Did War Criminal Donald Trump Start The Covert COVID-19 Fire?

By Jerry Alatalo

Why does Donald Trump find it impossible to say “Fort Detrick”?

erhaps some inspiration is needed as a first step to deal with this most uncomfortable matter. We’ll take it at this moment from popular musical artist Billy Joel, whose smash hit “We Didn’t Start the Fire” unknowingly sums up the unprecedented, current COVID-19 “natural versus covert biological warfare” global predicament.

(Thank you to Billy Joel at YouTube. Maximum volume recommended.)

There is an absolutely huge (and growing) controversy surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The controversy – which nobody in the Washington, D.C. establishment nor western corporate media is talking about – is precisely the question as to whether COVID-19 is a naturally-occurring virus or a laboratory made so-called “gain-of-function” creation, or in other words, designed by scientists as a biological weapon.

What is extremely disturbing is the fact that nobody in the Trump administration, the United States Congress, nor the corporate media are talking about the July 2019 closure by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control of the 1,000,000 square foot bio-defense laboratory, for safety concerns, at Fort Detrick, Maryland in July 2019. The proverbial $64,000 has become: Why does it seem impossible for any of these establishment figures to say the word “Fort”, immediately followed by the word “Detrick”?

Let’s say the shutdown was due to an accidental release of a deadly virus. At that point, if the leaders in America were straight shooters and loyal to truth, there would have been an immediate notification conveyed to the American people, with honest and strict instructions for limiting and preventing the out-of-control spread of the bio-weapon’s deadly health consequences. Given the mysterious (total) silence coming from the Washington power center institutions regarding the Fort Detrick shutdown, what can observant people conclude but that the COVID-19 originated in Maryland, U.S.A. in the summer of 2019?

It’s a fair question.

Let’s again assume COVID-19 was an accidental release from Fort Detrick. Is it possible the worst-feared event had occurred: a deadly “gain-of-function” virus had slipped out of containment and into the environment? What explains the odd spike in flu cases close to Fort Detrick in elderly care facilities around the time of Fort Detrick’s closure? What accounts for the “Mystery Vaping Illness”, which just so happens to display the precise same symptoms as COVID-19, and which began manifesting in the summer of 2019, after the shutdown of Fort Detrick?

These are, once again, completely rational and fair questions.

Speaking of pertinent questions … Is it possible the Trump administration decided against alerting the American people in the Maryland region of the virus’ escape from Fort Detrick, – but instead weighed and considered their options and decided on a cover-up, while opting to “hit” China, Iran, Italy and potentially elsewhere with covert bio-warfare in order to throw people off the tracks with respect to COVID-19’s true origin?

Again … most thoughtful people would perceive that as a clearly fair question.

Those stubborn pertinent questions raise their ugly head again when asking about the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee’s “behind closed doors, secret” meeting with COVID-19 czar Anthony Fauci, which eventually resulted in a (quickly buried and forgotten) scandal involving members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives (of BOTH parties) initiating stock market transactions based on their dismal COVID-19 inside information – at the same time traitorously keeping maximally important life-and-death information withheld from their employers: the American people.

How did this immense scandal so, so quickly vanish down the “memory hole”?

Perhaps such pertinent questions are perceived as a “nuisance” to some people, however: Where are the Congressional investigations to resolve the obvious questions and significantly growing controversy surrounding the COVID-19 phenomenon – concerning whether it’s naturally-occurring or a man-made biological weapon? Some people are old enough and/or informed enough to have an awareness of the very serious U.S. Senate Church Committee Hearings in the 1970s on the C.I.A.’s nefarious and most-often criminal activities.

It seems clear beyond doubt another Washington, D.C. investigation based on the Church Committee Hearings model has become necessary to obtain the true facts on the monumentally consequential, unprecedented and historic COVID-19 global pandemic. The absence of an investigation is absolutely unacceptable.


Because if COVID-19 was released on an unsuspecting and innocent humanity as part of a sophisticated covert biological warfare operation, then the criminals who are responsible must become identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of existing law. If it becomes proven such is the case, our suggestion is hanging the covert war criminals by the throat until dead on a worldwide public live-streamed broadcast.

After all, COVID-19 is one of the mild (yet deadly) forms of biological weapon on the shelf, leaving any potential war criminals access to an even more deadly array of weapons to utilize in future strikes. This state of affairs must be taken on as a matter of utmost, immeasurable gravity and consequence.

Heaven help us all… One final summarizing word of advice: Investigate. Peace.

(Thank you to John Hankey at YouTube)

8 thoughts on “Did War Criminal Donald Trump Start The Covert COVID-19 Fire?

  1. Dear Jerry,
    As much as I´m convinced that Covid-19 (whether laboratory manipulated or not, a lot indicates that it was doctored) was released in a US secret Operation orchestrated by the US Power Elite, they surely bypassed the war criminal Trump! Sincé long such operations are conducted without knowledge and approval of a President, but by the Deep State!
    Stay safe!
    Cordial regards


    1. Hello Andreas,

      We can politely agree to disagree on whether or not Donald Trump is involved in the covert deception. Our intuition says Trump is fully aware of the covert COVID-19 operation, based mostly on his apparent inability to utter the words “Fort Detrick”, even after the Chinese government named Fort Detrick in a strong response directed straight at Trump’s administration. The irrational nature of Trump and his administration’s non-response to an absolutely explosive Chinese challenge leads one to lean in the direction of Trump’s full knowledge of the operation. Best regards and thanks for weighing in on this most important matter, good friend. We’ll find out the ugly truth soon enough, and hopefully much, much sooner than applies (over 18 years) to the 9/11 BIG LIE.


      1. Hi Jerry,
        Well, the ugly truth seems already obvious to me. But as far as war criminal Trump´s knowledge is concerned, let us, as you wrote, politely disagree (since there is so much we surely agree on).
        Cordial regards


        1. As we’re both gaining the equivalent of tree rings (or tree years), we (speaking for myself) can be forgiven for not having every detail and fact absorbed and ready for analyzing. Add to that the tremendous complexity involved in putting together an operation this massive in scope – effecting the entire world. What is outrageous is there have been no serious investigations initiated to determine the source of COVID-19. It is especially outrageous because: IF what humanity is experiencing is covert criminal biological warfare the danger persists and likely increases – in an unbelievably dangerous raising of the stakes.. Peace.


  2. Good Day Jerry, The US media don’t question why US outsourced bat virus research to China’s Wuhan Lab under Dr. Fauci?
    US-funded $3.7 million project approved by Trump’s Covid-19 guru Dr Anthony Fauci in 2015 after US ban imposed on ‘monster-germ’ research


    I get an email notice for every new Corbett Report as I do for you.
    He is smart, a deep, serious thinker, and insightful in his analysis of the unfolding Global events. I just watched his latest 45 minute video discussion alone and it kept my interest all the way. For those serious thinkers among my 1100 new friends, watching this video will raise serious questions as it’s concerned how COVID-19 is radically changing Humanity and what OUR Future World may look like?




    1. How goes the good fight, Ray? … Thank you for the excellent supplementary information from Asia Times and Corbett Report.. If ever there were an occasion calling for a world investigation, COVID-19 checks off all boxes.. It shouldn’t become left to people like Corbett, the journalists at Asia Times, people visiting here and other independent journalists to investigate this hugely important matter. Peace..


    1. Hello Stuart,

      It was while listening to a local radio station’s “Fourth of Ju-live” featuring live performances where a news break had Trump in a July 4 address bashing China for supposedly infecting 169 or 189 countries with COVID-19 when the urge to do something to oppose this dangerous con man grew.. Our experience since the COVID matter emerged on the scene is that (as pointed out) there has been zero mention of Fort Detrick in Maryland being closed in July 2019, nor any mention of the post-9/11 Anthrax (from Detrick) false flag, in addition to the HIV crimes outlined so eloquently and authoritatively by censored Dr. Judy Mikovits..


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