Dimash: The Greatest Vocalist On Earth?

by Jerry Alatalo


“Art is not a pleasure, or an amusement; art is a great matter. Art is an organ of human life transmitting man’s reasonable perception into feeling.” What is Art? 

– LEO TOLSTOY (1828-1910) Russian writer*

*(On Tolstoy)”No man deserves to be called a genius, no man is more complex, more contradictory, more admirable than he in all things, yes, in all things … He is a man who envelops all men, a man – mankind.” – Maksim Gorki (1868-1936) Russian novelist, playwright


hank you and tip of the hat to peace activist, documentary filmmaker and 9/11 truth advocate Charles Ewing Smith for posting a video of the amazing male singer from Kazakhstan, Dimash Kudaibergen. We were thankful to “stumble across” the artistic phenomenon at Charles’ YouTube channel. Singing and studying classical music from the age of (5), the now 24-year old Dimash possesses an amazing range of (6) octaves and could credibly be positioned near the top of great vocalists, male or female, of this or any generation in history.

Having only heard of Dimash Kudaibergen today January 12, 2019, one finds it astonishing that the young man’s name isn’t already known worldwide, and mentioned in the same breath as American superstar entertainers Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. One can only hope that Mr. Kudaibergen can avoid the same fate as Elvis and Michael who passed away young, but, instead, continues performing into his eighties like another legend American vocalist Tony Bennett.

For those who haven’t heard of Dimash or seen his performances, please enjoy one of his more popular and complex songs containing a higher level of maturity in the lyrics titled “S.O.S.”. The thought came across that “S.O.S.” has the kind of deeper philosophical message which approximates the musical genre termed peace anthem. The lyrics don’t explicitly advocate for peace in the world, but do reflect the generalized feelings of frustration felt by those activists searching for peace, truth, justice, brotherhood and associated concepts, or, in other words, those higher consciousness ideas embraced and emphasized by people wishing for a better world.

It is unknown whether Dimash Kudaibergen has ever read the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, specifically Tolstoy’s profound non-fiction book titled “What is Art?” published in 1898. There is some sense, especially when observing the level of focus, intensity and seriousness with which his performances are characteristic that he has read the classic. The legend and historic icon of non-violent peaceful resistance and satyagraha (“truth force”) Mohandes Gandhi (1869-1948) of India considered “What is Art” Tolstoy’s masterpiece, assessing the book’s messages in higher esteem than Tolstoy’s world-famous novels “War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina”.

If by chance men or women from Kazakhstan pass this way, please consider getting a copy of “What is Art” to your country’s native son and soon-to-be world-famous Dimash. People can obtain a free eBook download of “What is Art” online here. It may seem preposterous to say it after watching him perform with jaw dropped, but after reading Tolstoy’s “What is Art?”, – where the great Russian separates and/or distinguishes true art from what he observed as rubbish in his time – as an artist Dimash Kudaibergen is going to become real good.


(Thank you to Dimash Kudaibergen on YouTube)

16 thoughts on “Dimash: The Greatest Vocalist On Earth?

        1. Derrick,

          Knowing the knee replacement process entails a heavy dose of pain according to a friend who had both knees operated on/replaced at once, looking at the bright side of things you might be thankful God didn’t give human beings three legs! It was remarkable to see our friend transform from waddling while he walked to a normal gait; he was very happy with the results. See you at the next 20-mile marathon… 🙂

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    1. Hello Lo,

      We’re still trying to figure how and why this young man Dimash isn’t already world famous, but there’s a hunch that Western government/media propaganda and censorship related to things Russia and China includes even the apolitical arena of artistic achievement. That is such a sad commentary, especially when suppressing the artistic talent of one like Dimash, who provides an inspirational example of someone who has surpassed the limits. Peace.

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  1. Jerry, thanks for sharing this. My son, so impressed with the young singer’s amazing range, recently asked me to listen to Dimash’s performance on a YouTube video. The video did not have English subtitles. What a voice! What an emotional range!

    International fame, like that of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, can be very self-destructive. I would not wish such a fate for Dimash Kudaibergen.

    Angels walk among us. Listen to the human heart, they say.

    Peace, brother ❤


    1. You are most welcome, Rosaliene. Please share with all of your family, friend and associate contacts also, everywhere and on all social media platforms, for the simple reason an artist like Dimash when widely known can act as an effective catalyst for greatly improved international relations – most especially, creating better nation-state relations is critical during these overly-tense times at the beginning of 2019. 🙂


      1. Anonymous

        Dimash already unites people all around the World, the proof is – Dimash Kudaibergen International Fun Club (DKIFC) on Facebook connect over 9000 members across the Globe, and many other Dimash fun clubs from many countries.


    1. Hello Anu,

      A lot of people from Finland ended up living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where we are 3rd generation Americans, as well as northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, probably because of the environment similarities to Finland. Yes, Alatalo is a Finnish name, and three grandparents hailed from Finland and one from Norway. Finlandia University in Hancock, (Upper Peninsula) Michigan, formerly Suomi College, is the only Finland-related institution of higher learning in the United States. Of course, many Finnish-descent people in the region love their saunas – saunas being mankind’s greatest invention in the opinion of some (like me!). 🙂

      Nice to (virtual) meet you, Anu Koivuniemi. You are welcome to stop by and chat any time. Peace.


      1. Anu Koivuniemi

        Thank you Jerry, it’s very nice to meet you too and share this mutual admiration towards Dimash art. I wish he will soon be loved by whole world ❤

        You are so right about sauna.. best place to relax and heal your inner self without any rush.. So you are born in America but your roots are in Finland, can you speak Finnish at all? I am very glad to know that someone related to my country is doing great job in America for Dimash!!

        Have a nice week Jerry and enjoy the beautiness of Dimash's voice !

        I will share this article on our Finnish fan page



        1. Anu, Our knowledge of the Finnish language is very limited, consisting of basically three words: “Sisu” or guts, determination etc., “Keetos” or thank you, and “Paivaa”or welcome. Best wishes to you, your family and friends in Finland, and people everywhere on Earth. Keetos! 🙂


  2. Maria Fe Lopez

    I believe he is familiar with it. He even composed a song titled “War and Peace” But it is in chinese and does sing it only on his concerts. you can watch it in youtube Welcome to the world of Dimash..


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