Brett’s Brown Honda.

by Jerry Alatalo

In America, murder has no statute of limitations

ill anyone in the legislative, executive or judicial branches of the United States government call for remedial action in response to concerns raised over Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged cover-up of Vince Foster’s 1993 murder? Nobody knows how many Americans share those concerns, but in the (3) months since the video below of a talk between host Cliff Kincaid and researcher-journalist Hugh Turley became published, close to 17,000 people have watched it.

One might only guesstimate how many of those 17,000 people were left believing Brett Kavanaugh indeed participated in covering up the murder of Vince Foster, and disappointed the official narrative remains after (25) years that Foster committed suicide. It’s likely those who’ve come to accept there was a cover-up have shared their perceptions with family, friends and associates through all the routine means available. But again, the accumulated total is simply unquantifiable.

The highly ironic and compelling aspect of this particular discussion is that Mr. Cliff Kincaid isn’t exactly what you’d call a “lefty, commie, libtard…” (words seen millions of times in online political battle comments in recent weeks)  – in fact, quite the (complete) opposite – but a man holding tightly to very conservative views, making his and others in his political sphere’s push for the truth on this controversial matter that much more powerful.

While a minimum estimate of Donald Trump supporters who have concerns on this matter might be in the 8-10,000 range or more (we’re only talking about those conservatives who’ve watched this video; more videos are online, some receiving hundreds of thousands of views, so certainly there are significant numbers of others, probably in the millions), the question becomes one of what actionable options government officials have available for responding to citizens’ serious doubts about Kavanaugh’s appropriateness for serving on the Supreme Court.

In other words this matter cannot be swept under the rug, nor should it. The situation requires prompt and reasonable law enforcement action to resolve the concerns of a significant number of American citizens, not to mention that the person or persons who murdered Vince Foster have yet to become caught, prosecuted and punished – if these allegations are proven.

Miguel Rodriguez sent his letter of resignation (read it at website below) to Ken Starr after he: 1) felt the certain, real pressure to conform to the Foster suicide narrative, 2) noticed severe problems with evidence and mis-recording of facts, and, 3) finally, made up his mind not to participate in what he later described as cover-up of a murder. Mr. Rodriguez then tried to get his seriously disturbing story out to the American people, reaching out to over (100) media organizations.

Ken Starr named 28-year old Yale Law School graduate Brett Kavanaugh associate prosecution attorney to replace Miguel Rodriguez in the investigation into the death of Vince Foster.

Perhaps it’s best to just forget about this historical event; it was, after all, (25) years ago. Brett Kavanaugh has already been sworn in as the newest Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. But, then again … it is murder which is the subject being discussed here. There is no statute of limitations for the crime of murder in the United States.

Is there anyone in America with the moral courage necessary to successfully push back against the “ultimate power”?


(Description of video) “Possible Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh “is part of the ongoing cover-up of the murder of the [Clinton] White House deputy counsel” Vincent Foster. So charges researcher and journalist Hugh Turley. In this explosive video, learn how the Swamp operates in bipartisan fashion to cover up crimes, including murder, and how Deep State agents are deployed to intimidate witnesses and alter evidence. Turley worked with AIM’s Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid on this case for years, only to face a cover-up from the liberal AND conservative media.”

The discussion was 1st posted on July 4, 2018 at USA Survival – YouTube channel.

For more information, please visit

These (3) men are 100% confident their 20-page addendum to the Starr Report, the adding of which was fought against by Ken Starr himself, provides undeniable proof of the cover-up of Vince Foster’s 1993 murder. The 20-pages are available to read in PDF format at the website, for anyone interested in this matter.



11 thoughts on “Brett’s Brown Honda.

  1. Wow, I had no idea. Thanks for sharing this. I just watched James Corbett’s documentary about Vince Foster’s murder. He describes how the FBI altered a witness statement about the suspicious older model brown Honda spotted at the scene. I look forward to watching the video.


    1. Stuart,

      This is one of those stories, like 9/11, that has both GOP and Dems keeping their mouths shut, knowing if they speak out they face the same fate as JFK, MLK, RFK, Foster and more. Whatever led to the murder of Foster, it was big – he must have come to seriously challenge/threaten the “ultimate power” holders. CIA drug-running and covert military operations around the world seems a good possibility for having him killed.

      Thank you.


  2. When I first saw the headline I thought I read, “In America Murder has no State of Limitations” and I was already agreeing wholeheartedly with it… Well, no matter how much chlorophenol treatment they use on those political-judiciary-mainline presstitutes, (i.e., positive spins) the rot just keeps on seeping in, out and around, doesn’t it.


  3. Dear Jerry,
    Great post! These are exactly the real topics concerning Kavanaugh, not what he did at 17 years old in a group of drunken youngsters! The “Ford Story” is just another cover up of the real problems!
    Cordial regards


  4. More on the Kavanaugh-Foster affair – “Brett’s Brown Honda”…

    The late Reed Irvine taped a very revealing phone call between himself and Brett Kavanaugh talking about the car color “problem”. It’s interesting that Reed Irvine mentions to Kavanaugh the Starr report virtually omits any/all mention of that “problem” … similar to the 9/11 Commission Report omitting any mention whatsoever of Building 7 – another “problem” for a government narrative (aka cover-up).

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Omitting any mention of (fill in the blanks)…? Oh, but that doesn’t matter. You’re the “conspiracy theorists” therefore you can only be wrong. Ask, not those who need to hide the facts, but the rank and file… the sheeple… the deplorables… they’ll tell you straight, that you can’t possibly be right, therefore you are de facto, wrong. It’s a matter of faith. To keep the faith in, or with, America means to keep the faith with the lies and the corruption. It can’t be helped you see, there is no other way. It’s how the German people reasoned during the reign of Hitler under the various Polizei forces and security forces. Oh no, are you saying that history could repeat itself? Perish the thought! Another conspiracy theory!


    1. Sha’Tara,

      Unfortunately in the cases of Vince Foster, 9/11 and more major American criminal scandals, real-life, living and breathing Nazis are giving the orders, evidenced by complete silence coming from people in positions to do something, for fear of their lives. These are people who read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” sitting by the fireplace, while above the fireplace hangs the most elaborate Nazi flags on the market. Literally. Stopping them is most unpleasant, but there is no alternative.


  6. Every empire, it seems, has had these types of rulers from its height of power to its final downfall, so here they come, following one another through the many, but really only one, empire throughout the ascendancy of Imperial Europe slipping into the USA. So, they come and they go, along with their fascist type goon squads and cheering mobs. Here in some parts of the Americas and Europe they’re still handing out bread and circuses to the crowds, enough to prevent outright rebellion or prevent the majority from waking up and smelling the boiling over coffee, so stopping them or better, getting rid of them isn’t that easy, even at this stage: too few care, or think it’s as bad as it is and the ones who do believe “it will fix itself.” Weimar republic syndrome; how they laughed making fun of Hitler!


  7. Attorney Allan Favish argued in front of the Supreme Court (2004) to obtain photographs of Foster with neck wound(s). His case was shot down 9-0 by the Supreme Court. Favish’s website is, where clicking the “Vince Foster” link opens up information valuable for interested researchers. Mr. Favish’s argument and response to the Supreme Court’s corrupt denial and whitewash in 2004 is particularly disturbing, in that the Court used extremely poor legal logic to shut down Mr. Favish’s case, in an intentional manner to avoid the coverup’s exposure. His article in American Thinker is also filled with relevant links:


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