Venezuela Crisis: Former UN Rapporteur Says US Sanctions Are Killing Citizens

Alfred de Zayas' Human Rights Corner

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The first UN rapporteur to visit Venezuela for 21 years has told The Independent the US sanctions on the country are illegal and could amount to “crimes against humanity” under international law.

Former special rapporteur Alfred de Zayas, who finished his term at the UN in March, has criticized the US for engaging in “economic warfare” against Venezuela which he said is hurting theeconomyand killing Venezuelans.

The comments come amid worsening tensions in the country after the US and UK have backed Juan Guaido, who appointed himself “interim president” of Venezuela as hundreds of thousands marched to support him. European leaders are calling for “free and fair” elections. Russia and Turkey remain Nicolas Maduro’s key supporters.

Mr De Zayas, a former secretary of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) and an expert in international law, spoke toThe Independentfollowing the presentation ofhis…

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10 thoughts on “Venezuela Crisis: Former UN Rapporteur Says US Sanctions Are Killing Citizens

    1. Sha’Tara,

      Sometimes it feels surreal that people must be instructed with lengthy descriptions and detailed analyses of events or situations where the truth is self-evident. One of the best examples is Building 7 on 9/11, which any 7-year old child can see was a controlled demolition, yet it became necessary to find a Ph.D. engineering professor from Alaska to conduct a peer-reviewed scientific investigation (where he and his graduate students concluded fire DID NOT bring down Building 7). By the way, Sha’Tara, we never got around to expressing our appreciation for your writing, of which is very good in that the reader finds it difficult to stop – the popular terms being “page turner” or “couldn’t put it down”.



        1. Sha’Tara,

          For whatever reasons we were never much on fiction or novels, although appreciative of the Leo Tolstoys and Rod Serlings, the latter forced into fiction because during his times telling truth was met with strong public rejection and/or derision. We can imagine a great book by yourself becoming published in the future.


  1. Also it’s frightening to consider that if our inglorious Canadian rulers didn’t constantly lick Washington’s ass we would be in the same situation as Venezuela, or worse, because it would take about a day for the US to install themselves comfortably in power in Ottawa. I predict though that about half the population of this dummied-down nation would applaud the move. Yeah, make Americanada Great Again… American flags would pop up everywhere just as Nazi flags popped up all over Austria the day after the anschluss was declared in 1938.


    1. Sha’Tara,

      People would be mistaken to think there aren’t real-life Nazis in South America, Canada, the United States and elsewhere in the western hemisphere. Attorney Daniel Sheehan told his students at UCal-Santa Cruz while professor of world affairs that he met a former CIA agent who, at the end of Carter administration in 1980, came to have to “re-apply” for a position as station chief in Central America after Reagan-Bush won the election. The fellow described a long flight via helicopter to Brazil for the “interview”, where he was told something like “we want to find out if our ways of looking at things line up…”.

      He described the building where the interview was to be held as “like something one would find in Austria, with the architecture style”, and, upon entering into a huge room, seeing an actual Nazi flag above a huge fireplace, swastika and all… Trump has Bolton, Abrams, Barr, Kavanaugh, etc., and one might shudder to think of what’s being planned with these Bush associates.


      1. It is truism that the Nazis did not lose WWII, Germany did. The Nazi ideology used the war years to spread itself like a virus throughout the world. It infected all militaries, banking, trade agreements, the UN, Communism and Zionism. I used to laugh at people for expecting the UN to be a peace-keeping organization when it always was a front for Nazi-predatory Capitalism to rule the world. Even here, in Chilliwack, I had a South American Mennonite Nazi as a neighbour until he returned to Paraguay. All I know is he was a lot more than he let on and he had way more money than his lifestyle could possibly generate. Probably hundreds of Nazi war criminals took refuge among Paraguayan Mennonites, I got some of the stories first hand and the Mennos who told them were proud of their kin hiding these criminals. Now they’re making their big push.


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