Syria, Novichoks And The Missing Skripals.

By Jerry Alatalo

“No one has deceived the whole world, nor has the whole world ever deceived any man.”

– PLINY THE YOUNGER (c. 62-c.113 A.D.) Roman writer, governor

he March 4 chemical weapon incident in Salisbury, U.K. has become a highly controversial subject of international affairs, particularly affecting relations between the United Kingdom and Russia, and, as some are suggesting, is possibly related to the situation in Syria. The U.K. incident is where ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal (a U.K. citizen) and his daughter Yulia (a citizen of Russia) were allegedly the victims of an attempted double murder. British Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson have singled out Russia as the perpetrators who carried out the crime, leading to tremendous controversy after Russian officials demanded evidence and British authorities to date have not provided any.

Many have wondered why there has been little to nothing by way of reports on the Skripals’ health conditions in the (18) days since the incident, namely photos and/or statements by attending physicians.

Well-known British investigative journalist Tony Gosling, whose YouTube channel goes under “Public Enquiry”, posted a short 40-second clip from the dramatic U.K. TV show “Strike Back” aired in November 2017, where actors deliver lines containing the word “novichok”.

A popular woman video creator who goes by “Inessa S” on YouTube was born in Russia, now residing in Croatia?, and speaks excellent English. Her video work has been valuable for improved understanding of Russian positions concerning major news events and situations, as her translations from Russian-to-English accurately convey speeches, talks, statements etc. delivered by Russian officials. She recently produced and posted an impressive, revealing, and arguably decisive report on the Skripal incident using contrasting clips of statements made by both British and Russian (translated) officials.


YouTube user Blaster53 was one of many who commented on Inessa S’ video (25,000 views), apparently English being the person’s 2nd language:

“As a lawyer with 40 years of experience I have learned that when the crime has been committed the absolutely first thing to establish is a motive for committing crime to see who will benefit and what.

“In this case Russia did not have any motive or interest as double agent already spent years in prison and was later exchanged for other captured spies in UK. His value was zero as otherwise Russia would not exchange him. This person had value for UK and NATO as sacrificial individual (collateral damage) for higher political interests.

“Interesting is how quickly they were discovered unconscious on a bench in a park. We know that in London no one bothers with sleeping homeless on the benches. If that would not be staged they would die right there either by cold or by poison so it is obvious that someone was watching making sure that they collapsed and then called emergency service

“That clearly indicates that CIA and MI6 have fingers in this pie. It is all their staged job to attack Russia.

“The question which begs answer is how on Earth hospital within two hours after admission of patients already knew the type of chemical weapon when some experts over here in Germany said that it would take days to figure out. Only if you already know the formula and source you would be able to issue so quick statement. Can UK government enlighten us with the truth?

“Next point that begs explanation is how it is possible that chemical weapon which is designed to instantly kill even in smallest quantities did not actually affect neither police, nor hospital staff because patients were admitted under assumption of anything else but military grade chemical weapon. They were freely handled by medical staff without dropping dead on the spot.

“How on Earth they knew the name of poison right away even though it was never produced in Russia under such name as it has very stupid meaning for a weapon it means “new man” but it was never registered such name in Russian chemical weapon registry. All other chemical weapons had their registered names and 1960 when it was invented they gave other name and when 1990 chemical weapons were completely destroyed under the USA and UK supervision they took the samples of all Soviet chemical weapons together with formulas. Now a ghost weapon surfaced with non existing name and in a minute it was clear what it was and who did it.

“Why UK does not allow Russian Consular assisted ce (sic) due the fact that they are a Russian citizens and it is in accordance with international law that Russian Consular representatives would have free access to Russian citizens in need. What UK government is hiding? Do they intend to kill them in order to cover up their crime as there did with Russian businessman or earlier with Litvinenko as his father admitted when he begged Putin to allow him return to a Russia, as his life was in danger.

“All that USA/UK scum is reeking all the way up to the sky. It is very clear that Nazis NATO is seeking ultimate provocation to convince domestic public how dangerous Russia is and the only way is a war against her. There are already plans of action in our governments how to prepare public to gain public support for a WW3.

“Just recall all that demonization of Russia starting with Ukraine, Crimea, MH17, Syria and so on. All accusations based on no evidence what so ever. NATO was inventing tens (of) serious accusations per day with intent to flood Russia with demands for explanations, and that was impossible because they were fake and blatant lies.

“Our Western MSM is playing major part in this monstrous scam to achieve conditions for WW3 as demanded by Western Neocons and Neoliberals alike.

“I wonder if people are enough intelligent to see where our governments are driving us? It is our children who will die in possible war. It is us ordinary people who will be fried by nuclear blasts and radiation. Our political elite and all tycoons, oligarchs, moguls or whatever we call multi billionaires will hide deep underground waiting opportune moment to surface and claim the world.”


Observers and analysts have theorized that the Skripal incident is possibly a false flag event designed to manipulate public opinion for Western nations’ war escalation in Syria, where Russian military assistance has since 2015 helped the Syrian government turn the tide against terrorist mercenary forces who have savaged the nation and its populace since early 2011. Hundreds of thousands have perished and millions have been displaced in the now over 7-years long warring.

Russian military officials have recently warned of false flag chemical attacks carried out by the terrorists to be blamed on the Syrian government – providing a pretext for Western/NATO intervention, including direct strikes on the capital city of Damascus.

May the world’s wisest elders come forward and provide their necessary guidance at this profoundly dangerous point in human history.


(Thank you to Inessa S at YouTube)

8 thoughts on “Syria, Novichoks And The Missing Skripals.

    1. Hi Rosaliene,

      Considering Theresa May’s best Margaret Thatcher imitation, certain women are willing to engage the dangerous as well. If not mistaken Ms. May is childless, for what it’s worth. Peace.

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  1. They say the truth will set you free. This article is truth. I feel at the very least, free of the propaganda, the lies, the garbage spewing out the the talking heads fronting for a dying WASP led empire.

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    1. Hello Sha’Tara,

      Yes, it seems completely clear … Inessa S does a service for humanity with her video translation work. One needn’t the mental power of a Stephen Hawking to discern who’s speaking truth and who speaks with “forked tongue”. Hopefully this scandal will lead to the rapid elimination of “war salesperson” as an occupation, as, thankfully, fewer and fewer people the world over are buying any of it. Peace.

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  2. marley engvall

    The new ‘Russian ambassador’ comes nearly two years to the day since original, unrelated ‘Russian ambassador’ story was concocted. I believe this to be for deliberate creation of search engine ambiguity, though cannot image for what purpose, in much the same way Benghazi (9/11/11) was used to muddy ‘9/11 inside job’

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    1. marley engvall

      and in the same way was ‘Charlie Hebdo live shooter’ was subsequently used to create noise within Beghazi search, also I do not know to what end.

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  3. It’s possibly a Mossad mission since Russia allowed Syria to shoot down an Israeli jet fighter violating Syrian Sovereign air space Israel has done with impunity for the last 30 years?

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