert, global population-affecting biological weapons war? People ignorant of that possibility and/or question risk their own profound personal peril, particularly if eventually (one way or the other, but investigate sooner please) it becomes determined the answer is “Yes”.

To summarize: Is anyone sharing the feeling that not nearly enough people have become highly concerned over the possibility humanity is at this moment experiencing impossible-to-describe danger, and entirely due to a horrifying decision to conduct covert biological warfare?


The 1921 Acme Packers in a photographic image captured one century ago.

Enjoy the NFL Conference championship football games pitting the Green Bay Packers against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC, and the AFC game with the Kansas City Chiefs going up against the Buffalo Bills.

Fortunately for the players, coaches and fans (billions) involved across the United States and around the world via television, their halftime football-centered questions won’t come anywhere near generating the same level of stress-inducing confusion.

14 thoughts on “COVID-19: Hard Questions For Halftime.

  1. My personal theory is that Covid 19 was produced in the lab in an effort to endow coronavirus (which is easily transmitted via ariborne respiratory droplets) with the deadly characteristics of HIV (which is only transmitted via bodily fluids). I don’t know whether it was released deliberately or accidentally but it turned out to be a dud in terms of being a biological warfare weapon. After a year’s experience with it the mortality rate in people under 70 is less than 0.2%.

    It also turns out (in peer reviewed controlled trials) that there are a number of cheap and effective treatments for it: hydrochloroquine, invermectin, Vit D and intravenous Vit C.

    A year ago, however, it’s lethality was still unknown.


    1. Hello Stuart,

      Just as top legal management at the Southern District of New York have stonewalled for near (2) years and stalled the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry’s request for a Grand Jury, the so-called powers-that-be are ignoring any discussion and action centered on investigation of COVID-19’s true origin. Notwithstanding the weakness of the biological creation’s respective of lethality, the potential underlying intended goal of manipulating people to the point of begging for vaccinations is running smoothly on all billion-or-so cylinders. One might perceive the “new variants” as more lethal off-the-shelf bio-weapons which were held in reserve for launch in case of growing opposition.

      Thanks Stuart.


  2. The following link takes you to a recent Global Research News Hour discussion on COVID-19 vaccines which is highly informative and valuable for an increased level of understanding:

    This link goes to an article on the passing of Hank Aaron. People can read the 130 comments (thus far) posted after the article:


    1. Hello Arby,

      Sorry for the delay in seeing/moderating and approving your comment.. Peacemaker is a dirty job but some of us have to do it! Haha 🙂

      Some people find it uncomfortable using “I”, “Me” etc. so that’s why you’ll see our using the self-identification “we”.. After reading your post, we would most closely identify or resonate with Mr. Phillips (but not his intention to become vaccinated – we will never take any of the vaccines) regarding COVID-19: We would likely agree that a serious investigation is urgently needed to determine if humanity is dealing with something natural or covert biological warfare. IF it’s found to be indeed covert bio-warfare, it becomes self-evident the war criminals must be stopped before able to inflict even more lethal damage on innocents worldwide.

      Best regards.


      1. Thanks. I appreciate the response.

        I think the weakness of the bioweapon idea lies in the fact that it’s a gun that shoots air bullets. If Sar CoV 2 / covid 19 is a weapon, then it’s only a weapon via propaganda. Early on, Andrew Kaufman (who is responsible more than anyone else for my having a changed view of ‘viruses’), saw it, mostly, in that fashion. (Elsewhere, perhaps in the full length version of the video that I took an excerpt from; I forget, he states that he’s sure something goes on in those bioweapons labs but he can’t imagine what that it. Would they ‘try’ to weaponize ‘exosomes’? I would not find that hard to believe.) I think that, given the evidence I linked-to (please examine and think about it), it’s impossible to argue successfully that their was any physical weapon (virus, natural or otherwise) to use against the people (and freedom).

        While I don’t believe that Sars CoV 2 even rises to the level of ‘kitten’, here’s the except of a video in which Andrew Kaufman speaks with Derrick Broze:

        “A Weak Kitten Paired With Narrative Shaping” /

        “Yeah But People Are Dying” /

        “Sars CoV 2 – Too Big To Fail” /


  3. I’ll re-write the commentary that looks like it was disappeared by WP:

    Jerry: You seemed to have bought a lot of the lies told by the hoaxsters about covid 19. I’m saddened to see that.

    There’s no Sars Co V 2 virus. They haven’t presented (isolated, purified) one. NO ONE has! There’s no covid 19 disease. According to Rockefeller health care science / ideology, specific pathogens produce specific diseases with specific characteristics. How can you have covid 19 without the virus that causes it? There’s no pandemic, which the fascist authorities admit, but only quietly. On tv they and their media allies blare lies. There’s no pandemic in two sensese. One, there’s no covid 19. Two, supposing that there is, then by their own official numbers, there’s no pandemic. That speaks to the problem (crime) that is represented in the WHO’s changing of the definition of pandemic in 2009 in order to protect vaccine markets. The WHO makes up science. Recently, they decided that herd immunity is something that can only come from vaccination! The WHO, like the CDC, is a vaccine company masquerading as a watchdog.

    The vaccine isn’t a vaccine. It’s gene therapy and it’s experimental. David Martin explains it. The Bill & Melinda Gates funded tv channels (and even NPR and PBS) will not tell you the truth about vaccines or covid 19. Do you expect them to? The injuries from the vaccines (and this is only ‘short term’!) are now off the charts. The deaths are also piling up. Expect the authorities to try their damndest to put it down to ‘something else’. They didn’t accept that for deaths from people who they claimed had both covid 19 and co-morbities, but now that they need the argument to manipuate people, it’s good.

    Christine Massey: “Freedom of Information reveals Public Health Agency of Canada has no record of “SARS-COV-2” isolation performed by anyone, anywhere, ever” /

    Iain Davis: “What Vaccine Trials?” /

    David Martin: David Martin explains: “The Covid 19 Vaccine Isn’t A Vaccine” /

    Dawn Lester, David Parks and Andrew Kaufman (re ‘something else’): “Trust Your Senses But Get ALL Of The Facts!” /


    1. Arby,

      Our position on the urgent need for an investigation of COVID-19’s origin – a serious investigation – would include all legitimate experts and doctors holding oppositional perspectives. Thank you for sharing some of those perspectives, while we suggest finding (if not already aware, then suggesting to others who pass this way not yet aware) the bombshell mid-November 2020 discussion between Robert Kennedy Jr. and David E. Martin (Children’s Health Defense) revealing horrific facts about Anthony Fauci and Moderna which should become known by all people.

      Best regards.


      1. I already do, regularly. I’ve done almost 110 blog posts on covid alone. Trust me, I’m on top of it. Thanks though. If I had not seen that, I would have really missed out on an important video. Is that the discussion that included Rocco Galati, Judy Mikovitz, Robert Kennedy, and David Martin? Or is it another one? I’ve no doubt seen them both if there’s two.

        David Martin, besides being the star of Plandemic Indoctornation (produced by Mikki Willis; See it on Bitchute), also has a website and does regular videos. His website is titled “The Wobble Effect.” See it here:

        I like Robert Kennedy Jr. on health freedom and informed consent, but he’s trapped (and invested in) Rockefeller health care science/ideology. Most of those in my anit-covid 1984 camp are similarly trapped.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. “I like Robert Kennedy Jr. on health freedom and informed consent, but he’s trapped (and invested in) Rockefeller health care science/ideology. Most of those in my anti-covid 1984 camp are similarly trapped.” One senses an overly-critical unnecessarily discouraging perspective here, and perhaps even counter-productive.. The litigation actions of RFK Jr. across recent decades do not align with any embrace of Rockefeller medicine or profit-crazed private establishment health care.

          You and I (and a rapidly increasing number of millions worldwide) are in the same church, just sitting in different pews..

          Liked by 1 person

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