Captain Brittany Ramos-DeBarros: “They Want Us To Believe The Lie…”

by Jerry Alatalo

nited States Army Reserve Captain Brittany Ramos-DeBarros, veteran of the war in Afghanistan, faces retribution from her military superiors. She speaks out about her experience in Afghanistan and what she has learned with respect to the truth of why America initiates wars, which, from the military’s harsh reactions, suggests a continuing emphasis on secrecy, silence or non-transparency fueling the U.S. soldier/war organizational culture.

During a public event speech which put her in legal jeopardy, Captain DeBarros told the crowd gathered:

“They want us to believe the lies that the precious lives of our soldiers are being spent for the protection of our freedoms. But I spent a year witnessing the bravery and beauty of the Afghan people – men and women, fathers and mothers, risking their lives and their families to overcome oppressive organizations that we funded and enabled.”

While appearing for a new documentary promoted by Veterans for Peace, Brittany DeBarros describes the essential experience of contrariness as someone both in the U.S. military and speaking out against American involvement in war:

“It feels like a moment where your life feels like … the sum of your life means, could be made explicit in that moment. And you have to make a decision about what matters enough to you to put yourself at risk, and what risk you’re willing to take in order to defend that.”

Her and a growing number of American veterans of war are frustrated in the near absence of awareness in the people of the United States with regard to current levels of military engagement now occurring by their armed forces:

“People don’t realize that we’re at … almost at the height of what our bombing campaigns have been, – that we’re dropping a bomb every 12 minutes when you average out the numbers.”

“What is driving a lot of our actions is very likely not what we think, which is freedom and, you know, protecting our country and bringing democracy to the world, and liberating oppressed peoples, as it’s been sold to the American people.”

Captain Brittany DeBarros and her fellow veterans opposed to war feel,  – after learning about the lies they and their fellow Americans have been told regarding military operations in Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere around the Earth – that their voices are just as important to become heard as the generals, admirals, Secretaries of Defense, Presidents … and so on.

“I believe what I heard someone else say, which was: ‘If someone can stand in uniform as an officer and as a leader, and speak about why we should be in war, – why shouldn’t I as a leader be able to stand in my uniform and say that we shouldn’t be at war?'”

She also expresses her shocked amazement and frustration in knowing that, not taking into account the nation’s civilian population of 330 million-plus being unaware, even her own fellow soldiers are often-times “out of the loop” on the true levels or magnitude of military operations being carried out by United States armed forces around the world.

“When there’s that little awareness … awareness-raising is ground zero.”


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8 thoughts on “Captain Brittany Ramos-DeBarros: “They Want Us To Believe The Lie…”

  1. It’s a funny thing that, people volunteering into the military knowing it’s a killing organization then finding out that is exactly what it is and getting disillusioned because the job makes you do what it trained you to do! First, don’t go there unless you really do want to kill people. Second, coming from the greatest failed state on the planet, a country I might add that doesn’t even have the decency to give itself a name(!) what do you expect then you turn on your masters and try to debunk their lies when they own the rest of the empire, lock stock, barrel and soul? You made a deal to take the training and be a good slave and puppet, likely signed some oath or other on top of it all. No military “whistle blower” has credibility with me. Do or do not. The lie is the military and any recruit with one live brain cell can figure that out on the first day.


    1. Sha’Tara,

      How are you. It’s hard to say what percentage of U.S. military personnel who voluntarily sign up are aware or not of the consequences. Many have proposed a large portion sign up due to economic reasons, and of those no studies have been conducted to determine what percentage of that group are aware or not of the real agendas of the American ruling class war criminals.

      One senses a significant percentage of men and women who join the U.S. military hold the false belief they will NOT be sent to war for anything but noble reasons, giving next to no consideration of their being cruelly used … where the ruling class is simply using them as cannon fodder for gaining control of natural resources.

      In the meantime, Captain Brittany Ramos-DeBarros deserves some credit for speaking truth and providing a public service of informing the people. Once you and I single-handedly (double-handedly?) end war on Earth forever, such discussions will become completely irrelevant because armies will become unnecessary and go extinct. That’s our take on the situation, and we’re sticking to it! 🙂


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  2. David Llewellyn Foster

    Thanks Jerry. Shared this video on FB with the following comment:

    This is tough talk….the frankly belligerent US policy of deploying the biggest stick without restraint or fiscal prudence, does not fit the needs of an ecologically diminished world convulsed and confused by extremely aggressive, protracted ideological struggles. What we should be debating far more urgently vis a vis Brexit, are the projected future (potential) alignments of the UK ‘outside Europe’ in this fractured hegemonic free-for-all….this is no time to make reckless mistakes.


    1. Hello David,

      Happy 2019. 🙂 Thank you for sharing Brittany DeBarros’ powerful story and her revelations of awakening to the insanity behind criminal wars of aggression. It is encouraging to see the growing push back by people around the Earth against unnecessary and heartbreaking harming of innocent men, women and children. Thank you again, good friend.


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