U.S.-Israel ‘Greater Kurdistan’ Plan: From Iran To The Mediterranean Sea.

By Jerry Alatalo

The following interview is hosted by Mr. Kevork Almassian – with Dr. Jamal Wasim, one of Lebanon’s most respected academics and professor of International Relations at Lebanon International University. They discuss the recent movement of Turkish military/armed forces toward the mercenary-held city of Idlib in northwest Syria.


The description of Mr. Almassian’s YouTube channel is reprinted below:

(YouTube – Syriana Analysis – Joined January 13, 2017 | 12,659 subscribers – 2,193,216 views) This YouTube Channel is managed by Kevork Almassian. He is currently a Masters student at the University of Balamand’s Political Science and International Affairs Department. He is originally from Syria and was sponsored by Kalamoon University’s International Relations and Diplomacy Department to pursue his studies at Science’s Po/Paris European Affairs Department. As an expert in International Relations, Almassian publishes research articles and reports to multiple leading newspapers. Almassian created Syriana Analysis Channel to bring the voices of the silenced majority in Syria, to debunk the fake news by the Mainstream Media, and to address the greater geopolitical issues that affect the global peace.


What the two men and former colleagues in academia reveal is a potential agreement between Syrian, Iranian, Russian and Turkish leaders to prevent the establishment of a “Greater Kurdistan”, consisting of northern Iraq, northern Syria, a portion of western Iran and parts of southeast Turkey – an evolving geopolitical goal, according to Dr. Wasim, of the United States, Israel and its allies since the outbreak of war in Syria-2011 and Iraq-2015.

If what Dr. Wasim conveys represents an accurate analysis, any optimistic perceptions holding that ISIS, al Nusra and other terrorist groups operating since 2011 are nearing defeat might need modifying, and the possibility of war escalation by the U.S./Israel/Saudi-led forces, whose “investment” in the Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni conflicts has totaled in the $billions, remains worrying.

After U.S. President Donald Trump’s Friday October 13 address signaled his intention of essentially scrapping the 2015 P5+1 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which guaranteed Iran’s incapacity to produce a nuclear weapon until 2025, the response from nearly all world leaders has been to strongly oppose Trump. While most observers talk about Trump’s actions as only reducing in the eyes of the world community U.S. trustworthiness, status and remaining good reputation, one could describe the current situation by pointing out that Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu have become positioned, or perhaps more accurately they have painted themselves, into a corner.

Mr. Trump’s repeated, 1984-style, and false allegations against leaders of Syria, Iran, Russia and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, in particular pointing the finger of blame for state-sponsored terrorism at those nations doing the bulk of direct combat against terrorism in the region, are rapidly becoming known across the Earth for what they truly represent: blatant, outrageous and, indeed, massive criminal lies.

The negative blow-back Mr. Trump – and through association Mr. Netanyahu, have already received in just 24 hours is going to only increase with rising levels of intensity as awareness spreads. The U.S. and Israeli leaders are left with two options: 1) attempting to continue the obfuscation of the truth, ramping up plans for further escalation of violence, and risking world war, or 2) coming to the realization that people across the planet know what their criminal intentions mean with regard to more horrific violence in the region, devastating for millions of innocents already severely injured from the totally engineered, 16-year psychological operation called the “War on Terror”.

Their options are plainly and simply war or peace, and the lives of millions, potentially billions, hang in the balance. Enabled by the greatest false flag state-terror event in history, the now infamous 9/11, what is perhaps the 2nd largest “Big Lie” of all time – the “War on Terror” – is with increased and multiplying  speed falling apart.

Wise men and women in all regions of the world are now faced with the impossibility of choosing continued silence and/or inaction when the stakes could not be higher or more severe, and especially after choosing the immoral stance of maintaining silence for the past 16 years of heart-breaking, unnecessary, and criminal harm.

Now is the time to expose the lies of 9/11 and the “War on Terror”. At the same time, the lie that nuclear weapons have somehow benefited humanity must also become exposed, followed by righteous, worldwide, collective actions leading to the total elimination of nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth. Future generations have to become seriously considered, and factored in, during every debate and discussion of major Earthly importance … Starting at this moment.


(Thank you to Syriana Analysis at YouTube)

4 thoughts on “U.S.-Israel ‘Greater Kurdistan’ Plan: From Iran To The Mediterranean Sea.

  1. David Llewellyn Foster

    Well, I think this is a sound and sensible position, a general analysis with which I concur.

    Everything is at stake however, because the climate crisis is completely changing the energetic calculus, whether the combined force of the heavy-hitting hydrocarbonistas like it or not. The cack-handed complicity of the PNACkered-US betrays this lunatic administration’s spineless surrender to the Israeli-choreographed ‘master-plan’ in this greater Semitic killing zone. Teasing out that truth is like extracting imaginary wisdom teeth from a cosmetically-enhanced, pious feline Cheshire-grin.

    The various parties are playing the genocidal field; while the weakest and most hazardous liability in this multi-dimensional sacrificial nightmare, is the catholic-evangelical coalition of clinically insane American-inspired fanatics, who actually believe blindly in the ‘prophetic’ inevitability of a rapturous holocaust of Jehovine proportions.

    Combine this with various other types of crazy quasi-Qur’anic perversions and apocalyptic beliefs, and we have a recipe for world insanity of ecocidal magnitude, potentially in excess of anything hitherto absorbed by our suffering biosphere ~ a literal runaway extinction spasm.

    Imbecile devotion to stupid ideas in the name of sanctimonious dogmatic belief, is the curse of patriarchy. Until we change that conditioned ‘juvenile’ reflex, we must anticipate the worst.


    1. Hello David,
      How are you. Thank you for the (as ever) thoughtful commentary. This Syrian fellow Kevork seems as someone to fully trust after watching and listening to his series of videos. Of course, the great worry is that Trump, Netanyahu and the unseen real power elite who they work for will decide out of desperation to initiate full-scale world conflict. One has to hold on to faith that people are capable of taking right and moral steps/actions to stop those who feel no compassion or empathy for the many innocents who suffer from their greed and power fueled crimes against humanity.

      While certainly experience confirms the legitimate view summed up by “we must anticipate the worst”, at the same time it is precisely at such dangerous moments as this where human beings find the spiritual strength to speak and act in truthful ways which expose the spiritually bankrupt criminal deceivers of this world for what they are. Ultimately the battle is spiritual, and from observation the side of morality and justice for all is making astoundingly rapid, historic progress. Keep the faith, my friend.



      1. David Llewellyn Foster

        Thanks Jerry, I appreciate the wise response; after Lo posted an episode from the marathon video collection of NoWar2017, I’ve been watching/listening to quite a few hours, some really strong contributions…It is just an empirical fact that all this valuable, growing inter-connectivity is an exponential, emergent process that is becoming a really coherent global movement…as you so rightly say, it is ultimately an evolutionary spiritual process ~ real war, that is ‘waged’ on another plane altogether…


        1. David,
          Yes, there were some powerful, highly informative talks by men and women at “No War 2017”, valuable for anyone interested in obtaining bitter but important truth about war and peace issues. The organizers wanted to focus on the connections between war and military spending and the problems and challenges of the environment, and, after also watching most of the talks, they in large measure accomplished that goal. Of the many moments that stood out as memorable during the talks, Daniel Ellsberg’s sharing little-known facts about how close Dick Cheney came to authorizing a nuclear weapon strike against Iran while Vice President in the Bush II administration was particularly astonishing. Thank you.

          For those who pass this way interested in finding all the videos of the multitude of talks/presentations, you will find them all by clicking the following link to WorldBeyondWar.org’s YouTube channel:


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