WATCH: Putin’s FULL Interview with Megyn Kelly on NBC

Since the television was invented, few broadcast media events have reached the level of becoming remembered as of historic importance for humanity. The full interview of President Vladimir Putin of Russia by American journalist Megyn Kelly is truly historic.

Humanity looks forward to President Donald Trump of the United States being interviewed in equally historic manner by a popular woman journalist from Russia.


Vladimir Putin interviewed by NBC anchor Megyn Kelly. The interview was recorded in the Kremlin on March 1, 2018, and in Kaliningrad on March 2, 2018. NBC showed an edited version only. The following transcript is courtesy of the Kremlin office of the President of Russia.


Part 1. The Kremlin, Moscow, March 1, 2018

Megyn Kelly:So, thank you very much for doing this, Mr President. I thought that we’d start with some of the news you made today at your State of the Nation Address, then we will move into some facts about you in preparation for our long piece that we are putting together, and then tomorrow when we will have a longer time together, we will talk about more substantive issues together, if that is ok with you.

Vladimir Putin: Fine.

Megyn Kelly:You announced today that Russia has developed new nuclear-capable weapons systems, including an intercontinental ballistic missile that you say renders defence systems useless…

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2 thoughts on “WATCH: Putin’s FULL Interview with Megyn Kelly on NBC

  1. Interesting that he agreed to the interview. I don’t trust him, but must agree with him when he says:
    “Imagine if we placed our missile systems along the US-Mexico or the US-Canada border in their territories on both sides and brought our ships in from both sides. What would you say? Would you take action? Meanwhile we would respond that you are escalating the arms race? Ridiculous, isn’t it? This is exactly what is happening.”

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    1. Hello Rosaliene,

      NBC titled their interview presentation for the American audience as “Confronting Vladimir Putin” or such, and reportedly didn’t give the American people the full interview as here but a “cherry-picked” series of segments. Putin’s decision to take part in the interview seems only the rational thing to do given the dark circumstances surrounding the current bleak state of U.S.-Russia relations. Before re-posting the interview by OffGuardian, we watched the discussion and found it interesting that the 1-hour 28-minute video, 1st posted on YouTube by “Russia Insight” channel, was experiencing problems with YouTube’s “auto-translate” feature/English translation, where early on the last 20-minutes (perhaps the most important in terms of newsworthy revelations) were absent of English translation (subsequently “fixed”).

      We suspect Vladimir Putin to be a human being possessing a far deeper spirituality than most realize, in a sense hidden by a conscious acceptance of humility as one of humans’ finest virtues. Perhaps there is an example we’ve not yet been made aware of, but as far as we know there aren’t any instances where Vladimir Putin has been caught or called out for lying. At any rate, wouldn’t it be fascinating if Trump “reciprocated” and agreed to an interview by a woman RT reporter? 🙂 Unfortunately the prospects feel likely bleak – but we’d be elated if wrong.

      Thank you.

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