9/11 Grand Deception Reverberates On November 3: Will Joseph Biden & Donald Trump Rise To The Occasion?

By Jerry Alatalo

October 28, 2020

“Everything secret degenerates; nothing is safe that does not bear discussion and publicity.”

LORD ACTON (1834-1902) English historianational men and women the world over would unquestionably assume the remaining candidates for president of the United States, Joseph Biden and Donald Trump, are the type of “solemn, no-nonsense world leaders” who’d assuredly pay close attention to serious-minded and sober people such as: Biological weapons legislation author – law Professor Francis Boyle; former police officer and attorney David Meiswinkle; attorney Mick Harrison; Professor Graeme MacQueen of Canada; attorney William Jacoby; former Reagan administration official Barbara Honegger; former high-level official with the National Security Agency William Binney; former Central Intelligence Agency presidential adviser Ray McGovern; respected scientist Dr. Meryl Nass; and long-time New York City fire commissioner Christopher Gioia.

It is understandable many people have become psychologically wounded from disappointment and grown cynical, or have even given up on their righteous quest for truth, after over (19) years of waiting for justice regarding the events now known everywhere on Earth as 9/11. Perhaps some brave men or women journalist will raise this immeasurably important issue to Joseph Biden and Donald Trump in the remaining days before the Tuesday, November 3 – American election date.

If by chance some brave journalists somewhere on Earth decide on taking action by asking Joseph Biden and Donald Trump for serious responses to the obvious 9/11 questions raised by the individuals just mentioned, the focus then becomes: “ How will the potential 46th President of the United States candidates handle remaining important (for (19) years unanswered) questions related to the events of September 11, 2001?”

People can take right action on their own by sharing the following extremely disturbing video produced by the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry – widely, with family, friends, co-workers, email contacts and still many, many more through application of all the endless, effective creative resources at one’s disposal and/or fingertips…

Some very well-known-worldwide personalities have not yet publicly come out and admitted their support for the determined and unstoppable Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry – along with fully and without apology supporting the now-over 3,000 sober, mature, and deadly serious scientists signed on with the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Some are uninformed, although chances are that any relatively educated man or woman on the planet will admit after being injected with truth serum that he/she knows the awful truth. Some choose to remain silent for the very real fear of retribution up to and including political assassination, while others choose the intentional deceiving of their fellow human beings for a variety of ultimately disgraceful reasons.

It is fair to say those who know but fail to act morally on a matter as immensely important as 9/11 is for the entire human race put on display the most pathetic and disappointing of the wide range of positive and negative human characteristics.

Are those behind the false flag anthrax attacks one week after 9/11 being legally pursued by any organization besides the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry? … If not, why not? It might be a good time to remind everyone that in America there is no statute of limitations for the precise crime of murder.

Are those behind the 2001 anthrax murders in any way connected to the current COVID-19 global events devastating billions of innocent men, women and children’s lives in every region on planet Earth?    

Among those world-renowned personalities are United States presidential candidates former Vice President Joseph Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump. Is it more than fair to assert that when seeking long-awaited resolution for arguably the single most important issue needing address in the direct interests of this and future generations on Earth – the absolute best place to start, is at the very, very … very top?

(Thank you to Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiryat YouTube)

4 thoughts on “9/11 Grand Deception Reverberates On November 3: Will Joseph Biden & Donald Trump Rise To The Occasion?

  1. What about JFK (arguably the first deep state farce), RFK, MLK, Gulf of Tonkin, The numerous false flag wars, siphoned $trillions from the wasteful war funding, all proven beyond a reasonable doubt?


    1. Hello Jimmy,

      Yes the war criminals who’ve been running things in Washington, D.C. are notorious for compiling the huge inventory of criminality you reference.. Of course, the very worst, most disturbing aspect of the criminal inventory is that those who built that decades/centuries-long structure of shame – or those still alive – are not prosecuted and imprisoned, but most likely still operative behind the scenes, adding to the shameful list of crimes. The people who report or publish the crimes in the public interest become persecuted & prosecuted but not the actual criminals, most exemplified at the current juncture by Julian Assange.


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