G20 “Awkward” Moment.

ith imaginations running wild over possible developments at this year’s G20 meeting of the world’s largest economies, – adding to tensions already complicating the precarious state of international relations, the group photo produced on extremely awkward moment.

And so it goes – June 2019 on planet Earth…

2 thoughts on “G20 “Awkward” Moment.

    1. Hello Jimmy,

      How are you. “World Leaders” with no problem being photographed with a mass murderer… It seems people are witnessing possibly the greatest inversion of reality in world history; the world’s judged-greatest novelists might never have had the intellectual/imagination capacity to come up with this sh%t. Dave Lindorff’s website name might sum it up best: “This Can’t Be Happening”. Thank you for commenting and sharing the link.

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