Sergey Lavrov: Syria, Douma, Khan Sheikhoun And Skripal.

By Jerry Alatalo

“Truth is a torch, but a terrific one; therefore we all try to grasp it with closed eyes, fearing to be blinded.”

– JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE (1749-1832) German philosopher


ussian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke in Moscow on Saturday April 14, the day after the U.S., U.K. and France launched over 100 missiles on Syria, discussing and sharing important facts regarding the attack, the Skripal event in the U.K., last year’s Khan Sheikhoun incident, and the alleged April 7 chemical incident in Douma.

Chances are likely zero that any of the relevant factual information Sergey Lavrov presented will become acknowledged, analyzed, responded to, nor otherwise mentioned by the administrations of President Donald Trump in America, Prime Minister Theresa May in Britain, President Emmanuel Macron of France, or western corporate media. …Until it becomes impossible to ignore.

The most crucial aspect of Mr. Lavrov’s statement is the stark contrast presented between his version or narrative of what occurred in the ultimately consequential events, and the narratives of Trump, May and Macron presented to justify their previous decisions along with their most recent, coordinated, arguably illegal military action.

As demonstrated for years at United Nations Security Council meetings focused on warring in Syria where often-heated discussions have featured the same widely contrasting narratives, it seems the building intensity of the Syrian crisis has reached the point of profound revealing – the culmination in a certain, decisive and historic moment – and the inevitable, world-altering identification of those speaking truth and those speaking lies.

Some might refer to or recall the phrase “separating the wheat from the chaff” to describe what is now surely and unavoidably occurring on Earth. Due to the extraordinary nature of discussions held at the 8,233rd meeting of the United Nations Security Council on April 14, 2018, it will become recorded in history books as a world milestone event.

There is no doubt conditions on Earth have developed sufficient for predicting an imminent, immense, paradigm-shifting and truly historic collision of truth and lies. For the well-being of humanity, now and for the sake of future generations – may that profoundest of collisions be a peaceful one.


(Thank you to RT at YouTube)

4 thoughts on “Sergey Lavrov: Syria, Douma, Khan Sheikhoun And Skripal.

  1. The US threatens FIRE and FURY like this world has never seen, and the destruction of Nations at the United Nations, an egregious violation of the Spiritual Purpose of the UN.

    There are powerful American voices appointed, not elected, unknown to the Public, in private, urging members of The White House, like the Trump/Bolton/Pompeo AXIS of WAR, and Congress, the US should set off the FIRE and FURY that will make the FIRES OF HELL real to the people while they live in this real material world denying the Spirit of God.

    For behold, the Lord shall come with FIRE, and like a tempest,
    His chariots, to render His anger with FURY, and His rebuke with flames of FIRE.
    For with FIRE, will the Lord contend, and with His sword with all flesh, and those slain by the Lord shall be many.
    Words of the Prophet Isaiah 66

    This is the FIRE that can come upon the blind sheep prepared dumb for the slaughter.

    The Nuclear Holocaust of Kansas City


    1. Hello Ray,

      For anyone still holding any thoughts that Donald Trump is going to be some sort of peacemaker, his ordering Nikki Haley to use the words “locked and loaded” at the United Nations Security Council, threatening more attacks hours after he and May and Macron blatantly broke international law, should undoubtedly settle the issue. Thank you. Peace.


    1. Hello Rosalienne,

      While events understandably result in people feeling a sense of impotence, helplessness, etc. to stop war, the world has come to realize – humanity has in a sense received an ultimate wakeup call – that something must be done to end impunity for war criminals. As we’ve noted many times before, a U.N. reform making it mandatory for member states to join the International Criminal Court or face banishment from the organization, thus risking national reputation as a “black sheep” country with all its negative consequences, is wholly reasonable, doable and wise. Maybe we’ll become pleasantly surprised and relieved after someone convinces U.N. Secretary General Guterres to launch this positive proposal. 🙂



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