Round the Hometurn Towards Adoption of a Strong Ban Treaty on 7 July

“A treaty to comprehensively and categorically ban nuclear weapons is within our grasp, and should be in our hands in less than a week.” … Writes co-president of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, Tilman Ruff.

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by Tilman Ruff

On Wednesday 26 June, the UN conference to negotiate a treaty banning nuclear weapons undertook the first read-through of a revised draft treaty text prepared by the conference president, Costa Rican ambassador Elayne Whyte. Now two weeks into this final round, many in the room expressed some frustration at this further exchange of positions and views. With the clock ticking towards the conference end and target date for adoption of an agreed treaty text on 7 July, many delegates expressed their desire to get stuck into negotiating treaty text, paragraph by paragraph, line by line.

Between Wednesday 28 and Friday 30 June, the negotiating work of the conference proceeded in earnest, with 3 and occasionally 4 separate working groups considering different treaty elements. Though these sessions were closed to civil society, the sense of urgency and commitment was palpable, with delegates meeting late into the night.

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2 thoughts on “Round the Hometurn Towards Adoption of a Strong Ban Treaty on 7 July

    1. Rosaliene,
      Sadly what you say is true, so what’s next? People across the Earth wishing to rid the world of nuclear weapons can be encouraged by what’s about to happen on July 7 and then work toward bringing enough righteous pressure to morally force all nations to sign on. July 7, 2017 is going to become universally recognized as a truly historic, positive turning point, and yes… very promising by all measures for humanity.


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