“Frankenskies”: New Film Raises Big Questions On Climate Engineering.

By Jerry Alatalo

n 1962 United States President Lyndon Johnson in a commencement address at Southwest Texas State University talked to graduates about “..controlling the weather”, and “..controlling the world”. Just to what extent the U.S. military has advanced since 1962 in the area of weather warfare is unknown except by those in the military working directly in the alleged programs.

Learning the truth will require men and women willing to take the same severe personal risks as Daniel Ellsberg (Vietnam War), Julian Assange (government/corporate crimes), Edward Snowden (government surveillance), Chelsea Manning (Iraq War crimes), John Kiriakou (illegal torture), Scott Bennett (terrorist financing), Brad Birkenfeld (banking corruption), and others determined to speak the truth.

Mr. Matt Landman directed the film “Frankenskies” about the history, development, and facts concerning the phenomenon termed climate engineering, geoengineering, and other various scientific designations. His choice to balance the amount of time in the film to information from both “sides” of the debate over weather control was a good one, adding seriousness and weight to the effort. The final effort, 120-minute film production’s quality is excellent, and a superb example for others to follow in comparison to other small-budget, independently made documentaries.

The topic of weather control technologies, for researchers, is one which can lead one down some very deep, multi-directional, even sometimes strange rabbit holes. Thankfully – and wisely, in light of its very controversial subject – Mr. Landman keeps the film’s focus inside the boundaries of logical, academic and/or scientific reasoning. The result is a very strong film message viewers will find close to impossible to ignore or forget.

Many people will immediately react to mention of weather control with labels of “conspiracy theory”, but they might experience an extreme change of perspective and attitude after watching “Frankenskies”.  They surely will come away with facts and details they’ve never seen mentioned or reported by the corporate media, but for “conditioning”, surprising reports – such as the 12 new cloud formations (or species of clouds) added institutionally recently. The film’s information has neither been transparently shared by government and/or military officials but for recent revelations – again, described in the film as a form of societal “conditioning” for what’s ahead.

What inclines one to lean toward the explanation that weather modification is essentially a tool for war? …The unanimous unwillingness by elected representatives in the U.S. Congress in responding to concerns expressed by large numbers of their constituents on the matter. Add to that government avoidance of historical facts presented in Mr. Landman’s film, and the logical conclusion to arrive at is that nations and high-level military/intelligence officials have been using weather control technology since the 1950’s as a weapon of war.

“Frankenskies” has already, just hours after posting, begun going viral on the internet. The question now becomes one of gathering sufficient momentum, creating a state of affairs making impossible continued government dismissal of legitimate concerns, and leading to where honorable action brings about open public meetings exposing the truth of the matter.


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3 thoughts on ““Frankenskies”: New Film Raises Big Questions On Climate Engineering.

  1. Many thanks for sharing this film, Jerry.

    You’ve been very busy lately ~ so quite a lot worth commenting on! Too much, actually, for me ~ as any one of these avenues of inquiry require considerable presence of mind to warrant a useful response. So I’d like to mention only a couple of things here.

    The first is the obvious linkage that we can detect, when examining these different issues; hegemonic hubris fleshed out by military-industrial ambition confront us at every turn.

    Secondly, the matter of production values and the editorial presentation of information strikes me as relevant, since when dealing with applied technical precocity and pseudo-science, it is essential to keep our focus proportionate and clear, to balance an often confusing pastiche/montage of potentially competing narratives.

    So although I find ‘Frankenskies’ excellent in many respects, its histrionic score that provides continuity for a sampled juxtaposition of network citations, does overwhelm and undermine the content in my opinion. I’m listening to a rational discourse by Bill Vander Zalm former Premier of BC (’86-’91) for example, and he has an orchestral accompaniment.

    For me it is a ghastly amateurish distraction, that creates subtle incoherencies producing emotional bias, interfering with lucid cognitive absorption. It hyper-exaggerates what is otherwise a careful, reliable, sober and measured disclosure. A helpful analogy might be food preparation; too many ingredients can so easily ruin a good meal.

    This said, the real message is utterly terrifying, because it raises the fundamental issue of unrestrained, covert deviance by myopic government agencies on a global scale…this displays nothing short of their most heinous proclivity for delusional criminal abuse.

    All driven by a disproportionate money-fueled obsession with dabbling in ‘powers’ that are not only dangerous but utterly lethal ~ so we are presented with insights to a deep(-pocketed) state that is actually morally destitute, because it is so fanatically blind to the most horrendous ecocidal consequences of its own actions.


    1. David,
      While reading your comments the idea that scientists have gone too far came to mind. Instead of leaving well enough alone and allowing natural processes and cycles, the scientific community chose to essentially “play God” at the expense of human health and well-being. The native American in the film had the best advice, when he simply stated the poisoning of the air, land and water needs to halt; that nature takes care of itself without need for scientific interference. Who knows if these weather modification programs are for the purpose of cooling the planet, for weather warfare or banking/corporate elites’ domination, a depopulation agenda, or some combination. Who knows if public hearings on the issue will become triggered by this slightly imperfect yet effective film, but one can at least feel gratitude people around the world still care enough to demand answers,

      Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has a membership of close to 3,000 university trained scientists and has produced 100’s of videos making clear the need for a real investigation, but their multi-year efforts have (so far) fallen on deaf government ears. Weather control technology is covert like 9/11, so one senses the efforts of those who made “Frankenskies” will experience the same governmental deafness. It seems there is incontrovertible truth contained in that biblical phrase talking about “evil… powers and principalities in high places”. Who would have thought it so extremely difficult for common people to have their reasonable questions answered by those in positions of authority, power and ultimate decision-making. Perhaps these puzzling situations are natural while living in a world described by some as “The Great Mystery”. Peace.


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