The Economic Atom Bombing of Syria

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The United States, the European Union, the Arab League, Turkey, Canada and Australia have collectively taken measures since 2011, and the United States since 1979, to destroy Syria’s economy. The measures are illegal under international law, which prohibits states from using economic pressure, outside the framework of the UN Security Council, to coerce other states. With Syrians fleeing sanctions-induced economic collapse, joblessness, crumbling infrastructure and a public health care system in tatters, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Syria has spoken out. But is anyone listening?

June 23, 2018

By Stephen Gowans

Washington’s long war on Syria comprises three major elements: a proxy war waged by Islamist insurgents; an occupation of almost one-third of Syria by US and allied troops [1]; and a program of economic warfare. If we understand war to represent an attempt by one state to impose its will on another, then all three elements, including the economic…

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3 thoughts on “The Economic Atom Bombing of Syria

    1. Sha’Tara,

      Some call the world’s most powerful financial groups the “Pinstripe Mafia”, others use the term “money junkies”; whatever the term, those owning the greatest number of shares at the Federal Reserve, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank, etc. – plus the central bank of private central banks, the Bank for International Settlements – are certainly not shy when it comes to enforcing catastrophically harmful economic terrorism to get their ways. Mr. Gowans’ writing allows for a fuller understanding of the mostly secreted, decades-long operations of the banking billionaire gangsters (economic war criminals).

      Thank you. Peace.

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  1. I try not to react emotionally to what your articles (and others with a similar theme) reveal re: the condition of the world, but right now, all I can do is cry. I feel so helpless, so lost. This is not the kind of world I want to be living in. These things should not be going on; should not be happening.



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