Two Big Days In The History Of Syria.

By Jerry Alatalo

“Humanitarian Situation in Syria”, United Nations on October 24, 2019 | Two days later on October 26, 2019 – ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was dead.

n Thursday October 24, 2019 a meeting was convened at the United Nations to present findings of a study conducted through interviews of hundreds of Syrians about their experiences inside Internally Displaced Citizens (IDC) refugee camps, particularly those located at Rukban and Al-Tanf.

In a briefing titled “Humanitarian Situation in Syria” presented by the Director of the Foundation for the Study of Democracy, Mr. Maxim Grigoriev describes why the refugee camps are misnamed, and that they are in reality brutal prison camps where tremendous levels of terrorist-led gruesome human rights violations have occurred.

Murder, forced detention, abuse, torture, forced prostitution, rape and sexual harassment are some of the crimes reported from witnesses in interviews conducted with (2) days of the witness/Syrian citizens’ leaving the refugee camps and relocating to Syrian government controlled areas.

The American military in charge of the refugee camps in high likelihood do not wish for this information to reach a wider public, as the personal witness testimonies paint a severely critical picture of the United States military’s collaborative, commandeering role with terrorists in the camps, including members of ISIS.

As already noted, the meeting was held at the United Nations in New York on Thursday October 24, 2019. It is important to note that the participants in this meeting were totally unaware of what was to occur within just 48 hours afterward.

Every man and woman who reads these words will by now be fully familiar with the Saturday October 26, 2019 reported death of ISIS founder and leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which was immediately the top focus of/on virtually every media platform on Earth.

We would ask those who pass this way to view the entire 57-minute meeting video and consider possible answers and/or commentary on the following question:

Was the Saturday October 26, 2019 raid on an Idlib, Syria compound, – reportedly conducted for either capturing or killing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – carried out specifically in response to the extremely shocking and revealing October 24, 2019 United Nations meeting?

Perhaps it would be helpful in answering that important question to consider the level of response, or non-response/silence, coming from the administration of United States President Donald Trump regarding the October 24, 2019 meeting at the United Nations.

What are people across the Earth to make of two separate, hugely important, related and starkly contrasting events – central to the future of Syria and its people, along with the Middle East region and the world – taking place just a matter of two days apart?

(Thank you to RussiaUN at YouTube)

7 thoughts on “Two Big Days In The History Of Syria.

  1. Empires need mercenary armies and “terrorists” when they reach the apex of their power and are at risk of crumbling. Once an empire begins to lose ground its fate is sealed. Empires, like capitalistic economies, must grow, like any cancer. They can never level off and they can never shrink back on themselves. There is little doubt that the CIA terminated what’s his name. They not only knew exactly where he was but they had full access to him. He likely greeted his murderers with a smile thinking they were there to help him again. But he had outlived his usefulness and become a liability. He was eliminated. It’s the standard pattern. Now the US-Military empire has to create a new terrorist organization, if in name only, and put another patsy in the leadership role. No big deal, it shall be done!


    1. Hello Sha’Tara,

      How are you in these increasingly both bizarre and potential positive times on planet Earth. Among the good number of statements Donald Trump made this morning on this issue which raise questions about the truth or falsity of the Baghdadi operation, one stands out. Trump 1st spoke about the operations team “taking tremendous fire” as they approached the alleged compound, then later on contradicted himself by expressing gratitude that leaks of the operation didn’t happen, therefore the team was able to avoid/avert getting attacked by “potentially tremendous fire”.

      Questions will have to become legitimately addressed regarding the DNA aspect, especially suspicious seeing (as far as we know) who would think ahead on such an operation about the possibility DNA experts might be needed to perform “instant!? DNA confirmation”, and where did the comparative DNA sample appear from? We’ll see in due time, but it seems the Trump administration went a “false flag bridge too far” on this one. Thank you.


  2. It seemed necessary to point out for readers that as of October 30, this post on WordPress has (according to WP statistics) received (14) views, – while the 57-minute video from “RussiaUN” YouTube channel is registering (20) YouTube views (according to YouTube statistics).

    We ask if such an explosive presentation at the United Nations could have only garnered public attention to the near-zero extent of only (20) views on YouTube in near (5) days, and especially considering the al-Baghdadi death global news explosion as it relates to this 48-hours-earlier meeting at the United Nations..

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