Calling All Artists For Peace.

Screen capture of a recent early episode of Open Mic on YouTube.

e recently came across a just-created admirable artistic effort which has great potential for popularizing and contributing to the important effort of people from all regions on Earth to stop war, and the chance for men and women of helping to finally (while having an enjoyable experience) establish universal peace – for the 1st time in modern/contemporary history.

The highly-respected organization Veterans For Peace (VFP) has just initiated a weekly Open Mic musical/artistic live-streaming platform providing a great opportunity to showcase serious talent, and it is available for men & women artists worldwide. Given the tough conditions for many previously working musicians where decent venues have become closed and gigs have virtually dried up, the new Veterans For Peace platform offers the chance to perform live for VFP members, supporters and viewers via YouTube & Facebook – while also contributing & sharing positive messages for the sake of increasing peace on Earth.

If you are an artist residing anywhere on Earth interested in the Veterans For Peace performance offering, or if you know family or friends or artists in your locale who you feel may be interested, please consider contacting VFP and completing the simple Open Mic process, and/or make musicians in your circles aware of the easy-to-apply good intent opportunity.

And who knows … Maybe you’ll become famous, or help someone you respect to become famous, while at the same time manifesting the “win-win” of making a good difference for this generation and generations yet unborn.

Thank you very much. Good luck. Peace.

Here is the Veterans For Peace organization’s website link for musicians & artists wishing to become involved and perform via live-stream, an opportunity which is open-to-all and scheduled for (4 hours) every Friday night on Open Mic:

(Thank you to Veterans For Peace at YouTube)