The COVID-19 Deception Perfection.

By Jerry Alatalo

h no, don’t even think about it. Don’t even for a second think about suggesting the no-time-flat implemented COVID-19 global pandemic lockdown has as its origin covert biological warfare. Don’t do it, don’t talk about bio-warfare, because in doing so you will be engaging in “tinfoil hat conspiracy theory”, and at the same time breaking the current major taboo, – asserting COVID-19 is a man-made laboratory bio-weapon – therefore making you a social pariah of the highest (or lowest) order…

Those who became suspicious of the “official” narrative of events on September 11, 2001 earlier than most know all about the concept of taboo-breaking, with varying levels of public rebuke experienced because one was assertive enough to tell others: “9/11 was an inside job. The Twin Towers and Building 7 were destroyed through military-grade high-technology explosives controlled demolition.”

Well … The most recent polls show over 50% of Americans are now going along with the taboo-breakers, and indeed have taken or evolved their personal worldview regarding 9/11 to the reality it was, and remains, the greatest military-intelligence false flag mass murder deception in the estimated bazillions of years since the first human being crawled out of some ancient, ancient mud pool.

Perhaps a man or woman with legitimate developed paranormal abilities including time travel can take the trip to the time way back when, – when the first humans appeared on the planet circling the Sun called Earth – and share their observed truth of what the hell really went down. Perhaps then people won’t have to hear again from those whose personal worldview posits humanity fell off a turnip truck, like 10 or 20 years ago.

Worldview … One imagines there are a good number of people around the Earth more or less now seemingly forced into varying intensified examinations of the concept, development and application of any number of recorded available-for-study worldviews. There are reasons for believing this represents a positive for humanity, despite the “New York Minute”, rapidly implemented, freedom-destroying rules of lock-down Twilight Zone-like circumstances.

Actor Earl Holliman in The Twilight Zone, Episode “Where Is Everybody?”

Others who recall the Twilight Zone TV series by Rod Serling might remember the episode featuring actor Earl Holliman, where he ended up one of the last human beings left alive after a catastrophic event, and where his character came to realize something had gone very wrong, eventually running in a state of increasing desperation from place to place, and with rising volume yelling out loud: “Where IS everybody!?”.

That’s kind of the feeling people who’ve smelled the coffee on the mass murder called 9/11 have in relation to frustration over the non-prosecution of the war criminals. It has been over 18 years since 9/11 occurred, while the war criminals still freely walk the Earth, and the 9/11 taboo-busters’ frustration rhymes with the late, great George Carlin (serious) comedy sketch where he sadly summarizes:

“Nobody cares.”

And then there’s COVID-19, arguably the far bolder, more brutal version of 9/11 event signifying an increasing level of desperation among the world’s war criminals, which – if one were a betting man – probably includes some of the same criminals who got away with 9/11. Well, they’ve got away with it – so far.

Over 3,000 university-trained men and women scientists who’ve signed on with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry are closing in on the bad guys, and, because the bad guys know 9/11 Justice is coming toward them fast, caused them to take the desperate action(s) featuring covert biological warfare to retain any remaining levels of control.

Fort Detrick, Maryland is the place nobody in the Trump administration, the U.S. Congress or western corporate media dares to mention, particularly the fact it is a 1,000,000 square feet biological weapons laboratory – and especially the fact it was closed down in July 2019 for safety problems by the U.S. Center for Disease Control.

Throw in the scandal involving the sell-off of stocks by certain U.S. Senators who were present during secret, “executive session” COVID-19 meetings with Anthony Fauci, among those senators Intelligence Committee Chair Burr, Loeffler, Inhofe, Feinstein and the others, and the questions arise like a herd of elephants in the big worldwide room.

Aren’t Americans deserving of an honest explanation of what exactly was conveyed behind closed doors in the Senate, in particular explaining why Americans were kept for weeks out of the loop on what Senator Burr would become secretly recorded saying to his high-society friends, describing what was coming as “Like the 1918 Spanish Flu”? The Senate scandal was rapidly removed from Americans’ TV screens, mysteriously disappeared like (black) magic, and with haste effectively flushed down the memory hole.

Will people have to wait and wait, as they are after 18 years since 9/11, for a real investigation of COVID-19 to take place? Is the COVID-19 pandemic the result of accidental release of deadly bio-weaponry, covert biological warfare, or simply a sophisticated confidence game of unprecedented proportion?

There are more questions like these which are completely legitimate to ask, considering humanity is – after all – now experiencing perhaps the most horrific state of affairs imaginable … ever. Getting answers to such legitimate questions surely is not too much to ask, now, is it?

Perhaps the group of true artists/musicians named Tool can provide the proper inspiration for people to take powerful, necessary, and, finally, moral and right action(s) now. Best wishes in these unwanted difficult days to all good people in this world.



Long in tooth and soul

Longing for another win

Lurch into the fray

Weapon out and belly in

Warrior struggling

To remain consequential

Bellow aloud

Bold and proud

Of where I’ve been

But here I am

Beating chest and drums

Beating tired bones again

Age-old battle, mine

Weapon out and belly in

Tales told of battles won

Of things we’ve done

Caligula would grin

Beating tired bones

Tripping through remember when

Once invincible

Now the armor’s wearing thin

Heavy shield down

Warrior struggling

To remain relevant

Warrior struggling

To remain consequential

Cry aloud

Bold and proud

Of where I’ve been

But here I am

Where I end

Warrior struggling

To remain relevant

Warrior struggling

To remain consequential

Tears in my eyes

Chasing Ponce de Leon’s phantom

So filled with hope

I can taste mythical fountains

False hope, perhaps

But the truth never got in my way

Before now, feel the sting

Feeling time bearing down

False hope, perhaps

But the truth never got in my way

Before now, feel the sting

Feeling time bearing down

Bearing down

6 thoughts on “The COVID-19 Deception Perfection.

  1. Well, even if not as such “man made” it could have been systematically released for example by members of the US Team with the Wuhan Military Worldgames! See also:
    “2020: The State of Affairs”:
    And going even deeper: „An Existential Question and two very Different Answers“:
    Stay safe!
    Cordial regards

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  2. Good essay, Jerry. In my view there are almost as many problems with the COVID19 official narrative as there are with the 9-11 narrative. Beyond the origin of the virus, it makes absolutely no sense to quarantine healthy people (and crash the economy in the meanwhile). Then you have the problem with the current RT-PCR test for COVID19, which produces too many false positives and negatives to be a reliable test for anything, then the faulty modeling to make COVID19 look the a “killer” virus, then the growing evidence that ventilators are killing people, then the suppression of successful treatments such as iv Vit C and the Cuban antiviral interferon alpha 2B. I could go on and on.

    There is a silver lining, though. For the first time in decades Americans are organizing and participating in rent and wildcat strikes. For the first time in in my life I’m optimistic that we may dismantle capitalism after all. I honestly didn’t think I would live to see it.

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    1. Thank you ecovortx, Andreas, Rosaliene and Stuart.

      Our speculative theory is there was: 1) An intentional/accidental release of dangerous bio-weapons material from Fort Detrick in the Summer of 2019, 2) The U.S. Center for Disease Control closed down the 1,000,000 square foot Fort Detrick for 6 months in July 2019, as it became necessary to conduct a thorough decontamination…

      3) The American people were intentionally kept in the dark (see: closed door COVID-19 meeting of Senate Intelligence Committee with Dr. Fauci, resulting in the insider trading scandal invloving the Committee Chairman Senator Richard Burr (NC), directly-connected via marriage to the NY Stock Exchange Ms. Loeffler (GA), Inhofe (MO), Feinstein (CA) and others on the Committee), 4) Instead of meeting the public health challenge squarely and directly, the Trump administration hit China, Iran, Italy and ? with covert biological warfare to cover up the catastrophic leak at Fort Detrick (“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”), thus resulting in the current intense blaming of China for the pandemic.

      It’s feasible bio-weapons more deadly than that which escaped inside America were used on the Chinese, Iranians, Italians and any others. It seems what is necessary is an immediate international COVID-19 Truth Commission allowing all nations wishing to participate on an equal basis. Individuals who will resort to deadly bio-warfare must become stopped immediately before any greater damage to humanity becomes considered, – assuming that such an investigation concludes biological warfare.

      Best regards.

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