“The Putin Interviews”: Historic Documentary By Oliver Stone.

t the end of their long and thorough series of discussions on the most important issues facing the human race, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked famed filmmaker Oliver Stone: “Have you ever been beaten?”

By avoiding an explanation about why Mr. Putin asked Mr. Stone that particular puzzling question, perhaps men and women would become more curious, and intrigued enough to watch a cinematic event quite likely of historic consequence. 

Public reaction has yet to come forth fully on Parts 1-4 of “The Putin Interviews”. One can expect a range of reviews corresponding to the each reviewer’s level of knowledge and awareness about the issues discussed between Mr. Putin and Mr. Stone. However, it is nearly impossible to consider the film’s content and not come away feeling more positive about the future.

Viewers of “The Putin Interviews” will experience a media breakthrough with regard to U.S./Russia diplomatic relations, and at the same time gain an entirely new, more optimistic perspective on world events in 2017. 

The website “Information Clearing House” has been diligently trying to maintain its posting of the 4-part documentary:



12 thoughts on ““The Putin Interviews”: Historic Documentary By Oliver Stone.

    1. Hello Stuart,
      How are you. With little knowledge of the subject to speak of, and without taking any position on it in a comparative way between different societies (in this instance, most prominent being US v. Russia), it seems Russia has treated the gay issue similar to prohibiting those under 18 years old from entering theaters to watch X-rated movies. Who knows, but it wouldn’t surprise to learn that global radioactive pollution from early on atomic/nuclear testing, leakage from nuclear plants, etc. (radiation stays in the environment for centuries) may have altered human genes and resulted in higher numbers of gays and lesbians. The issue is in many respects as divisive as abortion or gun control, where people’s strongly held perceptions make opposite/contrasting positions virtually irreconcilable.

      One thing is for certain: pro-gay, anti-gay and indifferent will perish in a nuclear war. Thank you.


  1. Thanks for posting this Jerry.

    It is certainly an eye-opening, mind-stretching four hours. The question we need to remind ourselves of is this: if not President V.P. who else can lead Russia with such astonishing clarity, consistency, coherence and pragmatism? We are talking about post-Soviet Russia here, a gigantic universe!

    The mystic and esotericist Helena Blavatsky, who, with Colonel Olcott in 1875 founded the Theosophical Society in NY, predicted that the greatest civilization the world has even seen would arise from Russia. There may be considerable truth in that; not in an especially reductive or literal sense, but in terms of the historic geographical reach and spiritual dimensions of the Russian soul.

    I think of the present ‘great circle’ spherical reality of life in/on Earth as in certain respects like a political Tau. The horizontal represents the gigantic scale of the Eurasian landmass, that includes the Arctic ~ while the vertical direction reminds us of the “Monroe’ doctrine and North-South extent of the Americas, the so-called ‘New World’ polar axis.

    Asymmetrically, but connected to Europe is the vast continent of Africa, that is the equatorial counter-weight to the poles; that also greets the Indian Ocean and connects to the South-east Asian archipelago by sea.

    It doesn’t quite correspond to a balanced, neat, abstract arrangement, but you get the idea I’m sure. Simply mapping the world, limiting it to symbolic configurations can never explain its mysteries ~ it only signals possibilities.

    Vladimir Putin is a deeply inscrutable personality. For some of us with astrological leanings (….& I’m alluding to ‘learned’ astrology here ~ historically comprehensive, scholarly, sophisticated; far more complex and metaphysically inclusive than commercially peddled cant & superstitious tabloid drivel….) those who may be inclined to study and interpret his natal horoscope ~ can elucidate a great deal in this way about the dynamics of his ‘occult’ being.

    That nuanced individual is the ‘sambo~judo’ enthusiast Oliver Stone presents with immense skill & candour to his viewers. As you suggest “a cinematic event quite likely of historic consequence.”


    1. David,
      Putin mentions in passing a few times during the interviews human mortality and morality, referencing that we all will face that (some believe dark, others light) time of transition from the Earth realm to spirit. While glad to see that side of the Russian leader, whom one suspects shares similar philosophical outlook with Oliver Stone, it was disappointing that in the four parts philosophy or spirituality didn’t become discussed in a more in-depth manner. Given the near absence of references in political discussions to philosophical perceptions, one can be thankful for the mentions nonetheless. Perhaps you could elaborate on “.. can elucidate a great deal in this way about the dynamics of his occult being.” Have you come across astrological insights into Mr. Putin? Thank you.

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      1. Well, I don’t pretend to be an expert on natal horoscopes, more of an intuitive reader of these arcane maps; there are several online interpretations extant ~ but I would say Mr Putin has a very interesting chart that seems to be an accurate symbolic portrait of the man we are introduced to in Oliver Stone’s impressive four-hour work out.

        Mr Putin’s responsibilities are immense, and his diligent capacity to exercise his function as President of Russia appears to be self-evident. I think he is every inch the man of the moment.

        Think of the possible alternatives; I wonder how a Hilary Clinton could have risen to the challenge of stepping into those shoes for example, just to flip reality for a moment ~ coping with such enormous tasks in the face of such a hostile adversary as the Russo-phobic US.

        The United States government is a delinquent kindergarten of kitschy brats in comparison.


        1. Yes… It’s hard to imagine what it must be like in the Russian leader’s shoes, given the flak Oliver Stone receives just for interviewing Vladimir Putin. Millions will watch “The Putin Interviews” around the Earth, so that is a very positive development for increasing awareness.

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          1. Jerry, here’s a short clip in which Yanis Varoufakis explains the principle US flaw in the ‘pro-Putin’ argument.

            I find it difficult to fault this position.

            Moreover, we should remember that VP is (evidently) 100% Russian Orthodox ~ a deeply embedded, hereditary priestly coalition that is really an ancient metaphysical tyranny; it is intensely patriarchal, arguably parasitic, extremely authoritarian and rooted in a tradition that is historically czarist.

            So Putin is every inch the conservative, he even dresses and behaves like an English ‘public’ schoolboy (……hence his ambiguous attitude to gay rights ~ ‘one wonders’ of course……as his beloved orthodox hierarchy has such a long reputation for monastic perversity) ~ but that does offer some explanation for his frankly naive fascination with the Trump phenomenon, and the American right…arguably, even admiration..


            1. David, The notion that NATO expansion to Russia’s borders had among its planners’ goals the empowerment of Putin as dictator seems illogical to be honest. Used to follow Varoufakis on WordPress until all my comments were blocked, because we advocated Greece reject the Euro and return to the Drachma. Varoufakis’ analysis on Putin aligns with the the unelected EU Commission, the elite bankers, and corporate owners who give them orders on running the European Union, and may help explain why he as Greek finance minister never developed a “plan B”, an exit from Eurozone to re-institute the Drachma.

              One becomes skeptical of Yanis given his reticence to take on the powerful private central banking cartel, yet he displays a deep knowledge of economics, so he’s an enigma in that regard. If Greece had left the Euro and gone back to the Drachma, the powerful people running the totally undemocratic EU would have known the first domino of EU disintegration had fallen, and the losing of financial control over 28 nation-states had surely begun. Wouldn’t it be very interesting were Varoufakis and Oliver Stone had a discussion or debate.. 🙂 Perhaps you and I should arrange a conference/internet call/meeting with Varoufakis, Stone and Putin (hell, get Trump too!) and settle these issues once and for all.. !


              1. Thanks Jerry; I did not draw the inference that it was a pre-planned intentional move. We are talking about something that has taken years to implement through successive US/NATO administrations, whereas Putin has been around for a long time & came to prominence via the problematic Yeltsin route, not as a child of perestroika and Gorbachev’s glasnost policy ~ although VP seems to advocate and emphasize that latter approach; only he calls it partnership.

                I have listened to a fair amount of ‘Varoufakis discourse’ as well; but as I am not qualified in economic theory I cannot proffer an informed criticism. He seems to be carefully reasoned, well acquainted with the personalities involved and well-qualified to speak in a forthright manner about the politics of the Troika. So I think his recent book may be usefully consulted.

                I believe he is pragmatic enough to accept that radical EU reform is both possible and needed, but recognizes the inherent irony in the critical distinction that must be drawn between political investment and economic reality. Also orderly transitions are obviously more desirable and productive than complete breakdown and systemic collapse.

                I think once he has had the opportunity to absorb the Stone interview in its entirety, the idea of a debate/conversation would be brilliant and immensely productive ~ if conducted with the right measure of mutual diplomatic sincerity. A round table discussion including John Pilger but with a suitable gender balance & strong pro-feminist perspective would also be valuable in my opinion. The ‘automatic’ masculinist default always tends to dis-serve.


                1. David, What seems most frustrating is that of all the mountains of words spoken or written there is so little talk about arriving at solutions which are in the best interests of the health and well being for the greatest number of people. Another way of putting it is “maximum solutions for humanity”, or that “vision thing” George H.W. Bush mentioned blindly in one of his debates with Bill Clinton. 🙂

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        2. I suppose Hillary deserves her double ‘l’…apologies for my sloppiness…do you think we’re likely to be hearing from her again? Maybe she and Trump are both planning to retire & age gracefully in Jerusalem…altho’ it’s hard to imagine how anyone in their right mind can contemplate surviving comfortably in that drought-prone region of stark rock…at least in Russia, they have abundant flowing water.


          1. It’s not hard to imagine a lot of people wouldn’t mind a bit if the loud-mouthed mass-murderess Clinton and equally loud, obnoxious, and extremely dangerous Trump were to make a rapid exit from the world stage. Assange was right when describing Americans’ choice between those two vile candidates as like choosing between the plague and cholera… That’s the way history flows, one supposes. People thought Trump was the “safer choice” given his (lies, as it seems to have turned out) statements about getting along better with Russia. Witnessing Syria, the man seems bent on initiating World War III, and positioning the world’s peace activists into the greatest challenge since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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