In Case You And Everyone Else On Earth Missed It.

Why is this not the #1 reported and talked about story on Earth?

World Trade Center Building 7 – moments before the 47-story skyscraper collapsed into its own footprint on September 11, 2001.

4 thoughts on “In Case You And Everyone Else On Earth Missed It.

    1. Hello Jimmy,

      Thank you for creating that brief-but-powerful video compilation. It’s encouraging that yourself and so many others are still throwing energetic punches. Our admittedly amateur scientist theory on the Twin Towers is the planes (drones) were packed full of depleted uranium munitions, offering what seems the only possible explanation for the “hot knife through butter” capability of the aircraft(s). This greatest deception in world history, given unbelievably powerful and clear developments, simply cannot have much time left before collapse. Best regards.


      1. As for the hot knife through butter, my GUESS is that some sort of laser cut the holes. Even if the planes were packed full of depleted uranium munitions, they would not have destroyed both towers that way. My educated guess is that air-gas thermobaric hydrogen bombs were made by flooding the floors with hydrogen gas and then exploding it. The hydrogen would burn with no color which explains why we see no flashes, the lack of which proves that mini-nukes were not used on the floor level, at least, but there may have been one or more in the basement.


        1. Just for clarification, we never suggested the drones’ being laced with DU steel-piercing munitions was done for the purpose of bringing down the Twin Towers, – but for the purpose of blasting a way through the “screen doors” (exterior walls) as the essential aspect of the deception (fires from planes). Had there been no use of depleted uranium the drones would have been flattened like flies hitting a screen door, making ignition of pre-placed explosives from top-to-bottom and exploding the Twin Towers too obvious, greatly threatening exposure of the plot, and an impossibility. It was essential for the planners to achieve the planes/drones’ getting inside the superstructures, otherwise their plan was already dead in the water, and never would have been carried out.


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