The Roger Stone – WikiLeaks – Russia Hoax

Roger Stone was found guilty of crimes recently in the United States. Randy Credico says this interview with Craig Murray will be the only interview he grants on the controversial matter.

The New Dark Age

18 November 2019 — Craig Murray

As ever, the Guardian wins the prize for the most tendentious reporting of Roger Stone’s conviction. This is not quite on the scale of its massive front page lie that Paul Manafort visited Julian Assange in the Ecuadorean Embassy. But it is a lie with precisely the same intent, to deceive the public into believing there were links between Wikileaks and the Trump campaign. There were no such links.

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One thought on “The Roger Stone – WikiLeaks – Russia Hoax

  1. In typical confidence man style, United States President Donald Trump has expressed his support via Twitter for the just-convicted Roger Stone – now exposed in front of the world and for all time … as just another confidence man.


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