When will the immeasurably important, near universally censored, unprecedented-in-magnitude Bill Browder-Magnitsky Act scandal finally – and rightly – crash, burn and become tossed away to where it belongs – on the ash heap of history?

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Today I break my rule to only post on my own articles at this blog. The following article by a person who preferred to remain anonymous struck me as such a disturbingly powerful punch in the gut, I decided to post it here amongst my scribblings. A different style, different imagination… stuff that makes the writer in me slightly jelaous… It is a first-person account written fom the viewpoint of Bill Browder, the protagonist of my book “Grand Deception” (which was twice stricken from Amazon by Bill Browder’s lawyers). Here goes:

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5 thoughts on “Skullduggery

    1. Hello Stuart,

      How are you. Our guess is you’ve already seen director Nekrasov’s explosive film, but for those who haven’t, after viewing it (below – please share everywhere!) they’ll come to fully understand this anonymously-authored writing, posted by Alex Krainer.

      (On the Kavanaugh issue..) BTW … anything further on verifying and/or identifying the commenter presenting him/herself as “Hugh Turley”? Thought of going to the FBICover-up website with that specific (copy/paste) comment bashing Allan Favish and asking the real Hugh Turley to confirm or deny it was his comment, but have yet to do so. Thank you.

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    1. How are you, Lo,

      Indeed, the magnitude of the Browder-Magnitsky scandal is historic and impossible to overstate.Thank you for sharing the link which explains how, fortunately, the walls are closing in on the criminal fraudster Browder. People can be thankful for some good news for a change. Take care.

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