Reply to: The American Century is Over, and It Died in Syria

Thank you Janice Kortkamp, citizen of the United States of America, for courageously speaking out on the brutal truth of massive war crimes committed against the people of Syria.

Friends of Syria

By: Janice Kortkamp

Date: March 18, 2018

“The ‘American Century’ Is Over, and It Died in Syria” declared Hal Brands in Bloomberg View on March 8. Yes and thank God it is over. The house of truth fell on the American Century’s terrorist witch in Syria; all that’s left is its dangling scrawny legs – and the ruby slippers of reality that might help get America back on the road to maybe, someday, leading by example instead of Tomahawk missiles. It’s time for the witch to curl up and finish dying already so humanity everywhere can sing, “Ding dong the witch is dead” (from the 1938 classic, “The Wizard of Oz”)  and Syrians can get their country and some of their future back.

Everything but Brands’ conclusion is routine, absurd “American Centurion” lies and propaganda. His introduction is this: “The forces of democracy and the great moral gains of the New…

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East Ghouta Media Report.

By Jerry Alatalo

dds are likely near zero United States President Donald Trump, his United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, or his newly nominated Secretary of State (CIA director) Mike Pompeo will offer any comments on the following report, much less engage in direct publicized discussions with everyday people from the Syrian suburb of East Ghouta outside Damascus.

In addition, one can reasonably predict that U.S./Western corporate media organizations will decline on sending reporters and camera crews to talk to the people who’ve fled East Ghouta. Neither the Trump administration or western media will take part in any manner approaching total transparency, nor allow the truth to emerge about the barbarities that everyday people of East Ghouta have had to sadly endure for years.

Perhaps the Syrian people can manage to avoid an Iraq-repeat U.S.-NATO led attack on the capital of Damascus after what many are predicting is imminent and providing a deceptive context and “justification” for military actions. Nobody in their right minds wishes a clear repeat of 2003 and Iraq “weapons of mass destruction”, where up to an estimated one million innocent Iraqi people perished. One might accurately observe the world-reported Salisbury, U.K. “Novichok” incident as part of a coordinated global, covert, intelligence/military psychological operations effort to manipulate public opinion toward acceptance of war escalation in Syria.

Many predict that a false flag chemical attack(s) will become carried out soon by mercenary terrorists still remaining in East Ghouta. Such deceptive military tactics are a factual aspect of history, of which most have been “successful” (until revealed, often many years later), and devastatingly destructive up until 2018. The goal of military false flag creators now, relative to East Ghouta, consists of using intentional criminal actions which are universally condemned – to then become wrongly blamed on the Syrian and/or Russian government(s) and armed forces.

No more lies … Stop the war against the innocent Syrian people.

(Thank you to New China TV at YouTube)