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This short piece was commissioned by the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, but the editors declined to publish it.

I commented as follows: ” I am used to enduring various kinds of censorship.

Evidently your journal is not interested in independent expert opinions or in academic scholarship

not in open debate, not in the market place of ideas, not in methodology, not in objectivity

your journal evidently wants me to sing a particular song

your journal is playing the stale political game, joins the bandwagon

like so many others in the “academic industry” — and in the “human rights industry” —

Not good for democracy, not good for the freedom of others to have access to pluralistic views based on facts.


Regardless what interventionist politicians and the media pretend, the situation in Venezuela does not reach the level of a humanitarian crisis.  True enough, there is scarcity of certain foods…

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2 thoughts on “Essay on Venezuela

  1. Wow, even Al Jazeera is making out that there is a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. I used to think they only followed the CIA line in their Syria coverage – I now realize much of their coverage is suspect.


    1. Hello Stuart,
      Unfortunately Venezuela with its mega-supply of fossil fuels has become the target of western multi-billionaires whose criminal wars in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) have ruined their reputations. Coercive military criminality, particularly in the 2001-present time frame sparked by the 9/11 false flag, has been rejected for the large part, and so Venezuelans face being targeted for military aggression.

      Trump/Tillerson recently placed an embargo on Venezuelan oil previously refined in the U.S. using technology specifically designed to handle Venezuela’s unique heavy-crude, therefore initiating extremely harmful economic measures. The actions are reminiscent of Chile 1973, where Nixon and Kissinger agreed on “making the Chilean economy scream” just prior to the CIA-engineered coup which took down Allende, leading to the fascist Pinochet years. Thank you.


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