Swiss Bank Whistleblower: “Julian Assange Is A Fighter.”

By Jerry Alatalo


“Government was intended to suppress injustice, but its effect has been to embody and perpetuate it.”

– WILLIAM GODWIN (1756-1836) English minister, reformer, philosopher

(Malta, May 2018) Swiss bank whistleblower Brad Birkenfeld points to a WikiLeaks published document, that “… nobody was supposed to see.”

wiss bank whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld praised the work of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange recently at an event in Malta. Like Julian Assange, Mr. Birkenfeld was targeted for persecution after revealing inconvenient truth concerning corruption and imprisoned.

Brad Birkenfeld wrote an extremely revealing book about his extraordinary experiences in the highest levels of global banking, government protection of the white-collar criminal rich and powerful, and all things corrupt in the arena of top-floor finance titled “Lucifer’s Banker”. Men and women interested in reading his book and learning more about the dark side of international banking can visit Mr. Birkenfeld’s website:

The following short presentation in Malta by Brad Birkenfeld in May 2018 is particularly relevant as it relates to the current uncertain situation of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. Being a major whistleblower himself, Mr. Birkenfeld has focused his efforts on supporting and protecting fellow truth tellers – including Julian Assange, who he’s worked with personally – through advocacy for strong legislation around the entire world.

Reports suggest Mr. Assange faces an imminent eviction from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has been held a virtual prisoner for more than 6 years. In the eyes of people familiar with the highly controversial situation with huge ramifications for journalism and free speech ideals, the most objectionable, bewildering aspect of Julian Assange’s years-long legal nightmare is the fact he has not been convicted of any crime – whatsoever.


Brad Birkenfeld calls attention to his association with and appreciation of Julian Assange toward the end of his presentation:

“But I’ll just end in one note … Is that when I met with Julian Assange in London – and I think this poor guy is going to be extradited out of the Ecuadorian Embassy soon – he told me a situation with respect to why this was going on with WikiLeaks, and how it paralleled with my whistleblowing – historic whistleblowing – at UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland). And he said ‘Look, some people have a gut instinct to do the right thing. Do you have the gut instinct to do the right thing if you see something wrong – to report something?’ ”

Investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated in a car bombing on October 17, 2017 in Malta.

“I was fortunate enough to meet Daphne (investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia) here in Malta before her demise, her murder, and this was a very unfortunate thing for Malta. And we talked for a little bit about this situation, about transparency, and about offshore banking and so forth. And it brought it home to light that I had moved here from the United States and I live here in Malta.”

“And I got to know her very little, but we had this chat before she was murdered. And I think it’s important to understand her demise is so important for all of us, because she was a crusader; she was a fighter. Just as I was a fighter; just as Julian Assange is a fighter; Mr. Snowden’s a fighter.”

“You may not like some of these people; you may have an opinion, and that’s fine. But what their end result was … was better for all of society. And I think that’s the message here:  you’re either part of the problem, or you’re part of the solution. Which one is it? (Responds to member of audience)  ‘Yeah … there you go. Exactly. Precisely.’ And that’s where whistleblowing is paramount.”

“And I’ll sort of end on the whistleblowing note, because they think it’s … It’s important.  I go around and lecture throughout Europe and Asia and America, and what I try to tell people is just think about it logically – if you’re not breaking the law you don’t need whistleblowers. Don’t break the law.”

“So, law enforcement should embrace whistleblowers, not attack them. They’re an extension of law enforcement. They do their job better, whether they’re understaffed, under budget, maybe even part of the problem. There are corrupt police out there in law enforcement. A whistleblower will come in and give you everything. Harry Markopolos – great friend of mine –, he exposed the (Bernie) Madoff fraud. He didn’t get paid anything, but he did the right thing. He yelled and screamed for a decade, until he did something about it.”

“So, the point I’m trying to make here is that whistleblowing … To protect whistleblowers – number one, and to compensate them – number two. And that’s a controversial part here in Europe, but it works. I’m a prime example of why it works. I even started whistleblowing before the program came in play, so it wasn’t about the money. Everyone says ‘Ah, you did it for the money’. Absolutely not. So my point is … Is that Europe needs to pass, and Asia needs to pass, positive whistleblowing laws to protect and compensate whistle blowers.”


“Because they make your life better; your children’s lives better; your grandchildren’s lives better. Or … we’ll just go and we’ll steal and cheat and lie, and we’ll just keep that going. So you have a choice. What society do you want to live in? So that’s why whistleblowing is so paramount.”

“And that’s why I go around lecturing and send the message out. Not just about what I did at UBS and in Switzerland, which was cataclysmic as I said before – but also because it might send a message to each and every one of you, and your children if you have children, that this is so important to go ahead and praise whistleblowing.”

“We’ve seen it time and time again. And as I said: if you’re not breaking the law you won’t need whistleblowers. So, let’s promote the whistleblowing angle, and let’s move forward to help everyone in that regard.”

“Thank you very much.”


(Thank you to d10e at YouTube)


20 thoughts on “Swiss Bank Whistleblower: “Julian Assange Is A Fighter.”

  1. A good article, but in repeating, “if you’re not breaking the law you won’t need whistleblowers” seems to me it should say, “you won’t have whistleblowers” or “you won’t fear whistleblowers”…
    By persecuting whistleblowers, those who do prove that they are law breakers; that they use corruption in their dealings; that they fear exposure for their criminality. Can’t people get this? Seems pretty basic to me. If no laws were broken; if nothing was going on, why would anyone fear exposure? When open discussion happens around me about the “surveillance state” so many ordinary, honest folks say, “why should I care what they look at? I’m not breaking the law; I’m not a threat to anyone…” and that is the proper response because it isn’t from fear but from honesty and if we lose that and we all go and hide it’s game over. But the corrupt have to hide and it’s when to go to ground or loudly proclaim their innocence that we know they are corrupt even if we don’t know the details of their particular corruption.


    1. Sha’Tara,

      The woman investigative reporter Daphne Galizia from Malta assassinated by a car bomb was into deeply researching the Panama Papers and big-time tax evasion when she was killed. Her grown sons feel it was the genuine threat she presented to tax evader criminals which led to her death. Brad Birkenfeld, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange (who literally saved Snowden’s life) and other so-called whistleblowers are lucky to still be alive, considering what happened to Ms. Galizia, Gary Webb, Michael Hastings, Philip Marshall and many others killed for their moral convictions. In situations concerning war crimes, extreme financial corruption and other obvious cases of wrongdoing causing great harm to innocent human beings – silence is not an option. Thank you for the insightful commentary.



      1. You’re so sadly right: silence is not an option. Silence ruled Germany during her Hitler years, and silence ruled France when the Nazis took over until the Resistance gained some traction, much like today’s whistleblowers opening a wedge for those who would no longer be silent. The price they paid for refusing to remain silent is beyond our imagination but Daphne Galizia is one example today of what the enemies of mankind; the enemies of peace; are so ready to do to silence those who would expose them.


  2. marley engvall

    Is it conceivable that Assange would garner so much press coverage if he were not a manipulated/manipulative actor of some some? He will not touch 9/11.


    1. marley engvall,

      First off, we’re definitely on the same page regarding 9/11. So know with that clarified it’s totally unnecessary to start a shouting match here. 🙂 We posted a few days ago a 3-hour interview of Suzie Dawson where she addresses the “Assange won’t touch 9/11”, along with “Assange won’t touch Israel”, disinformation. Her suggestion is going directly to WikiLeaks (which she does in the interview via “share screen”) and entering “9/11” (or “Israel”) in the search field, whereupon the number of 9/11-related published documents numbers in the thousands.

      Marley, understand no offense intended, but have you searched the WikiLeaks site for 9/11 documents? In passing, Ms. Dawson along with Elizabeth Vos (Disobedient Media) are the driving force in the #Unity4J movement, having organized hours and hours of interviews of men and women during live-streamed vigils calling for Assange’s freedom.

      We are genuinely interested in hearing your thoughts.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. marley engvall

        The point of the Assange psyop is to so flood the information market with low-level diplomatic cables and such, that while everyone is sifting through the latest mountain of shite, any number of new crimes can be planned and committed, and we, the unwitting dumped-upon dupes never get around to investigating anything worthwhile.

        There is an infinite amount of information available to all of us. Most of it is junk. The most valuable function that any whistleblower or investigator can perform is to survey this sea of information, misinformation, rumor and fact, to extract those pieces which seem best to comport with reality, and from these to attempt to fomulate plausible hypotheses regarding the nature of things as they truly are.

        Assange merely dumps his several terabytes of junk, provides no further explanation, and leaves us more confused and inundated with trivia than we were before.

        I continue to focus on the questions surrounding the mechanics of structural failures of steel-framed high-rises and the presence of thermite in WTC dust because these are the most damning evidence of the crime committed on 9/11. Until we demand accountability for that crime, we can expect more of what we have had for the last century — ever more brutal war and and ever more crushing slavery to the war machine.

        No shouting match here, but do you truly accept the “Muslims crash airplanes, buildings go boom” explanation of structural collapse?
        If you do, there is no help for you.


        1. marley engvall,

          In the 1st place, calling Assange a psyop makes it necessary for Ecuador’s Raphael Correa to be “in on it”, for John Pilger to be “in on it”, for Bill Binney to be “in on it”, for Ray McGovern to be “in on it”, for Consortium News .. “in on it”, Craig Murray … “in on it”, George Galloway … “in on it”. Wake the hell up, man. Assange is for you, not against you. You are implying that Julian Assange himself somehow owns the quote “Muslims crash airplanes, buildings go boom”. Have you gone to Wikileaks, typed “9/11” in the search field, and seen the results? If so, do you think the information is “junk” … and if you haven’t searched WikiLeaks’ 9/11 material – why not?


          1. marley engvall

            The statement that Assange is a psyop does not necessarily imply the knowledge of any particular third party. No one can deny that there exists a malicious counter-intelligence apparatus, centered in Langley, VA, and that this apparatus has agents and outposts dotting the entire globe. Also dotting the globe are many millions of born suckers and dupe.


            1. marley engvall,

              Your non-specific response evades in full our points and question, failing to address why people with integrity support him, and apparently showing you haven’t done the simplest of searches on WikiLeaks. We are starting to wonder where the real disinformation is coming from, Marley, and leaning in the direction of YOU.


                1. marley,

                  It seems neither of us has searched WikiLeaks before now on the topic of 9/11, although we did find a Stratfor piece yesterday (apparently part of a large Stratfor data dump) which talked quite extensively about Webster Tarpley’s book “9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made In USA”. To be honest, yesterday was the 1st time we even looked at/went on the website WikiLeaks, previously staying away to prevent ending up “higher on the govt sh*t-list”, and will now likely spend more time researching there. But finding the piece on Tarpley’s book about 9/11 was enough confirmation for me that Assange is/was dealing straight with 9/11 and not “gatekeeping”. Searching “Webster Tarpley”, “ae911truth”, “9/11 false flag”, etc. would likely bring more results showing Assange on the right side of the issue.


                    1. marley,

                      That line was taken out of context, part of a paragraph where Assange went on to talk about the great amount of 9/11 (bulletproof) information available on WikiLeaks. Suzie Dawson explains this widespread misunderstanding in an interview we posted in the past few days, “The Crucifixion of Julian Assange” – which we noted to you earlier, but which you apparently completely ignored. This back-and-forth is getting tiring, as our effort to convince you to research WikiLeaks and/or listen to people close to Assange for explanations seems hopeless.


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