An Interview Of Trace Lara Hentz.

By Jerry Alatalo

race Lara Hentz, editor of Lara Blog here on WordPress, has graciously accepted an invitation to participate in the new interview series we began recently. She offers an impressive, unique voice and perspective which readers will appreciate, and adds valuable perceptual contrast to the worldview spectrum compiled from the excellent contributions by previous guest interviewees.

Thank you Trace Lara Hentz for kindly sharing your insights, found in the following words.


An Interview with Trace Lara Hentz (journalist-author-blogger)


Question 1.) What was your primary motivation for entering the world of blogging on the worldwide web – the internet?

Thank you very much for this invitation.

In 2009, I joined the blogworld, first using Google Blogger. Experts say if you have a book, you must blog. Well good. That is great advice if you are a writer-author, but technically speaking, there are a million little things you won’t know about blogging until you have blogged awhile. Take sidebars and widgets, for example. That first blog: American Indian Adoptees [] has hit ¾ million reads in 2017. And we’re in the top 100 adoption blogs. I’d say it’s because we are providing vital history, support and information to Native American and First Nations adoptees like myself. I found a niche and know my audience.

Soon after my book, I decided to try WordPress and I’m coming up on my 7th anniversary (January 2018) doing my Lara blog [] for more serious writing. Time does fly. And I do blog experiments on blogger, just for fun. A few years ago I taught both blogger and WordPress at the local community college here in western Massachusetts, along with Social Media 101. They fit together like a glove. Sharing is important, as well as having good solid interesting information on your blog.

One thing I told my students is to blog/write once a week. More than that, you might get blogger-fatigue.

Question 2.) How would you describe yourself with regard to spirituality – what were some of the most memorable transforming points across the years (books, personal contacts, mystical experiences, etc.) in the developing of your current spiritual perspective?

In my early 20s, I embarked on a spiritual quest. Being adopted, for me, meant searching for people and answers. Over many years, I worked to reconnect and find relatives. Along the way, I’ve had meaningful experiences in ceremony, in the sweatlodge, doing purification before the Sundance in Rosebud, South Dakota in the 1990s. I studied with a Northern Cheyenne in Seattle prior to the ceremony, and he helped me with contacting the medicine man who was running it. You need permission to attend and you need to know what to expect, what to bring, etc. One of the most important things I learned: do not pray for yourself in the sweat. It’s not for me to say what I experienced, but it changed my life and improved my health. On that trip, I visited an Oglala Lakota family in Porcupine, SD, and soon became a relative (a member of their family). Sitting at Ellowyn’s kitchen table, I learned so many things, historic things, significant things, huge things, not found in any book.

The 90s were very big years for me. In Seattle where I was living, I met with a Face Reader who was Sikh. And my Kinesiologist-Herbalist was also a Sikh. Both men were healers, definitely, and both started healing the broken parts of me. I chose to do co-counseling (trauma therapy) for three years, which was transformative. The goal: tell your whole life story, in your own words, without holding back. It’s like an inner powder keg exploded. Since then I’ve studied herbal medicine and seek out holistic doctors for treatment. Even after all that personal growth, writing my memoir produced the biggest results in my mental health and outlook. The key is: “Know Thyself.”

The one book I recommend to everyone is John Fire Lame Deer Seeker of Visions. If you feel a need to understand Indian Country traditions, and the work of medicine men, particularly the Lakota Oyate (Nation), this is the book to read.

Question 3.) What is your greatest wish for readers as a consequence after reading and considering your writings?

My greatest wish is for those who read my blog is to be excited, and learn something new and unexpected. I share news from Indian Country, my perspective on being adopted, and I write and curate history and current events.

In case readers don’t know, it took me five long years to write my memoir, prior to my first blog. Good Grief! The one thing I had not fully realized with doing a memoir or biography, I needed to write in the first person and share my own story and the long search for my father. I was writing mostly Indian Country history in the book as a journalist. Then a literary agent read it and made recommendations. Writing friends told me similar. That started a major rewrite and a new process, while emotionally processing all of it. Writing can be a very healing thing, even writing on a blog, but it can also take you down a path you won’t expect. In those five years, I healed more than I ever dreamt possible.

Writing my first full-length book was synchronicity, very well-timed. After my memoir came out, I’ve done a four-part book series on the Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects, narratives from adoptees in North America and the 60s Scoop in Canada. And I have contributed to other books on the topic of adoption.

I hope that readers who visit my Lara blog will be glad to read about Indian Country. What is news-worthy to me might be news-worthy to you.

For those new to this blog world, as you blog, you will change and evolve. Remember, it’s your words and experience that people will want to read.

Question 4.) Can you offer any advice to people having a difficult time dealing with government and media lies, especially as it pertains to so many average citizens who hold erroneous perceptions on important events and situations around the Earth?

If 2017 feels like a beginning, 2018 will be even more so. Yup, hold onto your hat!

It is very apparent in 2017, this is a surreal time for many Americans. The Hopi and many tribes predicted this time would come. It is a very important time, in that we are waking up and seeing things in a whole new light, with some shock and outrage and fear thrown in. History (his-story) happens in cycles, so we need to learn world history, so we can see events happening today in a historical sense, and that way discern the truth from the lies. If we don’t discern, we are doomed to repeat until we do learn. I fully understand the constant news-cycle can be too much to handle… News might cause distress and bitter arguments among friends and family. That means we need to find new words, good words, better words, and to listen carefully.

I trained as a journalist in 1996 and took my first salaried job as an editor that year. Prior to that I freelanced and kept journals. Something I find most distressing today is so much history and world news is not taught in school, or included in history textbooks. There are huge chunks of history missing, mis-told, or told in a very biased, one-sided, colonized, misogynistic manner. Bloggers can change that, and I hope they will.


(BIO) Known for her exceptional print interviews with influential Native Americans such as Leonard Peltier, John Trudell and Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Trace Lara Hentz (who legally dropped the name DeMeyer in 2014) started intensive research on adoptees in 2004. Her memoir ONE SMALL SACRIFICE is an exposé on the systematic removal of American Indian children from their mothers, families and tribes for adoption into non-Indian families while she weaves in her own personal story. Her adoptee journey takes her around the country, finally meeting her birthfather in 1994 and learning about her mixed ancestry (Cherokee-Shawnee-Delaware-French Canadian.) Trace is former editor of tribal newspapers the Pequot Times and Ojibwe Akiing. She has contributed to adoption anthologies: Lost Daughters, Adoption Reunion in the Age of Social Media, and Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists. In 2013, she was co-editor of the anthology Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time: Indigenous Thoughts Concerning the Universe with MariJo Moore. She is currently writing history with her cousin Dr. Charles Bland on one of their cousins Dr. Thomas Augustus Bland, editor of Council Fire, and a friend of Red Cloud and Sitting Bull.


Thank you again, Trace Lara Hentz. Peace.

An Interview Of Mark.

By Jerry Alatalo
ark from here on WordPress has kindly accepted an invitation to take part in our recently initiated interview series. Thank you to one of the series’ interviewees, S. Awan, for generously going out of your  way in contacting Mark. And thank you, Mark, for sharing your insights in the following words.

Question 1: What was your primary motivation for entering the world of blogging – the internet? 

‘Waking up’ and reading/watching so-called, alternative news and commentary, led to commenting. Came out of any pretend-closet. Made knowing about – call it – conspiracy roots and shoots, easier to cope with. Before this, sought to tell the multitudes in a hip side of London, about the alarm and distress in our midst. Got the message; rare interest, while rarer/if at all, active uptake. Began about seven years ago, don’t reckon much has changed. Now talk about here and there, rather than by default. Might signpost and say, search for “Truthscoop”.So here’s motivation? Makes easier to live and when communicating, in doing a DIY – something.

Inspired through an exchange of comments. On Crimes of Empire with the writer James Robertson. Offered to contribute to a post, over and above long comments. So here’s a big why: Encouraged to.

Through him, found Burning Blogger, who invited interested contributors. We corresponded. All in all, out came Truthscoop. Leave their names up to lend myself some well needed credibility.

‘Primary’ motivation is to avoid hypocrisy and exercise true hope. Rap on about each one teach one. “Have a go”. Can’t say we won’t, beat back the wretches. Something about hope, only legitimate, if exacts action. Can’t be hoping and sitting back. Invites, hope-less-ness.

Convinced mass-output in these closing-down-net times, all that might stop the gate shutting. While the internet itself has become a constructive/destructive paradox.

Motive is to stand on the front line with all truth-telling peacemakers.

Do another blog, a back to myself, onward/upwards, Jesus rant. Something to help process and stir-me-up. Potential on the prophetic front. Called, Plant a Seed.

Question 2: How would you describe yourself with regard to spirituality?  Christian. One that’s open to, and interested in, answers to the question you ask. Genuine to stand with those differing, not threatened or threatening.

Bit jump up apologetic about my self-definition and assert provisos. Generally gains a sigh of relief, from those might reveal to and discuss.

There are two Christian standpoints and a spectrum; Liberal and Evangelical. My particular mixture doesn’t invite fellowship from either camp. Within evangelicals, progressive lot, might be closest but they loath true-truth about politics. As with all Christians, shun me with blank disdain. Not that I stray on their lines/if at all and spout. No. Know my place.

One distinctive is being an Open Theist. One by-product is this puts end-times mapping and Zionism etc. to bed.

Am one of them insufferable Jesus fanatics. Hell to homosexuality – not traditional on.

Out to get you into God? – Yup.

Question 3: What were some of the most memorable transforming points across the years (books, personal contacts, mystical experiences, etc.) in the developing of your current spiritual perspective? 

Cor what a ? Go for a related overarching, transforming period. Waking up. Converted to truther talk. Profound developments. Got me to lose my nut. Go extra-strength bonkers. And so should we. Although healthier and better ways though, than my not-ones, are advisable. What this experience brought was a rejuvenation and rediscovery of a calling. Put the world in context. Gave me something to do.

Peeling back political charades and fakery, reality that-is, reveals the puppeteers aren’t materialists. Signs and evidence we have, places them ‘into’ the unseen. Take this as hopeful. Believing there are driving personality/forces, that need our compliance. A few praying women and men…

Know ‘someone’ who can help. Who offers some confident proposals.

So this, done me good. The worst of news, that’s still terrible and the suffering ain’t subsiding. But set me to work. While I do paid work part-time, moving into cheapo-cheapo living. A-coming faith for material provision, to pray far-as, full-time occupation. For some world-wide respite against tyrannical take over. Shaken up and better shaped pockets of new church. This too.

Question 4: What is your greatest wish for readers as a consequence after reading and considering your writings?

Want to read some Bible. Talk to the air/could be God?And DIY on the blog front. Self-expression in and about the stuff we’re supposed to shut-up about. Sleep through. Once ding-dong awake: Type, snap, art, graph, turn the video-maker or mic on, put up/hand out…

One more blog etc. or vid channel at it, is worth a thousand thousand hits, on some big-alt-site.

Did one other blog before starting two years ago. In 2000. Called Jesus 2000. Worked in an internet co-op, only place online in Brixton UK. Few had home lines, even fewer with any speed. Tons and tons and tons of blogs coming out. Stopped mine after some days because it was all too indulgent – so concluded. Now on a completely different plea; “Be indulgent, be rubbish and will likely get better. Don’t care about comparing and don’t not, because.”

DIY is for all. For our self respect and health. If nout else.

These are great questions and any brevity is no disrespect or impatience to stop. It’s not wanting to “go on” too much, sensitive, being on the Jesus tip.

Question 5: Can you offer any advice to people having a difficult time dealing with government and media lies, especially as it pertains to so many average citizens who hold erroneous perceptions on important events and situations around the Earth?

‘Having a difficult time’ indicates life over lies. Go “Hallelujah” or what e’er y’shout, in not going along, knowing not caring or looking. And/or denying. Be thankful, not into this self-induced, mental sickness. As things progress, being out there and open about the grand scams, is psychological prep. Will help. Have us more able to manage, whatever the other circumstances we face.

Don’t get fazed about the 99.99%. The no-takers about the world for real. This includes ones who say they ‘know’ but haven’t had/or aren’t, ‘having a difficult time’ of it. Knowing is about response over knowledge. Don’t expect looks and culture to determine who’s awake? Proper awake. Those who are… what, 1 in 1000 (or more), those who look concerned, want to know what can do, it matters.

Otherwise, they don’t-so get it, regardless of claiming do. Kiss and move on. At least on this score.

Hence, the need to warrior up and get out there, best can. Go online and scream some honesty. Get lucky and a mate in the local community, who shares your angst and cry together. Then wipe the tears and get feisty, rude and brave. Mean polite but rude, in brazen and emboldened. Lively up and all that, sing some Marley or something, and be the struggle to overcome.

Thank you again, Mark. Peace.