Bill Browder And The Magnitsky Act: A Second Look.

ill the heavily suppressed, momentous film by director Andrei Nekrasov win the Academy Award and Oscar for Best Documentary?

Americans will be especially interested in watching Mr. Nekrasov’s journey of profoundly disturbing discovery, as he makes his historical record of events surrounding hedge fund billionaire William (Bill) Browder, his accountant (or “lawyer”, according to Mr. Browder) Sergei Magnitsky, multi-million dollar tax schemes, Russia-U.S. relations, international law – and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who mentioned Mr. Browder by name during the recent press conference with U.S. President Donald Trump in Helsinki, Finland.

See what Western politicians, media companies and journalists are not talking about in “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes”. One might expect this posting of the film on YouTube to become suppressed and taken down in short order, so after viewing please download the documentary if possible, and/or share widely.

It is reasonable to assert that passage of the Magnitsky Act in the U.S. Congress was the birth of what has become described and recognized as the “New Cold War” between the United States and Russian Federation. The legislation is one of the major factors responsible for Russia-U.S. relations deteriorating to their lowest and most dangerous level in decades.

If what director Andrei Nekrasov conveys in his extraordinarily important, virtually censored/blacked-out film is accurate, – and it seems impossible to refute his astonishing discoveries – repeal of the Magnitsky Act becomes a moral and ethical necessity. The legislation’s repeal becomes inevitable as the law had as its genesis, foundation or basis an enormously elaborate and contrived set of criminal lies.

While director Andrei Nekrasov’s work might not win him the Oscar for best full-length documentary, men and women who watch the film might feel he is certainly deserving of the Academy Award in the non-fiction category. Talk of awards aside, one might need to search long and hard for a documentary film which matches the power, urgency, timeliness and importance of “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes”.


(The film “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes” is also available for viewing at, – noted here for people interested in viewing should it become “disappeared” from the YouTube platform.)


(Edit: July 31, 2018) Our 1st posting of “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes” was taken down by YouTube. Thankfully, another concerned citizen posted the film on their channel …

(Edit: August 1, 2018) The film was once again taken down by YouTube, this time removed much faster, so our recommendation for people wishing to view the film is to go to

Clearly, the people at YouTube don’t want the explosive truth about the fraud Bill Browder and the Magnitsky Act disseminated widely.


Here is a link to view “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes” published on Please disseminate/share widely:


16 thoughts on “Bill Browder And The Magnitsky Act: A Second Look.

  1. David Llewellyn Foster

    Thanks for this Jerry; I plan to watch it as soon as I can dedicate some focused time, as it needs to be ‘read’ very carefully. I’ve been absorbing Peter Pomerantsev’s Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible ~ Adventures in Modern Russia (2015.) In this world of toxic Plutocratic artifice, I’m firmly convinced that you can take nothing at face value. It is a global game of total deceit, and the only way to determine who or what is what is to ‘follow the money.’ That is the only truth that does not lie. Vertical power is the rule. I found this Daily Beast article just now as well, that warrants further consideration in what is certainly a massively convoluted world or cluster of worlds, reeking of surreal cynicism and writhing with sinister contradictions….


    1. David Llewellyn Foster

      PS I may have seen it already, when you first posted it, but I cannot recall much of the detail so need to refresh….thanks for the update.


      1. David,

        We’ve posted on the Browder-Magnitsky scandal and mentioned the film in the past, but this is the 1st posting here of “The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes”. RT featured Oliver Stone’s powerful “Ukraine on Fire” that blows the lid off the 2014 coup in that nation, leading one to wonder what are the reasons Nekrasov’s film has yet to be broadcast there. One might assume Nekrasov and RT management are talking and negotiating, possibly waiting until an updated or refined edition that’s legally bulletproof is readied.



        1. David Llewellyn Foster

          OK thanks for that, I’ll watch the Nekrasov film and get back to you.

          Pomerantsev’s book is drawn from a series of articles about his experiences working in Russian TV (from 2006) that were originally published occasionally in the London Review of Books. It’s a vivid, compelling and deeply insightful read. If you get a chance, I’m sure you’d find it illuminating. It depicts a Russia that few in the West have such intimate access to….

          I did watch all of Oliver Stone’s ‘Ukraine on Fire’ and his complete Putin dialogues as well.


    2. Hello David,

      How are you. One of the more damning revelations (of many) was establishing Bill Browder as a liar when Browder told Nekrasov “we began the search for the best lawyer in Russia and found Sergei Magnitsky”, giving the deceptive impression there was no previous association between Browder and Magnitsky, or that it was the 1st time they’d ever met – when in truth Magnitsky was Browder’s accountant for years. The other revelation which stood out was the police transcripts’ nowhere showing Sergei Magnitsky making specific (or any) statements accusing Russian officials of the internal government corruption, the narrative upon which the entirety of Browder’s “case” is based. Nekrasov’s film is outstanding, hugely important, and serves as an unparalleled example for fellow documentary filmmakers.

      Although Nekrasov mentioned the concept “follow the money” without much elaboration and only in passing during the film, it is clear his energies and focus leading to the final successful production were fueled largely by that sometimes over-used but ultimately accurate, effective, reliable cliche.

      Thank you, David.


      1. David Llewellyn Foster

        I’ve enjoyed my first viewing; deeply thought provoking. Well done Jerry; you’ve done an excellent job of drawing attention to this. I need to study the last part of the film more thoroughly, as there is a lot of detail to follow. Andrei is consummately skillful. This is the superb gift of digital formats, we can stop, ‘rewind’ & listen again as often as we like….great stuff!


        1. David Llewellyn Foster

          I watched the last half again today; I have to say some of the detail is exceeding difficult to follow unless one stops play and actually reads the close-up texts. Also Nekrasov’s technique of staging his own soul-searching ruminations may invite scepticism about his personal motives.

          That said, it is a powerful indictment in my opinion. Mr Browder comes across as a very slippery fish indeed. A particularly astute, retired solicitor-friend of mine from Scotland is fond of saying, ‘definitely oleaginous….’ so clearly he is a duplicitous and very sinister individual. His on-camera threat was especially revealing. Certainly not a person I would trust, that is for sure.

          They had him on BBC Radio (again,) not long ago. So his pervasive influence as a ‘moral exemplar’ remains conspicuously noteworthy, and therefore concerning.

          I’d like to see a lot more critical analysis of this deeply suspicious affair.


          1. David,

            The reason the content of the film when delving into financial aspects seems difficult to follow is that it’s getting into evidence of the complex, $trillion-per-year, global tax evasion-tax haven industry. That is the much more explosive aspect of the Browder-Magnitsky Scandal, and helps explain why politicians who take advantage of tax evasion schemes, provided routinely by the world’s most powerful banking, accounting and legal firms, are unanimously going along with the Browder lies – while they assuredly know all about the massive white-collar criminality they are covering up. “Follow the money” gets much more serious when the dollar amounts reach stratospheric levels in the $trillion range.

            The Tax Justice Network should be all over this Browder-Magnitsky story …


            1. David Llewellyn Foster

              Thanks Jerry. I totally agree; talk about golden elephants dancing in the room.

              My comment about the difficulty of the narrative was a technical criticism of the rapidity with which those documents were flashed past the viewer, meaning we have to trust his summary rather than read the whole thing. Contextual detail is key, and just because a particular sentence is highlighted, does not mean the rest of the text must be irrelevant. That immediately invites suspicion, as it suggests selective editing and preferential emphasis. There was another instance I noticed, possibly when he was interviewing the Germans (I need to check that…,) absent of the possibility that relevant Russian materials could be be missing or just absent.

              It does not mean that Nekrasov is wrong, only that his tendency to not (more) thoroughly interrogate pertinent details, in favour of a spin focused on himself, the film-maker, is an emphasis on style that may weaken his factual argument So in that respect the Daily Beast response is a typical ‘establishment’ reflex, that only augments and shifts the attention on him, rather than challenging the crucial data he is disclosing, that is, as you suggest, strongly indicative of generic or endemic ‘offshore’ criminality.

              He is a gifted natural dramatist, but such poetic license may not meet the rigorous standards of forensic evidence in a criminal investigation ~ simply because it can be too readily dismissed as a diversionary artistic technique.


              1. David,

                We understand your points, yet one feels it will be near impossible for this film’s clear message to be struck down with diversionary attacks on the director Nekrasov. People can find Bill Browder’s 6-hour 2015 deposition in New York where his story is debunked on YouTube, along with video of Browder running away from the man serving him the subpoena to appear for that same deposition – all the more damning to Browder, because he brought the lawsuit against Previzon Limited himself! Nekrasov might have opted for a 10-hour documentary with extensive clips of Browder in that 2015 deposition, but one feels there is nothing Browder-protectors can do to stop the imminent, total and rapid collapse of the giant fraud.

                We would recommend visiting the website of investigative journalist Lucy Komisar, “TheKomisarScoop(dot)com”, as she is a leading journalist who has focused on Browder-Magnitsky. Going to “Fault Lines Radio” channel on YouTube is recommended also, as co-hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan have interviewed Nekrasov, author Alex Krainer, Lucy Komisar, etc..

                Thank you for the back-and-forth on this huge issue …


  2. Addition to my previous comment:
    since Litvienko was also mentioned:
    „Arafat and Litvinenko: an Interesting Turn to a Mysterious Story“,
    And in context with the campaign on Russia:
    “The Anti-Russia Show Must go on – Another Setup?!”:
    Best regards


    1. Lo,

      Thanks for the thoughtful action. We’d been meaning to do the same with all Magnitsky posts, but haven’t got around to it. Although we did share the same link with a number of YouTubers and asked them to interview the director … This scandal is unbelievably tough to expose, but this extremely important lie cannot stand, so there’s no other choice but to keep plugging away at it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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