Israelis Rally To Demand Netanyahu’s Resignation.

he 1st day of August saw thousands of Israelis demonstrating in Jerusalem, calling out for the resignation of the nation’s corruption-crippled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Images courtesy of Sputnik)

Many have raised real concerns that Netanyahu will start a war to salvage his sinking-fast political career, highlighting a major worldly deficiency of international relations which seemingly allows so-called “leaders” to carry out deadly wars for shallow ego-driven political purposes. A potential Netanyahu resignation would certainly change the Middle East’s political landscape in a major fashion, – and for some providing a new, more positive and hopeful situation for the region’s long-suffering, victimized, war-exhausted innocent people. Peace.

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  1. The innocent men, women and children of the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region have been forced by impunity-enjoying war criminals to tragically endure enough pain and suffering from wars of aggression across decades for not only one but many lifetimes.

    Please resign, Mr. Netanyahu..

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