Former Qatar Prime Minister Drops Global Bombshell.

By Jerry Alatalo

he former Prime Minister of Qatar’s recent interview has gone viral after his revelations about U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others’ state-sponsorship of mercenaries, engaging in the (March 2011-present) military overthrow of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.

Analysts James Jatras and Michael Lane engaged in an absolutely astounding back-and-forth on the explosive revelations by the former high-level Qatar official. Ex-Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jassim spoke openly during a recent interview, where he described the covert attempt to overthrow the Syrian leader as akin to “hunting prey”.

During the following debate on Press TV, James Jatras conveyed his prediction that no U.S. media outlet will be reporting on the Qatari leader’s public statements clearly indicating a scandal of epic, historic proportion. It remains to become seen if Mr. Jatras’ prediction is going to prove true – that no Western media will touch the report – despite the story going viral across independent media via the world’s internet.

Now the question becomes:

Will anyone become held accountable at the International Criminal Court?

6 thoughts on “Former Qatar Prime Minister Drops Global Bombshell.

  1. Will any of these war criminals be held accountable at the International Criminal Court? My easy prediction is, none – as long as they remain on the “winning” side.


    1. Sha’Tara,
      How are you. If not in their lifetimes, surely the people who’ve committed these brutal crimes will in one unavoidable effective form or another be held accountable. Universal law is real, no soul escapes the consequences of their actions (good and bad), so a higher law/justice in all cases without exception prevails. Thank you.


      1. Hi, Jerry – all’s well here. Just returned from a volunteer stint rebuilding a burned-out home about 300 miles north of here – in the Caribou country where the wildfires raged this summer. Probably more to come (both of fires and volunteer work 🙂 ) For the time being we’re holding off due to winter setting in, making such work dicey if not almost impossible. I fully agree with you that where man’s lack of justice prevails there is and will be payback and restoration required regardless of what people may think about it (or mock the concept). We are not alone, and our acts are monitored, whether by God, some type of divinities or more likely greater galactic/universal organizations we should, by now, be cognizant of, and seeking to join. However, as long as we as a sentient and self-aware species stubbornly refuse to acknowledge our “sins” now glaring and of global proportions, and turn from our destructive mindset and ways, such “joining” will remain impossible; the forces that could help us will remain hidden and silent, watchful and recording everything. However we received it, we were given, and have, all the information needed to design and live much better social systems than what we’re willy-nilly being enslaved by. Take care o’ you, Jerry.


        1. Keep the faith Sha’Tara. Things are changing in positive ways lately here on Earth, and one senses the good trend is only going to continue intensifying and accelerating. Peace.


    1. Stuart,
      It seems very difficult to imagine any possible route for state-sponsors of terror to continue fooling the people through continued obfuscation. Public awareness and it’s associated outrage has built to the point where the truth can no longer be stopped. Thanks.


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