Razan al-Najjar Murdered By Apartheid Israel. Again.

By Jerry Alatalo

“Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be outraged by silence.”

– HENRI FREDERIC AMIEL (1821-1881) Swiss philosopher

Razan al-Najjar

alestinian paramedic Razan al-Najjar was 21-years old on June 1 when she was struck and killed by Israeli sniper fire in Gaza. She was giving emergency medical assistance/treatment to fellow Palestinian victims of Israeli gunfire at the moment of her death. Close to 120 Palestinians have lost their lives while 10,000 have suffered injuries, nearly all as the result of Israeli military snipers’ bullets.

Her murder sparked worldwide outrage and condemnation, adding to intensifying criticism of the Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as the Donald Trump administration in the United States for its disappointing failure to respond in an appropriate moral manner.

The Israeli defense authorities added insult to the fatal injury inflicted on Razan al-Najjar by quickly producing and publishing a video which took an interview given by Ms. al-Najjar and edited it, taking and displaying her words out of proper context, for the objectionable purpose of manipulating public opinion in apartheid Israel’s favor.

From a philosophical or spiritual perspective, one might rightly assert that Israeli defense authorities murdered Razan al-Najjar twice – once while living on Earth in Gaza and again after she passed away and left this physical world.

It is very difficult to imagine what drives the minds of those who would intentionally lower their moral standards to such an extreme, grotesque extent, and equally difficult to discern what allows others – namely those men and women serving under U.S. President Donald Trump – to stand by, turn away and remain silent in the face of Israel’s profoundly disturbing, immoral, propagandistic actions.

Whether one is atheistic, agnostic or believer in a variantly conceptualized higher spiritual power, the circumstances surrounding the brutal murder of benevolent Palestinian soul Razan al-Najjar – and Israel’s despicable, intentional attempt to achieve a covertly engineered propaganda “victory” afterward – meet any generally recognized human definitions of sin.

In loving memory of Razan al-Najjar (1997-2018)


(Thank you to RT America – YouTube)



20 thoughts on “Razan al-Najjar Murdered By Apartheid Israel. Again.

  1. Reblogged this on ~Burning Woman~ and commented:
    It’s Sunday morning here, in Williams Lake. A quiet morning in which, for a moment, to hide from the world at large. Then this post came into my email and I wanted to step outside and scream! I wanted to cry invectives against all of Earth’s so-called humanity for not caring; for not reacting; worse, for supporting such murderous activities and justifying them. Forgive my bile, this makes me sick at heart.


  2. Thanks for ruining my peaceful Sunday morning Jerry… I mean that sincerely and compassionately. I don’t do news therefore I rely on you and others like yourself to provide me with such information. This sort of news makes me sick at heart but it isn’t a debilitating sickness, it is a raspy sharpening of a growing awareness: what it really  means to live on this world, at this time. What it means to grow into feeling the pain of such a twisted world through empathetic sorrow.

    I grieve deeply for Palestine; for the Palestinian people; for those who remain to provide fodder for sadistic Zionists, but I rejoice for Razan who is now free of the horror she had already endured. Yes, death is often the way out, but it is never an end. She will live, and she will shine… yet. A martyr, not a victim, as so many have been made by Apartheid Zionism, and taking the opportunity here to also mention another martyr of Zionism, Rachel Corrie. (https://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2008/03/16/rachel-corrie-remembered-with-love/)

    The list of martyrs from Zionism in Palestine is long, and growing longer. When will the world wake up to this spreading horror? When?

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        1. Shera,

          Here’s your comment in English:

          The horrors of an endless war between two peoples who DO NOT want to find solutions.

          Why never?



          The issue has for decades always been about the illegal stealing of Palestinians’ land, extensive violence used to carry out the thefts, and the building of many thousands of settlements for strictly Israeli occupants. People who have studied the Israel-Palestine issue are well aware of historical maps showing the loss of Palestinian lands across the years from 1948 to 2018, along with apartheid-creating laws which have resulted in the most severe discrimination against the Palestinian people and loss of fundamental human and democratic rights.

          Thank you.

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            1. Shera,

              Those in power in Israel wish to maintain the status-quo of apartheid instead of agreeing to a one-state option where true democracy is established, because doing so would result in the white Israeli racist group’s loss of political power, and the end of lands theft and settlement expansions. Imagine what the situation in the Middle East would look like were the elected leader of Israel a Palestinian. It’s likely in such a scenario U.S. military activity would greatly diminish, war in the Middle East would start coming to an end, Israel’s nuclear weapons would be abolished, the monarchies of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, etc. would become transformed through democratic revolutions, and the entire region changed for the better.

              Some feel the two-state solution has become an impossibility, while others hold two states is the only fair option to pursue. Either way or option, there is no possibility for mutually agreeable, successful-results negotiations until Israelis accept (what they stubbornly refuse to) the necessity for major compromise on their part. It’s about power and control.

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    1. Aaron,

      Hello. Perhaps for the benefit of readers and peace efforts in Israel-Palestine you could fully elaborate on the meaning behind the reference that Razan al-Najjar “got what was coming to her”?

      Thank you.

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            1. Aaron,

              If you have confidence in your position or perception of events there should be no need for anything but your own thoughts, so we would prefer only your writings. Short verifiable quotes from others in support of your argument would be acceptable, if you wish.

              Thank you.

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            2. It’s typical of obedient, ignorant automatons who dogmatically accept religious doctrine to use the words of others as a cowardly way of hiding an inability to think for themselves or express an original idea. This person, Falk-Uncensored, is a pathetic hater who nonetheless deserves to exercise free speech accorded to all.


        1. rawgod

          Yup, she volunteered to be a shield. Yup, every 21 year-old woman’s dream. Since you believe everything you read and hear, why don’t you believe most of the world when they say that was fake news. You make me sick.

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          1. Exactly rawgod.

            (Edited by Jerry: Aaron’s response was seven words “Exactly rawgod. Try this on for size: (link to YT video)”. Aaron’s response to rawgod included an edited YouTube video (which we edited out) similar to the post-murder propaganda video made by the IDF of Razan al-Najjar. Aaron, please articulate your position as suggested earlier (without links), including others’ verified quotes.)


    1. rawgod

      Dear Rosaline,
      Here is a poem I wrote in about 1975. perhaps you will enjoy it:
      When civilization
      to the end of its tether
      and SNAPS!
      the leather

      is our

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