Binomo Declares Independence!

By Jerry Alatalo

(BINOMO) The small island nation of Binomo located in the South China Sea close to Vietnam has gained its independence

ne almost feels sorry for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Nikki Haley. Emphasis on almost. Right after the UN General Assembly rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s controversial Jerusalem action by a vote of 128-9 with 35 abstaining, where very small, mostly unheard of island nations like Togo and Palau sided with the Americans, Ms. Haley will have to endure even more embarrassment after becoming the victim of an ingenious phone prank.

Famous Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus may find it difficult to top their latest of Ms. Haley, the timing of which likely guarantees Nikki Haley and the Trump administration might experience a not-so-merry Christmas. Particularly embarrassing for the Trump administration as a result of this prank is the “discussion” about the fictional South China Sea island nation of Binomo.

You know … Binomo. That island country close to Vietnam, that just declared independence. Vovan and Lexus successfully pranked U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California a few months ago, similar to this one with Ms. Haley but they had Ms. Waters believing a coup took place in the fictional (land-locked) African nation of Limpopo. For those confused about how the UN representatives of Binomo and Limpopo voted at the General Assembly on the Jerusalem question – the nations don’t exist!

One can only imagine if Ms. Haley and Ms. Waters have contacted each other since the following video recording of the latest prank has gone viral. If they have, we could see how they might try to empathize with each other, saying things like …

NH: “With all these puny island nations, how is one to remember all of them? Binomo kind of rhymes with Togo, so it was just an honest mistake on my part. On your part, too, Maxine.”

MW: “Yes, Nikki … it’s that there’s so many little countries … Limpopo rhymes with Togo, too, a little bit, so we both just made innocent mistakes. Come to think of it, Nikki, my sista’, Putin probably came up with Limpopo … and he probably made up Binomo, too.”

NH: “Yes … that’s the ticket, that’s our story, and we’re sticking to it, right Maxine? Putin did it!”

MW: “That’s right sista’. Putin did it. Let’s call Mueller.”


There’s plenty to chew on in Vovan and Lexus’ 20-minute prank of Nikki Haley, but the part about Binomo is the one which is drawing the most attention, and might not be forgotten for some considerable length of time. Some while listening to the prank call might find it difficult to decide whether laughter or sorrow is the appropriate response. The Binomo segment is found in the video starting at 11-minutes, 20-seconds and ending at 13-minutes, 35-seconds.

Prankster (PR): “… One more matter is island … Binomo. It’s not far from Vietnam in the South China Sea. Are you know Binomo?”

NH: “Yes.”

PR: “They declared independence.”

NH: “Right.”

PR: “They held elections, and, we suppose Russian had its intervention.”

NH: “Yes. Of course they did … Absolutely.”

PR: “And now this ‘Binomoland’ makes the situation in the South China Sea even more tense.”

NH: “And we’re aware of that … We’ve been watching that very closely, and I think we’ll continue to watch that as we deal with the issues that keep coming up about the South China Sea.”

PR: “Yes, that’s correct. What should be done because of this Binomo?’

NH: “Let me find out exactly what our stance is on that, and what if anything the U.S. is doing, or thinks should be done, and I will report to you on that as well.”

PR: “And what is your view?”

NH: “You know, I can’t speak without getting the administration’s view on it. Let me find out from them, and I’ll get back to you.”

PR: “What do you think about Binomo? It’s B-I-N-O-M-O … I mean, Binomo.

NH: “I think our concern is everything that’s going on in the South China Sea, and the influence that continues to push that way … Our goal is to make sure that it stays intact and that, um, you know, we don’t see intrusion or any sort of, um, bullying in terms of that. So I know that we have, we’re supposed to have White house meetings on all issues with the South China Sea  coming forward, and so I think we’ll have more answers at that time.”

PR: “… aware that you should be, you should keep in safety your consulates. I think …”

NH: “Yes.”

PR: “And just … I don’t know what Putin will make of that, because it’s really dangerous issue.”

NH: “And that’s what we’re watching carefully, … we’re very aware.”


The citizens of Binomo must be a group of very, very nice people. That’s why Santa Claus brought them independence this year for Christmas.

Americans dependent on corporate media will never hear about Nikki Haley being pranked or her disturbing lack of worldly knowledge, making clear her being unqualified for the position of America’s ambassador to the United Nations. Corporate media will not touch this bizarre-yet-important story with a ten-foot pole, nor report on it in any manner whatsoever.

If that prediction turns out to be wrong and corporate media does report it, and the American people learn about Binomo  that would be a genuine Christmas miracle.

(Thank you to Vovan222prank at YouTube)

6 thoughts on “Binomo Declares Independence!

    1. Sha’Tara,

      We also posted the phone prank these fellows managed to pull on California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, where she swallowed the idea a nation in Africa called “Limpopo” existed and was the scene of a coup, creating in her a great deal of angst and concern. In that post we noted that Maxine Water’s time to retire had arrived, and we feel the same about Nikki Haley after her display of shallowness regarding Earth;y reality.

      You’ll likely agree in predicting the prank of Ms. Haley will not be televised but for on the independent media/internet. Americans who get their news from corporate media will never learn that their United Nations ambassador is an anti-intellectual, unqualified individual incapable of conducting positive international relations. Americans need to know.

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      1. Oh yes Jerry, I had seen the interview with “the ignorant ghost” from California also. It seems that gradually and exponentially, the US government is filling up with abysmal ignorance. Probably a direct result of the same people doing their damnedest to destroy public education and fostering MS Media fake news. Nikki Haley has the brains of a retarded turkey with the reactions of a cornered snake.


        1. Sha’Tara,
          It might be the case that Ms. Haley’s reputation fall and international embarrassment has reached a maximum, although if and when this story gets out widely to all Americans her descent will persist. Her pre-written talks at the United Nations, whether sitting at the Security Council or standing before the General Assembly, remind one of a kindergarten or elementary school teacher talking to (very) young children, when clearly the international platform of the United Nations demands ambassadors with far above average maturity and academic/intellectual achievement qualification. Just when you think you’ve seen it all .. 🙂


          1. On every level (yes, even militarily), the US government is in free-fall. Even a return of a Democrat majority in both houses isn’t going to fix that. The die is cast. The trick will be to try and stay out of the way of the debacle.


            1. The worrying and simultaneously amazing thing about the shifting international situation is the sense that the war criminal groupings are being backed into a corner. From that standpoint, considering how animals backed into a corner respond (not pretty whatsoever), it’ll require great efforts in preventing the war criminals from lashing out explosively through major escalation of war (the “debacle” you noted).

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